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Text comes from the book: "Why it is so difficult for us to do the right thing: The Psychology of Deciding, Letting Go and Changing" (2011), published by BusinessVillage Verlag, reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

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94Winfried Neun is an innovation consultant, business economist and psychologist. As an innovation consultant, Winfried Neun has been helping companies with change processes since 1991. He is the founder and managing director of KOM® Kommunikation- und Managementberatung, a specialist author in well-known print media as well as in the television sector and is an advisory board member in various medium-sized companies. Nine studied business administration and psychology. All texts by Winfried Neun.

A comparison of emotional and conservative decisions

There are undoubtedly very forward-looking decision-making types. In contrast to him, the emotional and conservative decision-makers are in comparison.

emotional-type decision

Positive living is the focus

The emotional ego refers to a personality trait that prefers above all the beautiful things in life.

People who are dominated by this dominance are very much focused on social contacts.

Good living with fellow human beings is very important

For emotional decision-making, it is important to get on well with your fellow human beings, live harmoniously and enjoy the beautiful things of life.

Pleasure plays an important role at all. Whether it is the physical well-being or the romantic sunset - everything that can contribute to a positive life-feeling is preferred.

Typical speech signals of emotionally determined decision-makers

Here, too, typical speech signals allow a conclusion to this imprint. For example:

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  • "… Together we'll do it,
  • ... I just like it,
  • ... I feel well,
  • … I can understand you well,
  • ... I trust it ... etc. "

Teamwork is going on

These signals show very clearly that for the emotionally impressed a harmonious, emotional, trusting and compassionate life is very important.

Again and again, when there are tensions in teams or in relationships, people who have one of the two imprints are the emotional self, are particularly communicative and straightforward.

Typical professions of emotionally determined decision-makers

Also in the Career choice People shaped in this way often remain true to their dominance. These characteristics can often be found in social professions such as nurses or teachers. Social contact and togetherness dominate the behavior of these people.

They want to help encourage and satisfy, but also ensure a certain discontinuity and spontaneity in different situations.

Special Abilities

The special skills lie in the way in which interpersonal situations are clarified and managed.

Especially the handling of teaching professions is perceived by this character as particularly fulfilling.

Emotionally shaped decision-makers as a leader

However, in the search for the right one, people who are so dominated are very fond of themselves, as they too often give in to their feelings and desires. They can be distracted very quickly and are not necessarily consistent in the implementation.

Especially with change processes, it is very important for this character that the change "feels" good.

Everything is possible!

Everything is possible, but it must have a positive, emotionally inspiring approach, because only then does the emotionally dominated person consistently implement his ideas, intentions or changes.

As a Executive distinguishes the emotional with a high level of emotional intelligence and team building skills. Especially in difficult times, he keeps calm and looks balanced.

The values ​​of the conservative decision maker type in comparison

Compare the emotional once compared with the conservative decision maker type: Value-conservative people love to act in fixed structures and defined processes. That does not have to be negative. Only: what follows from that for the decision?

It should be pointed out at the beginning that “value conservative” is not to be understood as a negative term, but as a planning, structured and systematic competence. The conservative of values ​​hates spontaneity and quick decisions. Everything he does is thought out and planned with care.

Please do not spontaneity!

Sudden special tasks or unforeseen things bring him out of the Concept ABC School Joke Oud or even completely confused.

He likes to work sequential, controlled and highly detailed. His strength is in particular the planning, coordination and control of tasks, processes or processes.

Typical speech signals from the conservative decision maker

Therefore, typical speech signals are:

  • Control is better,
  • The past has proven
  • From my experience,
  • Better safe than sorry,
  • Please do not make hasty decisions,
  • Can you guarantee this?

Typical occupations of conservative decision-makers

As you can see, safety and experience are very important to people who are value-conscious - everything is allowed except risk.

This pronounced safety requirement is also reflected in the preferred career choice or motivational activity. Here, administrative work, project planning or accounting are very important.

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