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Making Careers Effective - 4 X 3 Tips: Achieving Success

The world of work today is undergoing fundamental change. New job models, reduced weekly working hours, flexible locations - many of the innovations offer us new opportunities for self-fulfillment. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

This is how you actively promote your career

But one thing has remained the same: If you want to achieve something, you have to know what you want. Setting goals is more important today than ever before, so that your career doesn't fall somewhere between job sharing and crowdworking.

Be it a more responsible position, a bigger challenge, more time for the family or simply a better pay: the individual wishes for a more fulfilling life are fundamentally different.

Anyone who wants to actively promote his career must know what he is doing. With a clear goal, it is easier to tackle individual steps in order to meet the future plans.

Aimless start

Many of them have fallen into the next job immediately after their training. To get a job directly is not a matter of course in some professional fields anyway. Since at the beginning not too selectly also an offer is accepted, which is not exactly perfect for individual training or personal desires. First gathering experience is the motto.

However, as time goes by, routine gets creepy, some feel understated, some are simply out of place, and dissatisfaction is increasing. Time to change. But what exactly? At the latest, the question arises where the journey is supposed to go.

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Career - what is it?

And this point can not be answered in general. Everyone has to find out for themselves and decide what their personal career should look like. The ideas of what the work, the daily routine, the tasks assigned to be, are as different as the individual people and their characters.

For some, the work is only for a living. Others want to develop in their work and realize it themselves. Sometimes a change of job makes sense. And each of these ways is the right one if it fits the respective person. So there are very different definitions of careers. The most important thing is not to run after the wrong ideal, but to decide for yourself what life should be like at work.

Define your wishes

Dissatisfaction in the job mostly arises because the activity does not match personal ideas. Over or under demand can lead to stress and only aggravates the frustrating situation. Then, at the latest, it is imperative to pause to consider how things could go on. Because there are different ways of dealing with dissatisfaction and pressure at work.

Writing down your thoughts or just bullet points helps to filter out and focus on the real goals. It is important to really think about yourself. What are the personal strengths? How can I use and contribute these in my current work? Which direction is most likely to match the individual talents?

Listen to yourself

Many desires, which appear superficially, often arise from a ubiquitous status-thinking. Carriage, more salary or a company car - it should be carefully considered whether these are status symbols that make us happy.

Quite often, there are other things that provide sustained satisfaction: a training course, for example, to be prepared in the future for greater challenges, or a weekday work from home to have more time for the family.

It is usually not helpful to orientate yourself towards others. What does the colleague earn? Who will get the vacant management post? The goals of others are not necessarily your own, because everyone has their own skills and focus. However, sometimes the positive qualities of others can serve as a role model or as an incentive and motivation. Those who think hard about it come a good deal closer to their personal goals.

Filter out goals: 3 Tips

The essence - the actual goals - can often be quickly read from the recorded points of interest. These can be minor successes that seem to be achievable in the near future. On the other hand, it is often also major projects that need a certain amount of time to develop and possibly be initiated with some effort.

In order to focus these points and then develop a plan for the realization, the following 3 tips are very helpful:

  1. Start with small goals: If the smaller wishes are first tackled, the first success stories are more likely. This is important for motivation and personal self-esteem.
  2. Briefly and briefly write down: Once the targets are noted, they become something hand-held and thus more binding. A brief wording ensures even more conciseness.
  3. The correct formulation: If wishes are formulated in the present, they appear more concrete to us. They should also sound positive. “Time effective use” sounds better than “less overtime work”. These little psychological tricks will help you a lot later with the implementation.

Work on implementation: 3 tips

The small list of objectives can now serve as a guide for implementation. Whoever keeps the individual points constantly in front of us also once in a free minute, is on a good way to reach the desires actually.

  1. Think: Step by step it should be considered what is needed to get closer to the goals.
  2. Search Dialog: Sometimes a conversation with the supervisor is necessary in order to evaluate possible alternatives in the workplace design or the daily routine.
  3. Self-tuning: Sometimes it is also hard to work on oneself in order to give up certain habits that have settled down and hinder us from continuing.

Treadmills master: 3 tips

If the implementation of our plans were always easy, there certainly would not be career coaches and many would be happier with their situation. On the way to the goal, there are always problems that stand in our way.

  1. The Team turns cross: If, for example, certain proposals that might also promote general teamwork in the team do not meet with approval, it is often difficult to maintain motivation and possibly seek alternatives.
  2. The commitment is not enough: Often, a continuation is also associated with a higher work rate or commitment after the regular working hours.
  3. Difficult time management: If, on the other hand, other tasks such as taking care of the family are to be mastered, the situation can quickly become a burden.

That is why it is important to plan and divide the personal steps to happiness in order to achieve long-term success. Stubbornness and perseverance are characteristics, but not everyone brings them home. It helps to go forward in small steps, and to remain flexible, so as to be able to react even to unforeseen obstacles.

Take stock regularly: 3 tips

It is also advisable to regularly review the personal position. Anyone who knows exactly where he stands, and also perceives and appreciates the successes to date, does not lose the motivation for the next steps and efforts.

  1. Set new goals: Often the personal circumstances change in a shorter or longer time, so that the defined goals are no longer appropriate.
  2. New circumstances: Sometimes a new life partner is the reason for wanting to be shorter in the future and to dedicate themselves to family planning.
  3. Illness: A disease can also be the cause of a shift in the food point and other things suddenly gaining in importance.

Many people regularly take the time to take stock of themselves. Once a year they withdraw into a quiet corner and analyze the status quo, the goals achieved so far, but also errors and problems. If this happens regularly, thinking about yourself will become easier and more routine over time. The best prerequisite for being able to react more quickly to unforeseen events in the future.

Conclusion: Take your life into your own hands

In order to be able to take control of your life, to lead it into the right ways and make the right decisions, it is important to have clear goals in mind.

Anyone who is thinking about his own wishes and knows what he wants to achieve can plan and shape the steps to the goal more easily. Much of what appears to be unachievable, and therefore not tackled, turns out to be quite feasible if the path is divided into small stages.

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