Selfishness and Greed in Business: Successfully Leaving the Spiral

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Ego and greed not only block the personal development, but also the processing of important information in Company, There are examples that have broken this spiral. Selfishness and Greed in Business: Successfully Leaving the Spirits Selfishness and Greed in Businesses: Successfully Leaving the Spiral

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Dirk-Oliver Lange Dirk-Oliver LangeDirk-Oliver Lange is lecturer, book author and Mentalcoach.


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The mental coach as a profiler

If me Company As a mental coach for personality development, this task often resembles a profiling of employees. Through my preliminary conversation, I usually know which participant is more susceptible to illness or perhaps had already failed with a state of exhaustion.

The course of such a seminar is always similar. So also this in a well-known enterprise for IT solutions in the information technology. The participants were the personnel staff and executives from different departments.

If all come too late

The seminar started with it not starting. At the agreed time, only three of the 10 participants were in the meeting room. This already said a lot about the leadership qualities of the participants.

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Also the manager came too late. It was only by degrees that the rest of the participants came in, some of them with their mobile phones. I could feel the tension of these leaders. Physically they were all there, but mentally at their desk or elsewhere.

Create awareness and cause people to act

I realized that I needed the undivided attention, otherwise every minute would be given away. For me and for the participants, who in the first minutes always looked at their smartphones. After 15 minutes I left the room with the words:

"I'll call my girlfriend for a moment."

Silence! After a minute, I came back and explained that this is called the mirroring method, with which one can create awareness and make people an action.

"You have 5 minutes"

What the executives thought in the minute of my absence I leave to your imagination. The fact is, the hiring manager rose and said to the executives:

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"You have five minutes to tell your assistants that you can not be reached for the next six hours. Furthermore, I ask you to turn off your phones now. "

Apparently, she had immediately understood what I wanted to achieve, and she had acted. Chapeau!

Focus on the important thing

After that, I had the undivided attention of all the attendees and the seminar became a complete success. It is always about the here and now, to the full attention to the moment. Because the brain processes only the information we focus on.

Everything else is erased, even if it belongs to reality. After the initial profiling of the extroverted participants, the introverts grew beyond themselves. Many blockages were solved, which, as so often, were nothing but misunderstandings in communication.

How does sustainable personality development work?

In the coming 14 days I received from some participants some very personal eMails, how much I spoke to them from the soul and how positively the co-operation had improved.

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It was the best seminar they had ever attended, because each employee had now taken on more responsibility. It was not about what the others can do for me, but what can I do for others. Because successful management is always achieved between people and through feelings. The participants had understood and implemented this.

No further education in personality development will sustainably achieve the desired success if the participants do not voluntarily participate in the seminar. We find this desire for free and creative development especially in the Generation Y. Activating the potential of humans is to make room for them. This in an inspirational community. "If you want to reach your destination quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. "

What causes greed in people

Neuroscientists at the University of Würzburg were able to establish a connection between greed as a personality trait and risky behavior. High-risk speculation by employees in the financial services sector contributed to part of the financial crisis. Whether in Germany or the USA. The names in Germany are still well remembered. In America, 2007 expanded its US real estate crises to a global financial crisis, the consequences of which are still affecting the market.

What does greed mean? It is the desire for more, it costs what it wants - including an excessive striving for material goods. So the willingness to make one's own pursuit more at the expense of others. For me a creepy performance. Especially when you look at what people on TV are all ready, the greater the chance of a high profit. The taste of the embarrassment often falls in sadness here and has nothing more to do with fun entertainment. If you ask two people to inflate a balloon with the goal that the one with the larger balloon gets a million euros, but you lose everything when the balloon bursts, then you can experience greed live and in color.

Predict the risk assessment based on the personality trait

Thus, the risk appetite can be predicted on the basis of the personality trait greed. 1986, the investor Ivan Boesky gave a speech, the effects of which are still felt today. Unfortunately, no speech that made the world a bit better, but rather the opposite. "Greed is good," Boesky told graduates of the American Haas School of Business, "she's healthy, too. You can be greedy and still feel good in your skin. "

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What I find really bad is the realization of the study that greedy people have difficulty learning from mistakes and adapting their behavior. Thus even after a bank crash, after a short recovery, highly speculative shops are made. Also in managers can activate high bonuses, remuneration on financial success, greed. Triggers can also be aspects of corporate culture. Believe me, if greed breaks like a soap bubble, then many fall deep, because much money alone makes not happy. It is an important part of our lives if you do not lose the balance. It is important to ask our actions to get a new perspective on our aspiration. Hats off from all the top managers who have freed themselves from this zest for spirits and since then have lead a new and more than satisfied life.

The spiral successfully leave

These include Alexander Hartmann. He spent almost 15 years in the finance industry and was well on the way to becoming a Gordon Gekko, as Michael Douglas played in the role of the unscrupulous financial shark in the movie "Wall Street." Most recently, as head of department, he was responsible for just under 50 employees in an international Swiss private bank.

In the meantime Hartmann has trained as a social pedagogue in a Swiss orphanage. Despite his position, he had neither financed financially nor was he fired. The contrast could therefore hardly have been greater, and this was voluntary. Hartmann's conscience became so loud that he obeyed him and took this step. I have respect for those people who are taking an action that changes their lives.

Failure and new beginnings

Another example is Stefan Roggenkamp. For more than ten years he worked as an investment banker in London and constructed financial derivatives for the Japanese investment bank Mizuho. As head of a team of 90 employees, his life has been a lot of work, but also accompanied by a huge salary and high bonuses as well as a fast life with big cars and lots of parties. Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma and Rita, for example, caused 2005 to suffer devastating damage not only in nature between the end of August and the end of October, but also to Roggenkamp's career. Overnight, the storms wiped out a lot of the profits of its derivatives fund and also its job.

This event drew him back to the farm of his parents. After a time out, the 36-former 2006 founded his current company - Roggenkamp Organics - as a manufacturer of organic food. These are now also available in well-known supermarkets in organic market chains such as Alnatura and Basic, but also in delicatessens such as Käfer˙s in Munich. He, too, enjoys this very different life with other values.

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We have it in our hands

Bit by bit, our world is changing and we should be less afraid of what comes. Rather, we should remember our origin of life. Because here are a lot of opportunities and possibilities. No less successful, just with a different definition of success.

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    Egoism & greed in business: successfully leaving the spiral of
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