6 tips for success happiness job satisfaction: take it, change it or leave it!

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What connects people who are professionally successful? Is there a prescription for a fulfilled professional life? We have talked to people who have achieved a lot of work and have a happy life in order to find answers to these questions. In interviews with outstanding personalities from various areas, we have identified six key basic settings. Satisfaction-job

Here writes for you:

Sophia von Rundstedt Sophia_von_Rundstedt_PortraitSophia von Rundstedt is Managing Director of v.Rundstedt und Partner GmbH.


1) Self-reflection - track down the “I”

The focus of self-reflection is the observation of one's own behavior, one's own thoughts and feelings with the aim of understanding one's strengths and values. Those who decide for themselves what they stand for and what they care about develop a clear unique selling point (USP) at the same time. This unique selling proposition is not only important to distinguish oneself in the market from others, but also to remain authentic.

I am convinced that the process of self-reflection will never be complete. Rather, we will continually look back on experiences, accept feedback, remain open to new ideas and learn from mistakes. As a business owner, I therefore advocate a feedback culture in which employees and managers regularly give feedback and actively demand feedback.

2) Be confident!

Another basic attitude on the way to job satisfaction is confidence. Confidence moves on three levels: In addition to "I can do it!" and "I'm not alone!" Confidence always means “It's worth it!”. In order to promote this optimism and trust in yourself, partners, family members or mentors help, who encourage you in phases of reorientation and provide advice and action. Networks in which one can exchange ideas with like-minded people about challenges in all situations are equally valuable. In the course of our series of interviews, we met people who have experienced a lot of trust from others, but who always took the helm of their own careers and remained their most important sponsor.

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3) Do you have a clear goal in mind!

Goal orientation can be understood as a central thread in life, in which one goes step by step. Goal orientation and perseverance also include reacting flexibly to unexpected events and remaining open to new developments.

Anyone who, in the course of his career, finds himself too far removed from his strengths and values, does not necessarily have to reach his original goal directly, but should be able to improve his plan.

4) Show your willingness to cooperate!

Anyone who wants to keep up with the high rate of change and complexity of our working world is called upon to form networks and to use the wisdom of the many. Agile network organizations are able to react faster to market conditions and to provide the best solution. The individual should cooperate not only within his own department or his own project team. Cooperation includes the entire workforce of the company, its business partners, its customers, and external networks. Innovation and creativity research has already shown that the really good ideas always arise where people meet and talk.

Closely linked to cooperative willingness is trust. The co-operation between the executive and the coworkers only works if you trust. I trust in the expertise and self-motivation of my employees and expect them to act on their own responsibility and take advantage of the scope.

Teamwork is also required in a private environment. Especially for female executives it is crucial to clarify the task allocation with their partner openly and directly. I am convinced that professional success can only be achieved if both partners make a balanced contribution in the long term - that is the core of a partnership on my mind. As Sheryl Sandberg rightly says: Make your partner a real partner!

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5) Love what you do!

Those who love what they do are dedicated to their tasks. Giving up is not an option for him, even if there are complications. The love of the thing makes it possible to perfect your own skills and at best to master it. Employees who Sense Recognize in their work or on a personal mission will also strive to achieve above-average results.

Above all among young people, the meaningfulness of their work is at the top of the value scale. Companies that manage to give their young employees a vision and a love for the cause will be able to get the most out of Generation Y.

6) Show Resistance!

Resistance helps us to survive crises without breaking them, developing frustration tolerance, and re-starting after failure. This includes above all the flexibility to recognize and take chances when they offer themselves. Nobody can count on the fact that the way to his life goal is free from hurdles or crises.

The ability to resist resistances or tackle something, even though it is unpleasant, is closely related to courage or bravery. It is brave if one strives to achieve his goals even though difficulties arise.

Conclusion: This is how you get more satisfaction and success

In view of the rapid changes in the world of work and the associated flexibilization and dissolution of traditional structures and career paths, these six basic attitudes will be even more decisive in the future for how successful we go through life. For the individual who advances building blocks of his mosaic career, this means that he has to deal more consciously with his individual strengths and values. Only those who have found their element will achieve the best results and thereby achieve greater self-efficacy and life satisfaction.

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I can only encourage myself to always look for his talents and to stick to his goals - even in stormy times!

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