eMailWithdrawal Program: Steps to Empty Inbox

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It is important to tame the mail flood. Productivity in our digital world is dependent on reducing stress eMails. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with a significant gain in concentration.

eMailWithdrawal Program: Steps to Empty Inbox Inbox

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It starts in your own head

The right way to deal with eMailIt starts in your own mind: It is definitely not necessary to pay every incoming mail immediately undivided attention. Nothing is less efficient than doing one task half-heartedly, while one part of the concentration is devoted to a completely different process.

Go on a strict information diet and focus on result output rather than information input. On your steps to the empty inbox. Because I also get dozens, sometimes hundreds of eMails per day.

Tricks against the eMail-Flood

If I answered all immediately, I would probably come to nothing. Also belonged to me eMailFor a long time, it was one of the biggest time thieves. Meanwhile, I'm fighting the daily eMail-Lut has learned some tricks that make it easier to work through and improve my productivity.

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So I am - in contrast to many other stakeholders - now also able to process my mails accordingly fast. Let's take a look at my strategies that will enable you to get your inbox up and running in no time.

The most effective anti-thefteMailmethods

Here are the fastest and most effective methods I've found to get a high eMailGetting a handle on things:

  • none eMails in the morning: As a matter of principle, start your working day not with the retrieval of e-mail, but with your most important task, which you have undertaken for this day. You will be able to edit your e-mails at noon or in the afternoon.
  • Edit contaminated sites: If you currently have an overwhelming inbox with countless messages, you should first create a temporary folder and move it there.: You work on these mails every day for a previously defined period of time - after (!) You have looked after the new incoming mails.
  • Do not constantly check: On the way or between two tasks, it may well be that you do not particularly stop the habit of checking your inbox. But keep in mind: eMails are always a fault. When you're working on something, it's by no means a good idea eMails.
  • Install a barrier: That's why you should try to make no exceptions. It's best to install a barrier: Stop auto-downloading mails, not be notified of new messages, do not carry your phone with you when you go to a customer. Whatever makes it harder for you to check your eMails - use it.

The goal clearly in mind

The goal is always to have no mail in the inbox whose meaning is not clearly recognizable. Any really unnecessary mail must prevent you from getting into your inbox right from the start. How is that best?

Most of the mails reach me daily in my spam folder or the trash. A good spam filter is worth gold.

Pre-sort, sort out, throw away

In addition, it is recommended to sort mails before. There are a number of technical tools and filters.

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Most mail programs offer rules that ensure that incoming messages are automatically moved to a corresponding folder after a brief review of previously defined criteria, such as subject, sender, or keyword.

How to sort eMails?

Possible subfolders are, for example, social media, waiting, accounting or newsletters. These notifications I can then control when I want it. They land in an appropriate folder and do not populate my inbox.

In addition, I regularly receive eMails that require quick action, such as ordering my audiobooks or attending seminars. Since I know the content and the necessary actions of these mails exactly, I have created a rule so that these are also automatically moved into a corresponding collection folder.

Thoroughly sort out

I then edit it once a day. This takes about 30 seconds per mail and for the entire folder a maximum of five minutes. The advantage is that I do not have to search the mails in the inbox and can edit them en bloc.

Sort all the newsletters that you do not read regularly or which do not provide you with any relevant information. Also, set up RSS feeds and similar news systems only for the information you are actually interested in.

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No chain letters anymore

If you have friends who send you chain or fun eMails, let them know that you are just trying to get the big amount eMails that you receive daily. Tell them that while you are pleased that they are thinking of you, you do not want to receive this kind of news in the future.

Some people will be hurt, but sooner or later they will get over it. Others will continue to be such eMails send. Then create a filter to push it straight to the trash.

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