Employee satisfaction and business success: paths to happiness

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What make successful Company different? Employee satisfaction is an important aspect - but what factors does it achieve? A meta-study has investigated this.

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Sense and luck come before success


Company are increasingly looking for ways to keep their employees. An important aspect here: employee satisfaction.

But success leads to happiness - or is happiness the prerequisite for success? An exciting question for everyone and also for the management.

Happiness for the project


Once again a project is flogged, then like to refer to the certainly intoxicating feeling of happiness, beckoning at the end of the project. That would have to be sufficient as a motivation for peak performance, right? No.

A 2005 meta-study on the relationship between happiness and success at Harvard University shows it's the other way round.

Lucky ones are 31 percent more productive


Scientists Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King and Ed Diener evaluated 225 studies from the past 35 years, all of which show that happy people are more successful:

Happy people are more productive around 31 percent, they also sell 37 percent more and are three times more creative. What applies to private happiness, also applies to the job. For more business success, employee satisfaction, the happiness of every individual, should become a management task.

Employee satisfaction as an investment


This and nothing less demand Arne Prieß and Sebastian Spörer in their guide "With enthusiasm to top performance and success." Prieß describes himself as a "deeply happy person".

He combines his experience as a trainer and coach for executives in the guidebook with personal experience: The first part of this is followed by a "Guidance on how to remain happy in a dynamic world". It gives the reader valuable methods of time and digital overload management, but the recommendations for action are also directed to the management level itself.

ROI by happy employees


Because happy employees are a valuable asset and an investment with a high ROI, "because successful employees are what every company wants," said Prieß, "the more successful the individual employees, the more successful the entire company will be in the end."

In order to make employee satisfaction a lived value in the company, it has to be deeply integrated into the corporate culture.

Going to the brain of the employee: agile management


Slack Time, Pair Working or Bar Camps: In the second part of the practice book Spörer presents some agile management methods and "Happiness benefits". The executive coach specializes in work-life balance and health management and enriches the practice book immensely.

Spörer combines Prieß 'recommendations for action in the section "Neuro-Agile Methods: The Most Modern Insights into Lucky Staying" with the latest findings in neuroscience, which gives the guidebook its innovative twist.

Help for companies


"Help your employees puzzle for performance," Spörer advises, "Training can help participants apply appropriate tools and change their lifestyle."

If companies practically apply the results of neurobiology and firmly anchor their methods in their corporate mission statement, nothing stands in the way of a sustained increase in employee satisfaction.

Recommendations for business


The book also explains how excitement, excellence, and success emerge and gives directions to happily staying in a dynamic world. It also treats neuro-agile methods and state-of-the-art insights on how to stay happy.

Finally, recommendations for action for companies for top performance and success as well as a program for increasing performance will be conveyed.

Conclusion: practice book on new ways


"Enthusiastic about top performance and success" is a practice book that breaks new ground. It shows impressively how important the person and his desire for a meaningful activity in the company is.

Also in view of the generational change it is time to deal with the topic "happiness and employee satisfaction" also at the managerial level. Prieß and Spörer give the starting signal.

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