Elevator pitch for your vita: 2 X 4 tips in the elevator to success

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Everyone wants to be successful ... be successful! In business as an entrepreneur or Executive, as a salesman or technician, in private relationships as a friend, wife or family man. But only a few achieve their goal and are indeed successful. Why?

Influence beliefs

Here writes for you:


Mark M. Galal Galal_Seite_l Lächelnd_berufebilder

Marc M. Galal is an expert in sales psychology and success


Positive thinking is good - but only the beginning

Positive thinking is a good foundation for success. But this attitude alone is not enough to convince oneself and others. Often deeply rooted beliefs from the past boycotted all efforts.

We usually do not even know what beliefs we carry around with us all our lives. To be successful, it is imperative to work on your personal attitude and to change negative beliefs through deep psychological processes.

Actions follow thoughts

To move things, we like to change our actions. Unfortunately often without the desired success. Why is that?

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Simply because our words and our actions follow our thoughts. If, therefore, our conviction is a different one - and even unconsciously because of our unknown beliefs - we do not achieve our goal.

Schuster stay with your last

Who, perhaps in his childhood, would often say "Grandma stay with your groin!" heard and experienced that parents also drive well according to this motto, unconsciously also focuses on it.

Failures Attempts to try something new (profession, leave, etc.) confirm this old belief, even though you are not aware of it yourself.

Inner program

The development of one's own potential is blocked and limits the possibilities. All efforts to develop further do not lead to the desired goal. Our inner programs work perfectly whether we like it or not.

We unconsciously do things that slow us down. Even so much ambition will not help to be more successful. The most important lever to resolve these blockades is to work emotionally on us. Refraining allows us to save our past.

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Working on beliefs

When we work on our beliefs and change them, our feelings also change. If our stomach finally honestly says yes, actions are almost automatic and effortless and our result often improves dramatically.

Through the new Mindset with affirming beliefs, we can achieve a completely new status. In all respects and all spheres of life we ​​achieve a much higher success level.

Change beliefs in four steps

In order to change beliefs, one must

  1. first understand what beliefs are.
  2. to become self-aware, and what beliefs one has.
  3. Rephrase beliefs (using NLP techniques). You yourself can have a decisive influence on this process by
  4. focus differently and search for references.

Self-propelled by clear goals

To motivate oneself again and again is the decisive factor for achieving the goal. Without self-motivation, high-performance athletes would never be successful.

A high level of self-motivation helps to tackle problems every day with optimism and enthusiasm. Three questions help to find out whether our actions are also suited to our goals:

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  1. What am I doing this for? This question answers the motivation behind the motivation. If we keep on being aware of the reasons, we can quickly motivate ourselves again. Before a difficult negotiation, we could say to ourselves: "If I win the customer, I am sure of an increase in salary and my promotion is within reach." The background behind every action is ultimately to satisfy our needs.
  2. Do I really want that? We can only motivate ourselves permanently if we do something out of a real, deep need. Otherwise our subconscious resists it and whispers all conceivable reasons: "Tomorrow is still time for it" or "Others can do it much better than me anyway." Strategies help to align our needs with the goal.
  3. Can I do this? Only if we can answer this question with “yes” will we be able to motivate ourselves in the long run. An important factor for self-motivation is self-efficacy. That means having faith in yourself and approaching a task with optimism: “Yes, I am confident that. I will definitely do it. ”
  4. Hearted startup: The most difficult thing is the start-up, because here you are already taking the first step. We think about the pros and cons, without changing big. However, even if initially little is noticeable, the change often occurs more quickly than we think.

Check inside attitude and beliefs

The inner attitude is an important factor. If we are honest with ourselves, then we have something like an “inner voice”, which often has already decided long before we make a conscious decision.

We all have a past. It is important not only to carry them around with you, but also to not deny or even suppress them.

Doctrines as helpers instead of self-sabotage

It is important to reform the existing beliefs so that they help you in the future instead of preventing them from doing what you really want to do.

So get started and take the first step. There is always a next door through which one can go. When you are ready, then some other things almost work out by themselves.

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  1. Daniel

    Our thoughts shape our decisions, because of our decisions we act. Our actions determine our experiences. Experiences determine our emotions, which in turn influence our memories. On the basis of our memories, new thoughts are formed. Our body basically lives in the past from the emotions of previous experiences. We have about 60.000 thoughts a day, about 90% of them are the same as the day before. Anyone who wants to achieve greater success must basically build a whole new personality.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Daniel,
      thanks for this great comment and the exciting numbers. Maybe you would like to write your own guest contribution?
      More information on this here - you can also simply send me the text via eMail can send: https: //berufebilder.de/ author-notices /

  2. Finetta

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    Maybe we are a little too happy-oriented and expect too much from our spouse, job, etc. When happiness becomes the top priority in life, the risk of frustration increases significantly! Because there are a few things in life that can go wrong pretty quickly ...

    • Simone Janson

      Hello HRfreak,
      thank you for your introduction, with which you certainly are also right. Personally, I see the constant need for self-optimization also increasingly critical.

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    The success on the track - 1 / 3: The influence of beliefs by Marc M. Galal via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended AIdiAKq2Op

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