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Company have a few problems with Twitter. Maybe the solution is called twitter without Twitter? Sounds paradoxical, but does not mean anything other than that you do without Twitter, but still takes advantage of a live communication medium.

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Intuitive as Twitter

The magic word is Enterprise Microblogging. Twitter without Twitter - there are currently good 30 vendors around the world that make that possible. Among them, Communote is the only German Company, Like Twitter, these tools enable people to share links and information quickly and in real time, working together on projects.

Whilst, for example, company wikis always claim the completeness of information, communication in microblogging is completely intuitive. And as with Twitter, the employees can communicate informal things in this way - the classic Flurfunk salutes. However, there are some serious differences to Twitter that address the specific needs of businesses:

With Communote for example, file attachments can be sent, which means the eMailTraffic can replace. There are more than 140 characters allowed and the discussion threads can be tagged, which makes traceability much easier. In addition, the software can be integrated into existing IT systems, also works behind a firewall and takes into account German data protection regulations. Finally, as a fee-based program, Communote claims to be less susceptible to errors than Twitter and offers German support.

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No real social media alternative

Considering the structures that currently exist in many companies, enterprise microblogging is probably even the better alternative - a real social media implementation, however, is not.

What comes along as a nice Web 2.0 solution for companies, in fact, supports the existing closed structures of companies: they can continue to cut through the firewall from the external flow of information, avoid the dialogue with the public and prevent responsible actions of their employees - and nevertheless feel as a modern company.

Comfortable but senseless!

Comfortable. But not purposeful. Only in open structures can the open communication, as it is typical for the Web 2.0, unfold. In open structures, however, Twitter is also possible - and enterprise microblogging is a useful addition to this, for example, by allowing the exchange of file suspensions with the messages as well.

Last but not least, the half-hearted commitment of companies to the target group is poorly received, as a study by the Brand Science Institute (BSI) shows: More than 1.100 consumers and employees assessed 40 well-known brands with regard to their social media activities.

The result: Although companies are investing more and more money, three-quarters of all companies under investigation have identified significant weaknesses in the planning, implementation and support of social media. The main reason for the failure is a lack of understanding of the way in which campaigns are implemented on the social web and undefined responsibilities.

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The companies do not care about their social media image

But whoever now thinks the company would not care that they are on the wrong track is wrong: at the same time, almost all companies, including studies, have great expectations for social media channels such as Twitter: COM surveyed Dax companies expect 67 percent from a presence on the Web 2.0 an intensification of the dialogue with the public, 57 percent with employees, 52 percent with customers, 38 percent with business partners.

An improvement of the company's image will reach a good half, a higher level of recognition about a quarter. Almost one-fifth expect support from the sales force and a third an improvement of the support.

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  6. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr. Röhrborn,
    Thank you for the interesting, critical throw. You're right, my text, of course, comes from the case that companies use only Enterpise microblogging tools and not in addition to Twitter.
    However, with the generally prevalent Web 2.0 inexperience, there may also be enough companies who believe that the Web 2.0 has already been discovered with such closed tools. I just wanted to make it clear with my somewhat provocative execution that there are differences.
    Unfortunately, in a journalistic text, which is supposed to sound coherent, there is not always room for every conceivable constellation, which is a bit at the expense of accuracy.
    There is indeed the comment function :-)
    Simone Janson

  7. Simone Janson

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  8. Dirk Röhrborn

    Dear Mrs. Janson, Thank you very much for your contribution, which illuminates some important questions that have been solved in many companies.

    However, I do not fully agree with you. In your article specifically on Enterprise Microblogging, you write: “What looks like a beautiful Web 2.0 solution for companies actually supports the existing closed structures of the companies: They can continue to cut themselves off from the external flow of information via a firewall, the dialogue with the Avoid the public and prevent their employees from acting independently - and still feel like a modern company. "

    In my opinion, unfortunately, a number of aspects are mixed here:
    - It is not the use of enterprise microblogging that cuts the company off from the outside world, but rather the non-use of public channels such as blogs and Twitter. Shouldn't we look at them separately?

    - In our experience, enterprise microblogging is also used for open, cross-departmental and cross-hierarchical dialogue. Nevertheless, an enterprise microblogging such as Communote must also enable confidential communication, for example in security-relevant projects or personnel matters. Why should these important tasks be excluded from microblogging?

    From my point of view, companies can try out the open dialogue just in-house and then start the dialogue in public with some experience. Here, for many, a not to be underestimated learning curve to cope, which is however in any case worth to go.

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