Training as a Social Media Manager: 3 Questions that everyone should ask themselves

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Many questions and ideas about social media are circulating on the social web. However, the focus is usually on the question of the right training. We have been up recently Best of HR –® yes violently discussed. Rarely, not at all, have I read discussions so far, which also take everyday life into account. So there are three practical questions that anyone should ask in order not to lose the fun of the job. social media manager

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Here writes for you:

Katharina A. Heder Katharina A. HederKatharina Heder is Digital Media Manager and Consultant.


1. Do I want leisure or work?

Working on the social web means not having a fixed working time. In terms of salaried employment, this may still be different in parts, but it should be kept in mind that the clients and activities on the portals are mainly in the leisure time. So these are asynchronous to the real world.

So who does not imagine Being able to give up some of his free time requires thinking about whether social media is the right work environment. However, this renunciation is not so important for many social media managers, because they are mainly concerned with the topics that occupy them privately.

2. Where do I want to work?

If one can live with the temporal and personal limitations, one should do as much as possible to create as comfortable working conditions as possible. Many social media people work on a freelance basis in order to be able to allocate their own working hours as freely as possible.

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The right choice of potential customers should be taken at an early stage. If you are interested in an activity with sports clubs, you must be aware that the days are rarely around 10 in the morning and that more than just the social media support are part of the tasks.

3. What are the costs and investments?

Just as fast as the Internet as such, technology is also evolving. Therefore, it is important to plan for the long term and with foresight. This includes, among other things, the acquisition of a powerful laptop with a long running time. After a long struggle, I opted for a MacBookPro. A mobile device should also be available.

Due to the current situation on the app market, it is also worthwhile to consider whether the current smartphone is suitable for the increased requirements. In addition to my Blackberry (too short battery time) I have now attached to an Iphone.

Conclusion: Costs and benefits are a great job

I love my job but some things I would do differently today. It is not done with a qualified education, but social media is a diffuse construct of expectations and needs.

I've never had a job that was so much fun for me and was so varied, creative and versatile - but that also requires a lot of concessions (which I rarely notice in my everyday life because of my friends). You have to love, understand and want social media: otherwise, it will be tough to establish yourself there successfully.

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  1. Inga of Thomsen

    Hello Mrs. Heder,

    the interesting question is: is there still the classic separation of “work” and “leisure”? Of course there are times when I work on specific customer projects and that is certainly “work”. But I often read blogs, articles, articles online that I can use for my work and that are also of private interest to me. Read specialist books because they irritate me.

    There is a very good book on the subject of work / leisure: “Work is not a job” by Catharina Bruns. I can highly recommend it!

    Kind regards
    Inga of Thomsen

    • Simone Janson

      thanks for the reference, a review to the book is also available here:
      The intertwining of work and private life is also such a long-term incentive: It was already a few years ago hot discussion, when I started with social media and is obviously still burning current.
      This shows how great this social change is really, in which we are ... and that it is far more than a few tools.

      • Katharina Heder

        Dear Simone,

        I agree with you from A to Z and we both emphasize it in various articles - so I am annoyed that for many it is still “new territory”.


    • Katharina Heder

      Dear Mrs. v. Thomsen,

      I am looking forward to reading from you. Of course, this is a legitimate question - only social media is so far a special case, as it happens primarily in the spare time. More in my contribution:

      I believe that it should be made clear that you have to get used to this profession and then also to the clients. For example, I work a lot in sports and it is just that competitions take place on the weekend or in the evening - I simply can not say that it is my free time.

      In other words, I would not like to exchange, because this work fulfills me, so that I like to pass over the perceived border of separation. Setting up as Lars Hahn writes is an important argument.


  2. Lars Hahn

    The core question is actually also for (prospective) social media managers: How should my work look, how should it feel? However, positioning is perhaps even more important here than for the engineer or teacher, because many social media managers still often have to create a large part of their jobs themselves.
    You should already know what is important to you: time, coal, meaning? Or even all three?

    • Katharina Heder

      Dear Mr. Hahn,

      first thank you for the clarification of my tenor. I agree with you. But what is much more annoying for me and I have to attack myself a little because it did not go well, is another circumstance: Exactly this position is not yet shared by many social media managers.

      When I posted this post on XING, you even understood this post as a warning - but it's more of a call to think. In that sense, I already think that SoMeMa should do more than just market selection in training. When I look at div really awful-looking performances or just the div. Impressi the advent calendar, I wish sometimes Abmahnanwälte, so that finally is clear, how important expertise.

      In this sense: I am looking forward to your next contribution to drinking coffee ;-)

  3. Silke Loers

    The conclusion I share immediately. For the job of the social media manager, one must be born, love networks off- and online, continue to develop and work for other unusual times. As a result, there is no one with a training as a social media manager, it can only be and should be the foundation. The right approach comes when doing.
    Unfortunately, many people start quite euphorically and leave the wings hanging at the smallest bankruptcy. Yes, you have to deal with this too. Because not every one of a highly praised content always finds the right reader who fries. Or even if the followers come in a row.
    So it really needs more ...

    • Katharina Heder

      Dear Mrs. Loers,

      Thanks for your comment. I think so similar - but complete another observation, which was confirmed yesterday by a raffle of the portal online marketing: There are more and more people who are pushing into this professional field like a flood. It is not for nothing that there are a number of institutes that specialize only in the training of social media managers. You have to and you can argue about whether that's right or wrong.

      If I read comments that you would like to gain an SMA specialization course, because you want to tackle further education in the coming year and you actually do not have the money, then the cold coffee comes to my mind. Not because I do not begrudge the persons - but because SoMeMa just means many further education, technical acquisitions and a lot of time.

      If I draw the parallel I mentioned, I have to say that it has changed a lot - not least because I had to explain, justify and argue my understanding and my views on social media management at once. As you can see then sometimes only how deeply one is in a topic.

      In this respect: Important aspect and I will write it on my 2do list for the weekend.

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