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E-learning to familiarize new employees: This brings online training for managers and teams

E-learning is becoming more important, especially for further training in Company , Inexpensive online learning, especially with VR elements, is particularly helpful when training new employees.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Use e-learning and virtual reality to train new employees

A comprehensive and intensive familiarization lays the foundation for the successful start of new employees in the company and is supplemented by various further training in the course of the activity for the further development.

In addition to classic training courses, such as workshops, seminars or lectures, e-learning has become established for in-house training courses - often also particularly useful in connection with virtual reality. When properly set up, the online learning concept offers various advantages, but certain prerequisites are necessary to benefit from the digital alternative.

Independent of location and time for more efficiency

E-learning, i.e. learning measures that involve digital media, for example in the form of onlineCourses or videos, have been regarded as a promising principle of imparting knowledge regardless of time and location for several years. The concept is based on the availability of content on digital (mobile) devices that are prepared multimodally in the form of images, audiovisual elements or texts and thus appeal to different senses.

Due to the constant availability at any time and any place, the e-learning offer enables self-determined and independent learning and also proves to be particularly time-efficient because the employees can schedule their training themselves and the lengthy scheduling is no longer necessary. Lessons can thus be worked on if your own daily schedule allows and can thus be flexibly integrated into the working day. Especially when employees have to take many appointments outside the home, e-learning can be used instead of an on-site appointment.

More flexibility in the online course for maximum learning success

Since the employees themselves decide when to conduct theCourses offered online, they can deal with the content more flexibly and decide when and where they can best concentrate, which means that the material is learned sustainably. It is also possible to work on lessons for a change from your own tasks in the park on your smartphone or with afternoon coffee in the lounge. As required, text passages can be read multiple times and videos can be stopped and repeated without disturbing or interrupting other users, which means that the content can be received at your own pace.

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In addition, further detailed information, for example via a drop-down menu, can be made available, which allows a personal focus on certain subject areas. The integration of interactive content keeps the user's attention and thanks to the direct discussion of the topic, the knowledge is immediately anchored and the level of knowledge checked. This gives the employee the opportunity not only to consume the information but also to actively deal with it, making knowledge easier and more playful to acquire.

Uniform knowledge base for all employees

If parts of the training program are digitized, costs for the production of the content, acquisition of the software and implementation are initially incurred, but costs for training measures, such as (external) training staff, trips and any accruing rent from external rooms, are saved. Companies with several branches in particular benefit from e-learning, as this ensures that the same knowledge base and thus constant quality is created for all employees without having to bring their colleagues to attend face-to-face events.

This means that employees in branch offices in particular do not have to plan a long journey, but they still have the opportunity to acquire a uniform level of knowledge. E-learning also makes onboarding and the training of new colleagues easier, especially if there is no general start date for all new employees and they occasionally start on different days. In addition, content that is relevant to a large number of employees or even the entire workforce is so easily available to everyone without having to hold a seminar several times for different groups of participants.

Interactive elements as a self-test

When preparing the content, it is important to design exciting and entertaining courses that prevent possible boredom with the mix of pictures, videos, quiz elements or similar. An appealing graphic design creates visual stimuli that keep the participants' attention and thus support active learning.

If elements such as small multiple-choice tests or quiz questions are incorporated, the participants can identify their acquired knowledge as well as strengths and weaknesses, which can also stimulate ideas for further training topics. As a highlight, virtual reality elements can also be integrated, as a result of which the learning interface is depicted in a realistic manner and is therefore closely based on practice. This means that employees can not only learn the content, but also test it directly in relation to its application in everyday work and understand it better.

Employee exchanges should not be neglected

As practical as e-learning may be, the synergy effect in a group that arises when exchanging information about the training content should not be underestimated. In particular, workshops or smaller group work as part of a training course develop a dynamic in which ideas on the topic or questions are shared and new insights can arise.

When converting to a digital training system, there should be opportunities for virtual exchange, such as chats, to promote this interaction and also the contact between colleagues. This allows you to discuss and discuss your own thoughts as well as suggestions. In addition, queries should be possible during the course in order to receive support in the event of uncertainties or open questions.

E-learning as a useful addition to face-to-face seminars

Digital seminars have a lot of potential when it comes to providing many employees with long-term and sustainable knowledge for entry, but also for further and advanced training. In particular due to the high recurring costs and the organizational effort involved in face-to-face training, the efforts at the beginning of the project to produce and implement an e-learning course are worthwhile.

What is important is a mature concept that specifies both the content and the modal elements in the different lessons in order to design a comprehensive but appealing course. Despite many advantages over face-to-face training, e-learning should always be supplemented by further practical training events in the form of workshops, group work or meetings in order to promote exchange between colleagues and to develop new projects and ideas.

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