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Working efficiently with eMails; Time-saving shipping

Not just editing eMails can be done efficiently, but shipping can also save a lot of time by following some important rules and tips.


Not every mail can be answered immediately, other messages do not require an immediate response. However, you can also set the message to a reschedule in order to prevent the e-mails that are triggered by an e-mail.

Priority, time and the like can be provided with an alarm function. As with calendar and task entries, the user is then reminded of the completion of a particular mail by means of a screen reference.

Significant subject lines

When you send an email, formulate a meaningful subject line. This can sometimes even replace the rest of the text. In this case, indicate this with an appropriate abbreviation. For example, I use “owN” as an abbreviation for “without further notice”.

Please also make sure to use your own subject in your answers. If you do not find a concise subject line, this is often a sign that the content itself is not so important. Not sent mails are good mails!

One task per mail

Also make sure that a mail you send has never more than one task. It is best to complete this with a corresponding deadline for the answer. This increases the pace of processing by the receiver.

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Use text building blocks

For frequently sent mails, which have the same content in whole or in part, it is worthwhile to develop templates and text modules. These can be stored in the Drafts folder as prescribed mails or, if required, can be conveniently used with just one key combination.

However, the context of the message should be kept in mind: No receiver wants to be fed up with prefabricated phrases. The best results are provided by individualized messages based on the building blocks.

Save attachments separately

Anyone who trusts that he quickly finds studies in PDF format, Excel evaluations or reports in the form of Word documents in mail folders, is wrong. Attachments are not crawled by the keyword search of most mail programs.

File attachments should therefore be stored in the corresponding folders on the computer, instead of the complicated detour via the mail program.

Address book categorize

Depending on the size of your address book, it may be difficult to filter out addressees individually.

Fortunately, programs such as Lotus and Outlook allow you to create personal distribution lists or assign entries to specific categories, such as customers or vendors. It is also possible to define categories that meet their own business processes.

Smartphone signature

Use Thanks to the increasing popularity of smartphones, the addition “Sent with my iPhone” can be found among many emails, which justifies the brevity of the email and the lack of formatting and signature.

How would it be to add this add-on occasionally also under Mails, which were written on the PC? So you have a good argument to answer the mail with only one to two sentences.

4 Concluding tips

  •  Mails can be a curse. You will again be a blessing if you set clear rules for yourself and your employees.
  • Do not start the retrieval of yours eMails in the working day.
  • Edit your mails according to the rules defined here
  • For more information, please refer to the work flow chart developed by me, which is located in the reader section of the blog (password: productive)

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4 responses to “Working efficiently with eMails; Time-saving shipping ”

  1. Schneider says:

    "Please also make sure to use your own subject for your answers."

    I think that's not good, because it loses the connection to the entertainment.

    • Simone Janson says:

      I agree with you, especially if you use Google Mail, it's also a problem because it's the conversational sorting of the eMails dissolves.
      Nevertheless, it is of course more pleasant for the recipient if he sees what is coming next in the subject. I often solve this by leaving the subject alone, but adding an addition in front of it, such as "My answer".

  2. Tanya says:

    RT @jobcollege: The e-mail withdrawal program - Part 7: Sending e-mails in a time-saving manner: Not just processing ... # B ...

  3. Competencepartner says:

    The e-mail withdrawal program - Part 7: Sending e-mails in a time-saving manner: Not just processing ... #Profession #Education

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