Effective Employee Motivation: 7 Tips for Performance Incentives

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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®-Autor Markus Hornung has pointed out how important good leadership for the motivation of employees and the success of a business. Also important: incentives. How can employees be motivated? Motivation

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7 tips for effective employee motivation

Employee motivation is the key to success in the workplace Company, Motivated colleagues work more purposefully, efficiently and, above all, better in teams.

Employers and managers should therefore take the following seven tips to the top of their priorities list.

1. create incentives

A salary increase motivates quite definitely, but sometimes also a bonus, a bonus, a special commission. More and more, companies are creating incentives through incentives that benefit all employees.

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The Christmas party is indeed such an incentive, but is more or less a tradition. However, anyone who in the meantime invites his employees on a trip - possibly even during a working day - creates an unforgettable experience. It's important that those teams (usually up to a dozen colleagues) do something together that works together and works together.

2. Compliments and public commendations

Praise does not cost anything, but it is very powerful. Every professional needs feedback. The appraisal by the boss is one of the most important feedback reports.

The praise has to be given in a matter of circumstances and in a performance-oriented way, as well as in a timely manner, it can be expressed in a certain framework (company meeting, small celebration). Important: A praise must be felt by all other employees (not only the person to be praised) as just.

3. Coaching by the boss

Employees can be motivated very well through targeted instruction, especially when the business runs a little sluggish.

If the focus is only on problems and almost unsolvable tasks, the boss's experience is like a magic. It creates optimism and energy.

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4. Equal treatment and justice

These two motivation means may be mutually exclusive, since the employees are not all the same. It is therefore all the more important that they feel just, appropriate and thus equally treated.

A motivation brake of the first quality, on the other hand, is subtle bossing (bullying by the boss), which should, on the contrary, ensure that the employees also treat each other well.

5. Give away free tickets

Freikarten to events are among the incentives, but to those who can enjoy employees in the circle of their family. Once again, the motivation is strongest if the employee receives at least a couple of hours of leave.

Important: It must be an event, which the employee may have long desired.

6. Tasks with claim

Employees also want to be challenged and can be motivated by a challenging but solvable task.

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This task can, but does not have to, involve a bonus. Most people just want to show in the workplace "that they can do it".

7. Talking is silver, listening is gold

Anyone interested in the needs of their employees wins their hearts. This does not have to be private gossip, unless it burns the person concerned on the heart.

Everyday, however, are the worries that connect employees with their profession. For this, the boss should always have an open ear.

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  1. Frank

    Hi all,
    This is a very informative article. That's important for the quality. I have often thought about these topics. It's hard to find good information on the internet about it. This will help a lot with my research on this matter.
    Thanks a lot for this.

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    • Simone Janson

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  4. Simone Janson

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  5. Jan Theofel

    I would be in favor of “free tickets” (i.e. financial coverage and time) for personal coaching or psychological counseling - in individual cases even for therapeutic measures. It shouldn't be about professional issues, but about personal ones: problems in the relationship, raising children, mourning the deceased, ... That helps people, relieves them personally. And that also helps the company if the employees “bring” less personal stress and can work more concentrated. Win win.

    • Simone Janson

      Thank you, this is a super note, to this idea you could make another article, in which I would like to quote you!

  6. Competencepartner

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