Elon Musk and Tesla: Industry Issue # 1

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Text comes from: Elon Musk: Wie Elon Musk die Welt verändert – Die Biografie (2015) by Ashlee Vance, published by Münchener Verlagsgruppe (MVG), Reprints by friendly permission of the publisher.
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It was understandable that Musk wanted to abolish the splendor which Tesla was now receiving. The roadster had become number one in the industry.

Elon Musk and Tesla: Industry Issue # 1 ice-car

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Ashlee Vance vanceAshlee Vance is a journalist for New York Times and CNN.


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Religious Reactions

Electric cars have already provoked almost religious overreactions among supporters and opponents, and the appearance of a good-looking, fast-paced model continued to fuel passion on both sides.

At the same time, Tesla had made the Silicon Valley, at least by idea, a real threat to Detroit. A month after the show in Santa Monica, the PebbleBeach Concours d'Elegance took place, a famous show for exotic cars.

Tesla was so in the conversation that the organizers begged to get a roadster for their event, and waived any exhibition fees. Tesla set up a booth and scores of visitors came to immediately issue checks for 100.000 dollars for pre-ordering the car.

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The Tesla hype

"It was a long time before services like Kickstarter and we just had no idea to try it," says Tarpenning. "But soon we were making millions of dollars at events like this." Venture capitalists, celebrities and friends of Tesla employees tried to buy themselves onto the waiting list.

Some members of the rich Silicon Valley elite even came to Tesla's offices and knocked on the door to get a roadster. Entrepreneurs Konstantin Othmer and Bruce Leak, who knew Musk from his days as an intern at Rocket Science Games, did one day and then got a personal introduction of the car from Musk and Eberhard that lasted several hours. “In the end, we said: 'We'll take one',” Othmer reports.

"The Company wasn't allowed to sell cars yet, so we went into his club. That cost $ 100.000, but one of the advantages was that you would get a free car later. ” Tesla switched from marketing back to research and development and was supported by some trends.

Crash test on computer

Advances in computer technology have helped small car companies in some areas to compete with big ones. Just a few years ago, a small fleet of real cars would have had to be produced for crash tests. Tesla could not afford that, but it was not necessary anymore. The third roadster prototype went to the same crash test facility used by major automakers, allowing Tesla to use the same high-speed cameras and other imaging technologies as they did.

Thousands of tests, however, were undertaken by a service provider specializing in computer simulations, so that Tesla did not have to build a crash test fleet. On the test tracks for durability, Tesla also used the same equipment as the large cobblestone and asphalt roads with metal objects in which the cars are exposed to heavy loads.

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For example, it was quite common for Tesla engineers to demonstrate the silicon-valley attitude on the traditional terrain of car manufacturers. In Northern Sweden near the Polarkreises, there is a braking and traction test track, on which cars are tuned on large ice sheets.

Efficiency from the Silicon Valley

They usually spend three days testing there, then take their data, drive back to headquarters, and hold meetings for weeks to make changes to the car. Such a process can last a whole winter. Tesla, on the other hand, sent engineers next to his roadster to the tests and let them analyze the data on-site.

If something had to be changed, the engineers rewrote a program code and immediately left the car on ice. "BMW would need a vote between three or four companies for this, which would all blame each other," says Tarpenning, "we just did it alone." Another test required that the roadsters be placed in a special cooling chamber to check how they react to icy temperatures. However, the Tesla engineers wanted to save the enormous cost of such a chamber and instead rented an ice cream van with a large refrigerated trailer. Someone drove a roadster in there, the engineers put on thick jackets and worked on the car.

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