The Equal Pay Day, on which too little differentiated is reported: Important topic, lame action

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Imagine it's Equal Pay Day and the response is lame to expectable. It was the day of action for equal pay between men and women is today - and the Business and Professional Women (BPW) Germany had specially made a video spot that points to the unequal situation. The chance to point out the real problem is given away.

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Work for free until Friday

The Equal Pay Day (EPD), the International Day of Equal Opportunities for Equal Pay between Men and Women, draws attention to the existing Gender Wage Gap and is celebrated on different days in many countries.

The day of action in Germany marks symbolically or computationally the period of time that women have to work longer during the turn of the year in order to reach the average annual salary of men. In other countries (eg Austria), he symbolically or mathematically identifies the day when women work free of charge.

A very meaningful suggestion so that the women have there - and also provides lip service by politicians in the media again and again. So Sigmar demanded Gabriel in the picture newspaper equal wages for both sexes.

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Cultural change instead of sacrificial

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, on the other hand, confusedly noted that the pay gap was smaller than expected oblique calculations on. And this is exactly where the hare is caught in the pepper: the concentrated media attention, which focuses on the topic on this one day, gives the uninvolved observer the impression that the women are the oppressed victims who are allowed to eat up that day.

That this whole thing is more about a change in culture, a change in thinking in the head, for example, to more family-friendly working hours in leadership positions, images of women in our society or an appreciation of typical women professions - this differentiated consideration is missing in the media response much as possible.

FAZ, one of Germany's most well-known newspapers,: Correct observation, wrong conclusions

FAZ, one of Germany's most well-known newspapers, author Jörg Schmidt writes: “For example, women are less likely to choose technical professions and are more often represented in the service sector. It should also be noted that women interrupt their employment for family reasons much more frequently and longer than men. ” Right, but Herr Schmitt draws the wrong conclusions from his totally new observations:

Why do women make mistakes?

Why are technical jobs better paid than the service sector? Why do women often choose no technical professions - for example because important role models are missing, as a study shows? Why do women have to interrupt their work for the family at all?

And why is the interruption of earning capacity for the family (where children are supposedly absolutely necessary!) Still a drag on your career - especially on executive floors?

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It's about more than just not enough pay!

This shows that it is about far more than equal pay - it is about a fundamental change in culture. Simply to criticize the wage differences, just falls short, the issue must, especially women, differentiated tackled.

All the more praiseworthy is the idea of ​​making a video about the topic, which should already sensitize the very young women to the topic - a problem and a possible solution, I would say. Only the result was more likely to yawn.

Video: Viral effect equal to 0

The idea was to create a one-minute advertising mockery entitled “Equal pay for work of equal value!” to order, which should also run on YouTube, not too bad. You can also tell that Web 2.0 is not yet completely trusted in the relationship:

The spot, which premiered in the Urania in Berlin on February 22, will also be shown in the “Berliner Fenster” and on the waiting TV of the Berlin Citizens' Offices. And that's how dreary he is. The viral effect goes towards 0.

Good idea badly implemented

No wonder: The spot was created through financial support from the Senate Department for Employment, Integration and Women and in cooperation with the Business and Professional Women (BPW) Germany and the Women's and Equal Opportunity Commissioner of the Berlin districts.

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The short film is intended to stimulate thought, shake people up and spark a discussion in society. The makers' self-assessment: "In an entertaining way, attention is drawn to the fact that there is still no equal pay between women and men in Germany."

Brettspiele for young people?

Obviously, one wanted to sharpen the awareness of injustice among very young women - which makes perfect sense, because they would do well to learn at the same time, to demand more pay. However, the opportunity to reach exactly this target group on YouTube was lost. Board games seem pretty stinking on digital natives in the age of the iPad.

And that's exactly what reflects in the low media attention. Conclusion: Who wants to achieve as a women's association, that women are brave, just in such actions must lead by example and with a courageous viral Concept on the Web 2.0. Otherwise, the action at the addressees only causes a weary smile.

Provoking with new roles

The important topic could have been much more provocative - by showing, for example, that unusual career paths are possible, that young women should reconsider their choice of career, that perhaps family planning can be solved differently than with the classic role allocation or that, for example Part-time on the executive level would be conceivable.

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  1. Philipp Reinhardt

    The biggest problem in the whole story is simply the compatibility of work and family, and this affects young men as well. Many couples “simply” choose to resign from their job if they have less chance of a career. There will certainly be one or the other mad conversation.

    I don't think it's primarily “against” women. But I'm not surprised that many of them don't feel like putting children into the world.

    • Simone Janson

      This is precisely the problem: are mostly the women who consciously or unconsciously (due to missing role models) put on the shoe.

  2. Simone Janson

    #Blogpost The Equal Pay Day, about which no one reports: Important topic, lame action

  3. Liane Wolffgang

    The Equal Pay Day, about which no one reports: Important topic, lame action: Imagine it's Equal Pay Day ...

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