Incorrect culture in companies: 2 checklists Mistakes in the team

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Reprint: This text is from the book "Die Macht der versteckten Signale: Wortwahl - Körpersprache - Emotionen. Nonverbale Widerstände erkennen und überwinden (2014)""" from Dr. Gabriele Cerwinka, Gabriele Schranz, published at Linde Verlag, and was left to us for reprint.
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Actually made mistakes pose for that Teamin which the mistake happened is a burden. To avoid this, certain conditions should be met.

Error culture in companies: 2 checklists Team error-mistakes

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Here writes for you: Gabriele Schranz is a shareholder of Schranz and Cerwinka OEG; Vienna - Zurich. Profile
Here writes for you: Dr. Gabriele Cerwinka is a shareholder of Schranz and Cerwinka OEG. Profile

gain trust


To a lasting error culture change in the Company Achieving both top-down and bottom-up actions is required.

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A careless relapse into old behavioral patterns of blame and punishment of non-intentional or culpable behavior triggers a severe crisis of confidence in the new system.

The behavior of the company is characterized by an anchoring of error culture. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following points.

What should you pay attention to?


  • Mindfulness in the selection and integration of staff: New employees are to be deliberately familiarized with company culture and act from the very first moment in the sense of the agreed game rules.
  • Creating redundancy where it is necessary and possible: Whoever activates a second level of security avoids many mistakes. Similar to a copilot, there is the possibility that even a lower-ranking employee acts as a controlling body and in an emergency the best opinion counts, no matter who expresses it. A second fallback level as an additional level of security serves to avoid errors, especially in the high-risk area such as aviation or medicine.
  • Regular self-critical questioning of your own decisions: Only a self-reflective leadership is capable of constantly improving. If only the processes change, but not the management behavior is adjusted, the improvement is hardly sustainable and will fail in the long run.
  • A top-down view does not relieve the employee of their own responsibility in dealing with errors and accepting responsibility. If employees receive an error culture only "prescribed" from above, acceptance is lacking. And so the prospects for a more constructive handling of errors in the future are low.

Debt issues produce fear


A stress situation arises especially when the error processing is coupled with fear, shame or guilt questions of the individual.

It is difficult for some team members to accept that people in professional situations do not always act perfectly, others are reproaching themselves for a long time.

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Durable stress in the team


In fact, as well as near-misses can lead to a permanent strain on a team, if they are not consciously and employee-oriented.

In the following we have summarized some tips for dealing with mistakes in the team from our concrete coaching practice.

Chechkliste mistake in the team


If an error occurs, the following basic rules apply to all team members:

  • If you are concerned about the problem, go to the problem solving, analyze the situation and, if necessary, take responsibility for your actions or as a responsible person for the actions of the team.
  • Clearly delude your own feelings from the level of content, the thing.
  • In your own interest, look at the individuality of your fellow human beings, look at difficult situations due to misconduct, especially from the perspective of the subject matter.
  • You always remain yourself in clarifying conversations with employees, supervisors and outsiders, which creates a trust base and usually opens the door for the active solution.
  • In case of mistakes, do not let yourself be caught up in past discussions, but rather ask and discuss a solution for the future.

When the nerves are blank


When it comes to mistakes and failures, the affectedness is often large and the nerves are bright. In such a situation it is difficult to find the right words.

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However, a few reckless sentences of the supervisor from a first emotion destroy possible possible burgeoning approaches of a new handling with errors.

Communication is so important


The quality of communication in a company is crucial to the success of a positive culture of error. We have often seen ambitious projects of a conscious culture of mistakes fail in companies because the culture of conversation was not co-developed.

The best instruments and strategies are of little use if this area is excluded from the considerations. How to communicate the goals and contents of a positive culture of error - whether it is external or internal - is of crucial importance.

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