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Training as a media designer: Many paths lead to the Traumberuf

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The profession of the media designer enjoys great popularity in Germany and is one of the most popular training trades. This is due, on the one hand, to the spectrum of activities, and there is no need to study them. But what about the education at all and what do you expect in your professional life? We highlight the top education profession more precisely. Education-Media Designer

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Web or film? Different focus

If you are interested in the profession of the media designer, you can choose between two training courses for media designers:

  1. Media designer in image and sound
  2. Media designer in digital and print

Both trainings sound similar at first. However, due to the different focus areas, there are quite large differences. Anyone who plans to complete an education as a media designer for image and sound is specialized in audio and video technology, laying the foundations for a possible career in the film and television industry. Ideal when there is a great interest in the moving picture and / or audio. In addition to image processing and sound and video technology, screen design as well as animation are on the curriculum.

If, on the other hand, an apprenticeship as a media designer for digital and print is striving, the focus is on the design of websites, brochures, books and other printed products. During vocational training, he is intensively involved with image processing, media planning, design techniques and writing.

After the basic training to the media designer digital and print one can even specialize in different areas. If, for example, For example the deepening in design and technology, the technical part of the training is focused in particular. In times of increasing digitization this area is particularly in demand.

Tell us more about customer advice? Then choose Consulting & Engineering. In the main area of ​​conceptual design and visualization one is responsible for the target group analysis and the creation of media concepts. This three-year training program also takes account of the latest technological developments. 2013 has also been focusing on social media and 3D animation.

Recognized training with IHK degree

In contrast to related professions such as web designers, computer animators or social media managers (via social media training)we have already reported in detail), the media designer is a state-recognized education with an IHK degree.

It usually takes three years, but can be shortened by up to one year if the qualification is pre-qualified. There are different possibilities for training as a media designer:

On the one hand, the training can be completed as a dual training in the company with a vocational school. In this case, the trainee receives a salary up to an amount of 911 Euro in the third year of apprenticeship.

In addition to the training in the dual system, the training as a media designer with an IHK degree is also available for non-profit or private educational institutions such as thecimdata Educational Academypossible. Such a school education has the advantage that the lecturers are active in the relevant sector in parallel. Tasks are geared to current market questions and include a very strong practice reference.

It is not firmly agreed which school qualification is necessary for the training. Formally, a Hauptschulabschluss is sufficient. In the labor market, however, you will also include your experience in practical application. In doing so, you receive a school education with a high up-to-date and practical reference, as there is already a lot of practical experience in different areas.

The difficulty, however, is to find a suitable training place in the coveted occupational field. Our application tip: Be creative! In creative professions one can be more original Application quite positively attract attention.

The professional prospects of Traumberuf

Finally, career prospects are also varied. Whether in publishing houses, in advertising agencies, in the medium-sized industrial enterprise or as an independent media designer, the possibilities are manifold. Depending on the position, you are more likely to work strategically or operationally.

But the run on the job is great and you compete with numerous competitors around the popular places. Anyone who wants to be successful here needs a long breath. State-recognized media designers earn quite different. Depending on the specialization, the employer, the regional collective bargaining agreement, the level of education and the professional experience, salaries can vary widely. Media creators, who are ready to take on additional responsibility, in addition to the creative effort, have a good earnings outlook.

And, of course, the profession of media designer is subject to constant change due to the numerous technical innovations. Training as a media designer can therefore only be the basis for a successful career in the media, constant training and openness towards new technologies is a must. The introduction of new technologies opens up new perspectives.

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