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Hermann H. Wala is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist and speaker. He is the owner of Wala Strategy & Brand Consultants. For a long time he was responsible for the group marketing of Hubert Burda and also acted as a consultant for Gruner Jahr, BayWa AG, Vodafone, ProSiebenSat1 and Sky. He lectures and writes columns.

Employee Engagement Motivation and Change Management: 5 Tips for Internal HR Communication

Whether employee satisfaction or successful change processes: a company's internal communication is at least as important as marketing or PR. At the same time, many companies find it difficult to do so. 5 tips on how to properly approach internal communication.

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Internal communication: From the employee to the CEO

From student to managerial level: Within a company, all employees have something important to share. Everyday floods of information, instructions and queries pile up in the inboxes. Significant news can literally go down in it.

Internal communication is stalled. Inadequate or misinformation as well as misunderstandings are the result, employees lose the connection, the attachment of workers and employers gets cracks. What do the employees want, what are the main problems of internal communication and how can they be solved? How can you ensure that important information is also heard and at the same time a productive exchange starts?

5 Tips for communicating with employees: A quarter wants to know more about goals and priorities

  1. Communicating with employees about business goals: In a study, Jive reviewed the areas in which a company's employees feel they are least well-informed and how they want to be informed in a more focused and targeted way. A quarter of respondents would like to be more closely informed about the company's objectives and priorities. A third of respondents said they wanted to learn more about the organizational news, problems and successes. Regarding the area of ​​company changes such as restructuring, 35% reported that the state of affairs had knowledge gaps.
  2. To offer employees a personal perspective: Even more important is the personal perspective: for 42% of those interviewed by Jive, their employer's information policy on their own career opportunities and advancement opportunities is insufficient. The largest group of respondents, 46%, said they received too little feedback on the recognition of their own efforts and achievements.
  3. Field dissatisfaction: In the medium term, the survey results indicate that there is an urgent need for action in the Company for both the decision makers and their HR officers. Employee dissatisfaction damages the company in the longer term. With 42% and 46%, nearly half of the study participants each say they are not satisfied with the feedback culture of their employer. These omissions of internal communication will in the long run cause considerable problems for the executives. Employee dissatisfaction inevitably leads to a higher turnover rate, which in turn is associated with rising costs of recruiting and training employees. In addition, with the loss of each employee, a certain degree of entrepreneurial competence is lost, which in the short term can not always be compensated, especially at more frequent periodic intervals.
  4. Interpreting instead of consuming: Companies can use the intranet to inform their employees, for example. If they are not only to be provided passively, but to be integrated, silent consumers should become active “prosumers” who, as part of the communication process, not only watch but also participate, social intranet software programs are the solution. Networked work increases employee engagement and productivity. New colleagues can be incorporated more quickly, the integration of an appreciative feedback culture promotes the positive and high-performance corporate philosophy.
  5. Promote digital knowledge exchange: There are no limits to the exchange of knowledge and mentoring: the transfer of know-how and information links colleagues from different teams and promotes the performance of all parties involved. The smooth and fast workflows make the collaboration easier and more productive. Corporate communications are gaining an energy boost that promotes employee satisfaction and thus contributes to higher productivity. The digital linking of all workstations to a collaborative collaboration hub is a classic win-win situation: the work of tomorrow is already done today.

Conclusion: Digital communication facilitates cooperation

Internal communication should not be a problem. Rather, it should be at the center of entrepreneurial activity. The tools for this have been available for a long time: Social networks have changed the way all our communications are handled. It has become faster, more direct, more direct.

It uses different communication channels - mostly digital. This is usually always achievable. We do not just talk anymore, we network. This connection can be transferred from private life to business - internally, externally.

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