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Stephan LamprechtStephan Lamprecht is a journalist and editor at He has been working successfully as a specialist book author since the mid-80s and has specialized in IT, e-commerce and advice. In his professional career, the father of three has also held positions in middle and senior management in the finance and IT industries. He not only writes specialist articles and creates content for companies, but also develops communication concepts. The avid ice hockey fan has a pronounced preference for business and management books. As an editor at the Management Journal, he regularly reviews current specialist books.

Achieve impact and celebrate success: Asking the right questions with courage and consistency {Review}

Keeping one's own, very personal goals in mind and keeping them in times of such numerous distractions and then mustering the courage necessary to pursue them beyond all convention - this is the great challenge of our time. This book helps to master them successfully.

Celebrate your own personal success

No question: Whether in the job or private life, there is hardly any standstill. Every second of the day we are confronted with data, information and opinions to which we have to take a stand, every individual expects high performance in all areas of life.

We easily lose our own perspective and our voice. In his guide “Courage needs a voice”, Peter Holzer advocates listening more to yourself and going your own way to personal happiness and success.

Listening to your own voice

Trusting his own opinion and intuition, finding his own voice in the maze of information: Peter Holzer knows what he's talking about. The financial adviser has not only almost lost his voice through a thyroid tumor, but also his life.

In his guidebook, he repeatedly confronts the reader with (personal) situations in which it is worth raising his voice. Thus, he is known in his professional life as an intern with a nastiness of the consulting industry.

Away from the input virus - be active!

At around 20 p.m., most of the employees are already on their way home. “Only we consultants were still sitting there,” said Holzer, “the project manager had made it clear that we were the last to leave this office building. (…) We should show: We work so much. We are worth our money. ”

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The day's tasks had already been worked through, it was just a matter of appearances. Holzer calls this the input virus. Always look busy, be active. “Anyone who admits that they don't have something to do around the clock is eyed with suspicion,” says Holzer. The situation he describes is just one of many that takes courage to raise his voice. But it's worth it.

Success needs entrepreneurial courage

Whether in your own Company or as an employee: If you want to leave a mark, you also need personality. Anyone who sits at a desk and prefers to fall asleep instead of telling them that he is going home now because it is late and the work done is not audible.

To make such courageous decisions, it must be clear what you really mean to say. In his guide, Holzer gives the instructions on how it is (again) possible not to lose sight of one's own opinion and standing in our fast-paced society.

Courage for the important questions in life

Because: To face the important, central questions in life requires courage and courage. These are:

  • What do I want from life?
  • Where do I belong?
  • What do I stand for?

Only those who can answer these questions clearly will have the courage to use their voice at the right moment - and be heard. This applies in all areas of life - and in particular for companies. Follow intuitions, dare innovations and make announcements - even success requires clear ideas and words.

Conclusion: Success also needs reflection

A very personal book that shows how personal happiness, professional success and reflection on basic values ​​are interrelated.

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