Finance further education - 11 / 13: Bildungsgutschein & Meister-BAföG as loan

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For all further education (but not for the training measures!), The Employment Agency issues education vouchers, which you can only get after detailed consultation with the employment consultant - if you meet the conditions and the adviser agrees. There are, of course, specifications.

Finance further education - 11 / 13: Educational Voucher & Meister-BAföG as Loan Training - 11 / 13: Bildungsgutschein & Meister-BAföG as Loan

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This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

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What is paid?


In the context of an educational voucher, the Employment Agency primarily pays the costs of the course. These include study materials and workwear as well as exam pieces and exam fees. In addition, the employment agency pays you the travel costs to the educational institution. It is therefore advantageous if the training takes place as close as possible to your place of residence, because that costs the BA less money - and your promotion is more likely.

If no suitable measures are taken in the vicinity, the costs of accommodation and food will be reimbursed. It is unimportant whether the measure takes place in another state; in some cases, this is not possible at all, since certain measures are carried out in only a few places throughout Germany. If you receive unemployment benefits, you will be paid for this during the training period.

How does it work with the educational voucher?


If you work alongside the training, the requirements will be reduced accordingly. During the training period, you are automatically insured under statutory health and long-term care insurance. If you were pension insured in the last year before the start of the advanced training, you will continue to do so, if you can not submit a corresponding application.

The BA assumes all insurance. During the training and the journey you are in any case also accident-insured. If the training is carried out during an existing employment relationship, your employer can receive a grant for your salary.

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Who has the choice


In the meantime, the Employment Agency leaves you with the agony of choosing the right training - of course within certain limits, because the education voucher specifies the educational goal of the measure exactly. You can use it to find a training course that is tailored to your needs and is not simply put on your head.

However, you are on the search for a suitable further education on your own. On the vouchers, in order to prevent you from choosing the wrong, the duration and learning goal are precisely defined.



Although the vouchers offer a certain freedom in the selection, this system has a major drawback: If courses were previously booked by the employment office and occupied, which of course led to the fact that one sometimes was put in unsuitable measures, the training providers now have hardly the possibility , properly plan.

Since it may happen then that courses are canceled due to lack of capacity shortly before the start - and that can cost you dearly, if the education voucher then expires.

Tip: Period of validity


An education voucher has only a period of validity of a maximum of three months. If during this time he is not taken over by a suitable training provider (for whatever reason), he declines.

So take the time to ask for alternatives, if a further training fails.

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In order to finance further training you can use not only the educational vouchers and measures of the employment agency, but also other sources of money.

One of them is the Master Bafög. Not only future master craftsmen, but also specialists from other areas can make a corresponding application for this!

For whom is this exciting?


(BBiG) or the Handwerksordnung (HwO), or a qualified trainee or a trainee who is a qualified trainee or trainee, have a comparable professional qualification.

Even further training in health care and care professionals can be promoted. But: Applicants may not yet have a professional qualification which is at least equivalent to the enrolled degree (eg university degree). There is no age limit.



The applications for funding must be sent in writing to the competent authority under national law (list here: Subsidies will be paid from the start of the project, but at the earliest from the month of application.

It should therefore be applied for in good time before the start of the action. Action contributions may be requested until the end of the action. The nature and amount of the subsidy are determined by the authorities, which also pay the subsidies. The loans are awarded by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (German Reconstruction Loan Corporation) when a separate loan agreement is concluded with the latter.

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However, the training must include at least 400 hours. Anyone who decides for the full-time model must be finished no later than two years. For part-time work, training may not take longer than four years. Participants in full-time courses receive from the state a monthly maintenance fee for life support up to the amount shown in the following table.

If you are doing a part-time course, you do not have this entitlement to maintenance fees. for single persons without child: 614 Euro 202 Euro as a subsidy / 412 Euro as a loan for single persons with an 793 Euro 202 Euro / 591 Eurochild: for married without child: 829 Euro 202 Euro / 627 Euro for married person with one child 1.008 Euro 202 Euro / 806 Euro for married couple with two 1.187 Euro 202 Euro / 985 Euro children For each additional child, the loan share increases by 179 Euro.



Single parents can also receive a monthly allowance for the necessary childcare costs of 113 Euro. The necessary costs for the preparation of the test piece (so-called masterpiece or comparable examination work) are subsidized up to half, but up to a maximum of 1.534 Euro under a low-interest loan.

In the case of full-time and part-time measures, an income-related and non-financial contribution to the financing of the course fees and examinations is included in the amount of the actual fees, but at most 10.226 Euro. It consists of a subsidy amounting to 30,5%, as well as a low-interest bank loan.



The loans for the maintenance as well as for the contribution are during the Further education and during a subsequent grace period of two years - but no later than six years - interest-free and redemption-free.

If you have established a company within three years of the audit and have employed at least two insured employees in up to two years, you will only have to repay a quarter of the loan. For more information, see

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  1. Wilma Bloch

    How do you become successful? Exactly through further education and lifelong learning. Therefore a very important article series.

  2. Ute

    They write that the educational voucher can only be obtained after consultation with the employment counselor. However, I did not go to the work consultant with my (written) application for an educational voucher, but it is on the table of the employment mediator who, of course, has a greater interest in mediating me in work (despite the lack of a professional qualification, Education voucher). What to do? Is the vocational advice of the employment office equated with the employment counselor? Or does the employer meanwhile combine all the functions in human resources? Unfortunately, I have not yet received any relevant information from the AfA.

    • Simone Janson

      Originally it was intended that the employment consultants take care of further education, the employment agency to the job placement. It may be that this demarcation softens depending on the employment agency or that has been restructured in the meantime. Career counselors are only responsible for young people's entry into the profession. What can help are good arguments why it makes sense to catch up on a degree - eg because you will soon be back on the street. Possibly. You can also change the agent. More information here:

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