Emotional selling in 3 times 3 steps: arouse interest in 30 seconds

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An elevator pitch draws the attention of potential customers in 30 seconds to the benefit of your offer, thus maximizing the chances of a successful outcome of the sales pitch. "The emotional elevator pitch" helps in the preparation and implementation. Emotional selling in 3 times 3 steps: arouse interest in 30 seconds elevator-pitch

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Like a ride in the elevator


"Sales pitch during a ride in the elevator" is the literal translation of the term "elevator pitch". A well-prepared elevator pitch will take you there where there is little time left to engage a potential client and interest, be it at a trade show, network meeting, or indeed in a lift.

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With the emotional elevator pitch, you develop an elevator pitch that combines the unique features of your offer with the current needs of your particular customer and appeals to you on an emotional level.

Elevator pitch in 3 steps


You develop an emotional elevator pitch in three steps:

  1. The first step is to provide you with a clear understanding of who is your target person, what particular performance from your offer, and what concrete goal you want to achieve with the pitch.
  2. In the second step, you formulate a concrete elevator pitch from the salutation to the appeal.
  3. In the third step, you elevate the elaborate elevator pitch from the purely factual to an emotional level, by transferring it to the emotional needs of your client.

Convince in 30 seconds


To be able to convince within 30 seconds requires several hours of preparation, practice and optimization. If you want to reach customers with very different needs and / or with a wide range of different aspects of customer use, do well to work out more than one elevator pitch. If you implement the following three steps on the basis of concrete content, you will develop your first emotional elevator pitch.

To be effective, first practice it thoroughly in front of the mirror before trying it out in professional practice. And: Hardly anyone succeeds right away the perfect elevator pitch. Take time to optimize your initial design, or even replace it, until you find a formula that perfectly matches the needs of your customers and the excellence of their performance.

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3 Steps: Get to know your customers


Obtain clarity about your customers, their relevant distinctive features and the needs of their target group as well as their own goals. Write down as accurately as possible answers to the following three questions:

  1. Who are your target people? Not specific names, but information about the expectations, the most pressing problems, the knowledge, and the language that your potential customers are talking about. Describe as accurately as possible the target group you want to reach. If you serve several target groups, the address should also be adapted. It will usually be best to develop a separate elevator pitch for each targeted target group. In order to reach your customers on an emotional level, you must speak to them in their language.
  2. What distinguishing features are your customers interested in? To be able to answer this question, you need to first understand the unique features of your offer. What makes your product or service stand out from competitors' offers? It is often worth looking a little longer for the distinguishing features. They can be found not only in the product itself, but also in customer service, in the delivery time, in the fast availability of spare parts, in guarantees and so on. If you have elaborated all the positive distinctive features, answer the question: Which of these are relevant for the targeted target group? If you have been in business for some time, you probably know the needs of your clientele well anyway. If, on the other hand, you want to sell innovative products to a different target group, you should first inform yourself as much as possible about what interests and moves this target group.
  3. What concrete goal do you want to achieve with your elevator pitch? No one decides to buy a property after a 30 second pitch. But maybe for a viewing. Or for a more in-depth talk about the service you have to offer. Or for dealing with the information you give him. Formulate a realistic goal that you would like to achieve with the Elevator Pitch. The goal should have a concrete action to the content, such as "make appointment", not just an intangible as "arouse interest". The first step is completed when you have in writing: a) who you want to reach, b) which distinguishing features of your offer are relevant to your target people and c) which specific goal you want to achieve with the elevator pitch.

3 steps: Formulate a concrete elevator pitch


Once you have clarified what your customer wants, and what you want, the point is to formulate the actual elevator pitch from this information, an (imagined) conversation guide that will lead you to the goal in 30 seconds. This discussion guide is always made up of the four elements: salutation, hanger and concerns.

  1. Title: "Hello, Ms. X, my name is XY from the company Z" - that is the usual form of salutation in Germany - unspectacular, but proven. Addressing one's counterpart and introducing oneself before addressing one's concerns is a matter of courtesy and should be self-evident. Prepare the salutation confidently first so factually.
  2. Hanger: Use the hanger to connect with your counterpart and tell him why you are addressing him. For example, to quickly establish a personal connection, you could say, "I was on your homepage and discovered something exciting." Or "Yesterday, I met your colleague, Mr. Seppelpeter."
  3. Issue: With a sentence like "A colleague from your association told me recently ... is this the case with you?", You show that you know the industry and its current problems, and have already spoken to a competitor of your interlocutor.

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