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97Maike Dietz is a career coach and HR consultant and worked for Daimler for more than 7 years. After studying business administration, she worked for Daimler-Benz AG in Stuttgart for seven years, and in 1995 she switched to a large international HR consultancy. Maike Dietz has been a freelance personnel consultant for 17 years. As a management coach, she looks after companies and private clients and also works as a career coach.

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Employer branding and executives tie: 2 X 4 tips for businesses

A fat paycheck, a hefty annual bonus, recognition and power - all things with which Company Formerly Catching and Retaining Managers Today, 2 X 4 looks different for managers.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Money - the wrong measure?

Again and again we report Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® about performance incentives, salary levels and fringe benefits as a means of employee loyalty. But are these really the incentives that keep good employees and, above all, capable employees in the company?

Most corporations and larger mid-sized companies pay their executives generous salaries and bonuses when they reach agreed goals. But it has long been proven that money is not the original incentive!

4 questions about bonus payments

A whole series of company publications, studies and self-tests make it clear that the questions companies should ask managers about their bonus payments are different:

  • Do you still get qualified management staff?
  • Managers who have a lasting influence on the company?
  • People and things are moving?
  • Who manage to usher in the turnaround and bring the business on the road to success?

Monetary incentives have served their time

Good leaders want to shape, develop and implement strategies that lead the business as if it were their own. Often there is too much bureaucracy and lengthy coordination processes.

What managers need to “give their faces a face” and “leave their footsteps” are freedom and freedom of action. This has been proven, among other things, by a study carried out at New York University and the London Business School:

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Manager not just on paper: 2 questions for companies

Companies that control their executives less and give them more leeway instead have better managers and better profitability.

On the other hand, the control mania that prevails in many companies results in various problems.

  1. Qualified managers can now choose which employer to go to; and they go where they shape and find an innovative culture and creative, motivated people. A current example is René Obermann, who, as CEO of Deutsche Telekom, is moving to a smaller cable company in the Netherlands - the reasons he gave to seek "more contact with the grassroots" and want to move "closer to operational business".
  2. The Germans seem to lose even the desire to assume leadership responsibility. Only 40 percent of men and 33,7 percent of women in Germany are ready to take a leadership position in the company. That, at the very least, was the result of a representative Civey survey conducted by the Initiative Chefsache. For this purpose, 5000 employees and students in Germany were interviewed. Since the beginning of 2018, the Initiative Chefsache investigates German career intentions. At that time, 45,1 percent of men and 37,5 percent of women still wanted to achieve one or more leadership positions during their careers.

Work and live well

Of course, the level of salary is not irrelevant for top employees; however, it is certainly not a “compensation for pain and suffering” as it used to be for overtime and a hardly existing private life. The younger generation in particular understands careers holistically today:

Work is part of life, but it is not exclusive to life. With a high salary alone, these executives can not be recruited. They strive for fun at work, for self-realization, for meaning. In addition, their private lives are important to them: take care of the family including their own parents, take the children to the doctor, spend time with friends.

Increased career opportunities for women

Obviously women especially benefit for this. For them, according to the bosses survey, the conditions in Germany have made a career, improved. 29,3 percent of women say they feel supported in their careers in their careers. The men say that 30,9 percent.

45,3 percent of women said that their employer helps them to work flexibly without any time and space constraints. By the way, also with the men, where the 49,8 percent said. Only 18,7 percent of women in professional life are confronted with prejudice based on their gender.

Executives support: 2 tips for companies

However, despite the improved framework conditions, there is also confidence that they will ever take over a leading position: Only 34,2 percent of women believe that their desire for a leadership position will come true, for the men it is 46,1 percent. Here, it is important for companies to increase their confidence and desire for leadership and to support managers. Specifically, this means:

  1. to respond to the demands and wishes of their employees and, for example, also to authorize fathers to take parental leave or to grant longer breaks.
  2. Giving managers a say in cutting-edge decisions - because that's better than any salary increase, bonus, or bonus.

It is important to relax the strict rules and soften the supervision. What managers want is to bring in their own ideas and visions and to be able to implement them, to help shape a company - in the truest sense of the word to be an “entrepreneur”.

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