Employer branding influencer in 5 steps: inspiring image as an employer brand

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Batches of applications from motivated young people who want nothing more than to be allowed to work for you. Is this a wishful dream that is at best fulfilled for large international corporations? Not necessarily!

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Become an influencer on your own behalf

Because, depending on the size of a company or the size of the advertising budget, companies like Deutsche Bahn or Telekom would have to be among the most popular employers. But they don't. Instead, there are enough regional ones Company far away from pulsating big cities, for which applicants gladly accept a move - because they know that these companies are strong Employer brands acts that inspire.

A real culture of enthusiasm is the best way to attract good employees. People talk about their work, and when your employees talk enthusiastically about their work, it is the best prerequisite for a suction effect that is second to none.

What do employees appreciate about a company?

Current studies show that it is not financial aspects that primarily drive employees, but points such as job satisfaction, good working relationships and the opportunity to act independently. You should build on this knowledge if you want to become an attractive employer brand, hiring the best young talent that the market has to offer.

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Develop a culture of enthusiasm in your company that encompasses every single employee from the intern to the board member and gives the entire team the feeling of being an important part of the big picture. People want to be challenged and feel comfortable in their workplace. If this is not the case, even a lucrative salary and generous bonuses are of little use.

For example, according to a study by the business network LinkedIn on the topic of "ROI of an employer brand", almost a third of German employees would forego a salary increase if they switched jobs to a strong employer brand, and 52 percent of those surveyed even rigorously closed the switch to a weak employer brand out.

Enthusiasm improves a company's appeal

My recommendation when looking for employees is therefore: do not fish in troubled waters, but ensure that outstanding employees perceive you as an attractive employer brand that is clear about what it stands for and how it inspires.

Basically, it can be summarized: In today's world, when products and services are becoming more and more interchangeable, the skills of your employees are often the key. Your customers will only be enthusiastic if your team is enthusiastic and enthusiastic - and it is this customer enthusiasm that determines the success and failure in the tough competition.

With average employees who call up average performance, you won't last long against your competitors, and the most beautiful advertising campaigns are of no use if customers who are willing to buy are driven away by unfriendly employees. Only an above-average enthusiastic team ensures you the decisive competitive advantage!

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How do you become a strong employer brand?

One thing is certain: Simply placing a job advertisement is not enough to solve the problem in times of a shortage of skilled workers to attract the best employees. Instead, you should develop a well-deserved and well-communicated reputation as a good employer. More and more top workers are finding out online about the reputation of the company they may want to hire - and if that is bad, it can easily happen that your preferred candidate rejects a job offer simply based on the testimonials of existing and former company employees. Are you sure you want to risk that?

If not, you should work to present yourself as a committed company that offers performance-oriented employees the corresponding scope and development opportunities.

The path to the employer brand: 5 steps

In order to live a culture of enthusiasm and to transmit it to the outside world, it is essential that you consider the following points in any case:

  1. Where are you travelling to? Get your mind to the point.
  2. Recap how this spirit affects your day-to-day business and ask yourself what you offer your employees every day.
  3. Answer the question of which extraordinary enthusiasm campaigns are the topic of conversation in your company.
  4. Clarify how you can make your employees ambassadors for your company and how you can express your appreciation through possible recommendations.
  5. Think about which initiatives you can use to draw attention to your company - even without a large advertising budget.

Role models in employer branding: Google, Apple and Co.

It is no coincidence that many of the most successful companies of our time have clearly taken these steps to heart. Google, for example, gives its employees the freedom to spend a fifth of their time devising new products, and at joint volleyball tournaments it is completely normal for employees of the global company to let members of the management team go down without mercy.

You mean something like that is only for typical global players?

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Then I would like to remind you, for example, of the Schindlerhof in Nuremberg, which as a family company under the motto "Family owned, proudly independent" relies on maximum personal responsibility of the employees and combines the highest standards of customer friendliness with excellent development opportunities.

Employer branding also works on a small scale - even if it is perhaps called differently.

It's the leadership that matters

If you want to make a name for yourself as an attractive employer brand, one factor will keep your employees on the ball: enthusiasm for the company and enthusiasm for what you do.

A clearly lived spirit in the company ensures that employees and managers grow together and pull together. For this reason, the most important task for entrepreneurs and managers is to make the mutual cooperation as positive as possible in all facets. Enthusiastic bosses are enthusiastic bosses. That means they are real executives who feel responsible for their team and ensure that the company lives up to its inspiring reputation day by day.

In addition, take the time to advance your team members according to their individual strengths and to motivate them again and again with common actions beyond the everyday routine. In principle, employee enthusiasm comes from two sources:

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A motivating spirit is like the steady wind that keeps the company ship moving forward, and the fresh gusts of wind that give it additional impetus and help out of a doldrums are always new moments of enthusiasm.

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