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Employer seal in employer branding: Quality comparison for job seekers and applicants

Employer seals are booming. They should show qualified specialists where a Casting worthwhile and are therefore popular as part of the employer branding strategy. But the offer is confusing and not all seals keep their promises.

What are employer seals?

Similar to other areas A wide range of quality seals, awards and certifications is flourishing on the employer market. They should show job seekers which companies are particularly recommendable as employers and at the same time oblige employers to comply with certain quality standards.

Many companies are only too happy to face this competition: The quality seals are extremely popular as a means of marketing, keyword employer branding, because the quality of their own employer brand can be communicated to the outside quickly and easily. And applicants get a guide to help them sort out bad employers in advance.

Different categories of awards

The individual seals and awards that are available on the employer market can be divided into different categories.

  • For example, some seals are awarded in a competition. For these, the companies have to provide the required key figures and information, which are then evaluated by a jury.
  • In contrast, there are also seals that are issued as part of an independent survey. Independent experts estimate how the respective company should be assessed in its role as an employer.
  • In addition, seals are available for which a voluntary commitment by the company to a certain behavior is sufficient to be awarded with these.
  • In addition, certifications or audits can be carried out, in which a corresponding employer seal is awarded after successful completion. These are also checked externally to determine whether the specified requirements are being met in the company.
  • Finally, some rating platforms also award employers' seals to companies.

Separating wheat from chaff

But where there is light, there is also shadow: The sheer mass of employer seals does not make it easy for applicants to separate the wheat from the chaff when looking for a job. Because it seems as if there is hardly a company website that does not try to underline the advantages of the respective employer with the help of an appropriate seal. Of course, it is no longer so easy for potential applicants to keep track of things. And many companies themselves do not know which seal is really worthwhile for them.

In addition, I also buy some seals of approval. And these criteria are not always clearly recognizable for outsiders. A distinction must be made here: seals that are awarded by a competition, for example, generally do not incur any costs for the company. This is handled differently with other forms of certification.

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For example, the German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing eV (DIQP), which also finances the Top employer award offers, through membership fees, the certification is taken over externally and has to be paid for. With other seals, too, companies have to bear the costs for the certification process themselves - such as with Certification of Germany's best employer by the consulting institute Great Place to Work. Not infrequently, companies also have to pay to be able to use the logo and the name of the respective seal.

8 employer seal and decision criteria at a glance

Which employer seals and certificates are particularly important and recommendable? We have put together a small overview here, but it does not claim to be complete.

1. Top employer from DIQP

In order to receive the award as a top employer, all employees of a company are surveyed. The certification, based on the model developed by DIQP, is carried out by the certification company SQC-QualityCert. For example, the actual working conditions, the wishes and needs of the employees, but also the satisfaction with the employer are evaluated.

This certification was also awarded the attribute “particularly recommendable” by Label-online.de, an independent consumer portal, which evaluates according to transparent criteria. This top rating has not yet been achieved by any other employer seal.

2. Germany's best employer from Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work is an international research and consulting institute that aims to support companies in around 60 countries in developing their respective corporate and workplace cultures.

Great Place to Work certifies the workplace culture of companies on the basis of anonymous employee surveys and the analysis of personnel measures. In addition, every year particularly excellent employers are honored for their performance internationally, nationally, regionally and in a specific sector as Germany's best employer.

3. Top Employer from Top Employers Institute

In order to receive the Top Employer seal, companies must first fill out a questionnaire in which the current state of HR work is determined. The information provided in this HR Best Practices questionnaire is then evaluated and checked. A comparison is made to determine whether the company complies with the global standard of the Top Employers Institute.

If the test is successful, the company can look forward to being named “Top Employer”. In addition, it receives extensive feedback from the institute on the information it has provided.

4. Excellent employer from TÜV Rheinland

The focus of the “Excellent Employer” seal is on personnel management in a company, which includes corporate culture, ethics and effective personnel marketing. The certification takes place in two stages.

As part of the basic module, an on-site audit is carried out in the company. This checks whether holistic concepts are established, defined goals and values ​​exist and whether the processes for the implementation of the concepts are being implemented. During this audit, the HR managers are also questioned and the relevant evidence is checked. Random samples are also spoken with individual employees.

In addition, there are additional modules in the second stage, which relate to individual, innovative topics from the personnel area, such as active health management or parent-friendliness. This gives companies the chance to prove their individual strengths.

5. Audit of berufundfamilie

The aim of the “berufundfamilie” audit is to direct the focus of an employer's personnel policy on the compatibility of private life, family and work.

In the first step, the status quo is collected. In addition, the company's development potential is determined as part of a needs analysis. Subsequently, strategic goals as well as concrete measures are defined. This is followed by a target agreement.

In total, the audit comprises eight fields of activity, namely leadership, information and communication, place of work, work organization, working hours, monetary benefits and remuneration components, personnel development and family services.

6. Top Company / Open Company from kununu

If a company is rated at least six times by employees on the kununu platform and is able to achieve at least three out of five points, it is authorized to describe itself as a “Top Company”. The corresponding seal may then be used in e-mail signatures and in the context of job advertisements.

On the other hand, companies may use the term "Open Company" in a publicly effective way if employees post comments about their employer, the company posts its own comments, advertises on Xing or kununu for a fee or operates a company profile.

7. Fair Company from karriere.de

The Fair Company employer seal is particularly interesting for graduates and students. In order to receive this, companies have to fill out a questionnaire, which is then analyzed and evaluated by the Institute for Employment and Employability.

In order to receive the Fair Company seal, numerous criteria must be met by the employer. For example, they have to offer internships for professional orientation for students. In addition, the company must have clearly defined goals and tasks and have specified contact persons and supervisors that the interns already have on their first day of work. In addition, the interns must be employed for a reasonable period of time. Adequate payment for the internship is also required.

8. New Work Xing

Xing's New Work seal aims to honor committed employers and to establish a measurability of their quality. The Leipzig Graduate School of Management and NEW WORK SE, the parent company of XING, work closely together to achieve this.

As part of the certification, a questionnaire processed by the company itself and the employee feedback, which can be found on kununu, are evaluated. The examination criteria include appreciation, transparency, development opportunities, organization and leadership behavior.

As soon as the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences has carried out the scientific analysis and achieved a positive evaluation, the NEW WORK employer seal will be awarded.

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