Employee retention & retention management thanks to digitalization: How tools improve the dialogue

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The contract with the new employee has been signed - but the fight for the best talent continues. Because the demands of the employees with regard to a digital work environment and modern work tools have increased. Employee retention & retention management through digitization: how tools enhance dialogue employee retention retention management digitization

Here writes for you: Joachim Skura is Thought Leader Human Capital Management at Oracle. Profile

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Study shows managers are more satisfied than employees


In terms of employee satisfaction is at German Company still air up. This is especially true for non-management employees: According to the current Oracle study "From Theory to Action," only 45 percent of non-executive employees are proud to work for their company - as opposed to 59 percent of managers. This is mainly due to different career opportunities for employees of different hierarchy levels.

For example, non-executive employees complain that they lack adequate training and education (81 percent) and lack sufficient access to modern technologies such as e-learning and collaboration tools (79 percent). Increased transparency in the labor market makes it easy to find out where your company is compared to others - including employees.

Collaboration is strategically important


The result: Dissatisfied employees look elsewhere for their fortune and may leave gaps in their knowledge, which the HR department finds difficult to close. In addition, employees not only value a good salary but also an attractive and supportive workplace culture.

Personnel responsible for the importance of employee management are well aware of this: For 93 percent of respondents, this point is strategically important because central performance parameters such as creativity, innovation, efficiency, productivity and excellence in customer service depend on it. But this insight must be followed by deeds; digitization is a challenge and an opportunity at the same time.

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Lack of personal dialogue does not have to be


Digital transformation is an ambitious change project for companies, which must be actively supported by the personnel responsible. Their role is therefore no longer limited to that of an internal administrative service provider. Instead, as a strategic sparring partner, they should take an active part in management and also act as a "hinge" between company management, management and employees.

And this is where digitalization comes into play again, which has long since changed the private everyday life of the employees. They communicate quickly and directly via social media and demand prompt responses and willingness to meet suppliers, eg in case of complaints. In many companies, however, they experience a lack of personal dialogue.

Digitization is blessing, not curse!


This still results from the time when the personnel department centralized processes and thus largely anonymised them in order to manage an ever-increasing number of employees. However, employees expect less administrative support from their HR department, but above all a proactive exchange of their professional development opportunities.

Thus, some tried and tested HR measures no longer apply. Employees use them in a targeted way and continue to qualify them and remain in the dialogue: Personnel help today's modern HR-Cloud solutions. The good news is that digitalization is changing the behavior of employees (and thus occasionally causes a change), but at the same time it also provides the tools to close the gap between organization and employees.

Cloud solutions - the interests of employees and enterprises agree


For companies, two key questions are crucial in personnel planning:

  1. Which employees and which specific qualifications do we need in order to compete?
  2. And what competences are already available in the company, but have not yet been asked?

With cloud-based analysis and forecasting tools, HR managers can easily and quickly collect and evaluate these data. This allows, among other things, the development of sophisticated competence databases, which allow a quick overview of existing capacities and skills. This makes it easier for companies to deploy employees in the right place - which will benefit both sides.

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Automation, e-learning & collaboration tools


Effective data analysis can also be used to demonstrate the impact of concrete measures and to use them as a basis for argument in the management of the company. Example: What success can be achieved in sales if we hire another ten sales consultants?

Of course routine tasks will not disappear from the everyday life of HR managers. The solution is to automate standard processes. This frees capacities, which personnel managers can again invest in the personal - and now additionally digitally supported - exchange with the employee.

The previously limited access to e-learning and collaboration tools, which many employees still complain about, can also be easily, cost-effectively and easily scalable through the cloud.

Conclusion: Employees motivate through digital dialogue


The road to a dedicated workforce can only be achieved through the revitalization of the dialogue between companies and employees. For the latter no longer define themselves solely by their salary, but they want to have an important contribution to the success of the company and also to be personally valued.

HR departments are therefore well advised to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization in order to bind employees to the company in the long term by means of a positive change in the workplace culture - a success that ultimately also makes their own job more attractive.

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