How Employers Tie Employees: Employer Branding for IT Professionals

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Digitization is driving up the demand for IT professionals. How to prepare Company for the fight for the best minds? How Employers Bind Employees: Employer Branding for IT Professionals IT Students in front of the Calculator

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Expert deficit: no all-clear?

Technical courses are booming. The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft looked at the numbers of students in these subjects in one Studie "A general shortage of skilled workers in the MINT professions, as he was feared a few years ago, is no longer threatened." The German economy must therefore not worry about leaving orders and sales because she does not find qualified employees?

It's not that easy. Thus the industry association predicted BITKOM recently, the percentage of graduates in IT-related professions will fall sharply over the next five years. This is due to more complex systems and technologies that require more expertise. As a result, the entry barrier for IT specialists will continue to grow. Can the increase in IT students fill this gap?

One can face one 's face Investigation of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft in Cologne. According to the analysis, the unemployment rate among IT professionals with academic education is less than three percent. To find specialists in this area, therefore, is anything but easy. In addition, the demand for IT specialists, particularly in the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering, is increasing as a result of digital trends such as the 4.0 industry and the Internet of Things (IoT). With these technologies, too new occupations such as body informatics or mechanical engineering.

As a tool for employee retention

However, the tailor-made training of skilled workers is not enough to meet all the challenges of digitization. In addition to the ever broader field of application of IT knowledge, the high speed of technical progress also plays a major role. Lifelong learning is becoming increasingly relevant; in IT careers, continuing education is essential anyway. For employers a good starting point, valuable experts also in the long term to their own Company to bind. The young generation of applicants (Keyword Generation Y) attaches great importance to opportunities for personal development and the acquisition of additional qualifications.

Company education offers not only help to retain and motivate employees, but also help to build up the know-how needed in the company. The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has in a survey found that almost half of the German managers are not, or only partly, satisfied with the IT competence of their own company. Correspondingly, the professional training of IT staff has a high priority in the companies surveyed. IT certifications in particular will gain in importance in the coming years.

Employer branding makes the difference

In view of the continuing shortage of qualified IT staff, employers are in a tough competition for talented young professionals. Anyone who neglects employer branding is negligent. Young talent is not only profiting from the transformation of the labor market into a distinctive candidate market, it also wants to be addressed differently than the parent generation. A well-paid, secure job is not enough for many of the so-called Generation Ys. They want support, appreciation and individual perspectives. Therefore, companies can no longer rely solely on their size and popularity to attract qualified candidates. Instead, they have to offer attractive job profiles and working conditions that meet the needs and wishes of the new generation on the labor market.

Clever Employer Branding and Talent Management offer companies the opportunity to compete in the competition for professionals, especially if they can not score with a glamorous name or a top location. The technology industry is a pioneer - think of the Google campus, unlimited holidays at Netflix or even Trust time and place at Microsoft, In-house think tanks that work on creative ideas for the future, such as the IBM THINKLab or the SAP AppHouse, are also magnets for dedicated young people. But it does not always have to be a cultural revolution. Even simple measures can often do a lot, such as fitness offers, flexible work or even retreats. After all, in addition to a suitable technical equipment and infrastructure that allows spatial flexibility and mental creativity, it also needs mutual trust and a modern management style, in which the individual employee is much more than a "production factor".

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