Employer Branding - The top employer in Germany: SAP in 1

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What draws topCompany out? Answers are a ranking published this week by Glassdoor that evaluates employee satisfaction. The top-rated companies stand out from the crowd with their good corporate culture, career opportunities, and employee benefits.

Employer Branding - Top employers in Germany: SAP ranked 1 Beste_Arbeitgeber_2019_Glassdoor

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Here writes for you: Fritzi Roth is a product specialist at Glassdoor DA-CH. Profile

The employees have decided


Unlike other awards, the ranking is based solely on the authentic feedback of those who do Company know best: the employees. Employees who value their workplace and employer show time and again that they have a competitive advantage in both recruiting and entrepreneurial performance.

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Already to 11. For the fourth time, Glassdoor awards the annual Best Employer of the Year award in North America, in Germany. It is based solely on the assessments of workers from the respective country. Overall, the award is presented six times in five countries: two in the US, one in Canada, one in the UK, one in France and one in Germany. Here, Glassdoor announces the 25 best employer for 2019 - awarded by German employees.

These are the top 10 of Germany's best employers for 2019:


  1. SAP (4,6)
  2. Infineon Technologies (4,5)
  3. Robert Bosch (4,4)
  4. Daimler (4,4)
  5. Capco (4,4)
  6. Fraunhofer Society (4,4)
  7. BMW (4,4)
  8. HelloFresh (4,4)
  9. MHP - A Porsche Company (4,4)
  10. Continental (4,3)

SAP regains top spot and is the only employer in all countries awarded


25's best employers for 2019 include companies from a wide variety of industries. In addition to IT and Internet companies, research institutes or consultancies, numerous employers from the traditional industry will be represented this year. With an average rating of 4,6, SAP has topped last year's winner Bain and Company (ranked 16) and, after 2017, has conquered the top position of the best employers in Germany for the second time (last year: 3 rank).

On 2 rank with Infineon also a former winner (2016) - the chip maker improved over the previous year by two places. Robert Bosch is ranked 2016 for the third time after 2017 and 3, but improved by eight places over 2018 (then ranked 11).

It is noteworthy that SAP was awarded the only company in all 5 countries: The Walldorf-based IT giant has in Canada a place on the podium (Rank 3), located in the UK at number 8, in France at number 23 and the US on rank 27.

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Car manufacturers in Germany re-established - 5 newcomers, including HelloFresh from Berlin


All four carmakers in the list of the best employers in Germany for 2019 were able to improve their ranking compared to the previous year: Daimler, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen are all on the list and made good ground in each case.

Total 20 25 have been awarded by companies in the past four years at least once - quite new to the list, among others, advising Capco are (ranked 5) and the Berlin Unicorn Hello Fresh (Rank 8). The majority of the best 25 employers of the year are German companies, with the south of the country dominating: 11's 16 German employers come from Bavaria or Baden-Württemberg.

What about Google, Facebook and Co.? "Best Places to Work" international


In the US, companies were divided into two categories: companies with at least 1.000 employees and small and medium-sized companies. Among the major US companies, the consulting firm Bain and Company was able to regain their top spot of 2017 and displaced Facebook from the top to 7 rank.

Google deteriorated by three places from rank 5 to rank 8. Apple was able to improve its position and ranked after 84 last year this time on rank 71. Like 2018, Amazon is not represented in the US "Best Places To Work" this time, but has made it into the top ten in France (ranked 10) and is new to the list in Germany (rank 24 ).

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What distinguishes top-placed companies


A closer look at top-ranked employers shows that salary is not necessarily the highest priority for employees. On the other hand, other factors such as employee benefits, culture and values ​​and career opportunities are highly valued. Often the reviews for the top 5 employers highlight great colleagues and a good working atmosphere.

And that also benefits the employers themselves: "Employers benefit from a content and dedicated workforce," said Andrew Chamberlain, Chief Economist at Glassdoor. "The winning winners invest strategically, among other things, in the corporate culture and career opportunities of their employees, which is a great asset in finding employees."

How are employers rated concretely?


When employees submit a business review to Glassdoor, they are asked to list the pros and cons of each company. In addition, the employee is encouraged to give advice to the management and asked how satisfied he or she is generally with the employer. It is possible to assess the manager and five key attributes of the workplace: career opportunities, compensation and benefits, culture and values, leadership and work-life balance. In addition, employees are asked if they would recommend their employer to a friend and how they assess the business outlook over the next six months.

The best employers in Germany 2019 are determined by Glassdoor by its own algorithm. This takes into account the quality, the quantity and the uniformity of the activated company valuations, which were transmitted by employees in Germany. All reviews were between the 23. October 2017 and the 21. October 2018 delivered.

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Employers who have been analyzed for the German ranking must have at least 20 company ratings in the specified period.

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