Postgraduate studies: Which educational loan is best?

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However, what is the best offer is not a general, but the attractiveness depends on the personal situation and the plans of the students.

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An overview

This is followed by a list of particularly noteworthy or particularly critical aspects and corresponding offers to which we would like to pay particular attention. You will find further extensive information and recommendations in the annual updated credit tests of the Center for Higher Education Development.

  • Performance orientation: Performance orientation only plays a limited role in structuring the conditions. Overall, it is not evident that attempts are being made to create incentives for better performance. The Baden-Württemberg student loan offers a certain performance orientation. Here there is the possibility of exempting high-performing students during their studies and retrospectively - other countries have similar approaches. The offers from CareerConcept, Deutsche Bildung and Deutsche Kreditbank are also based on current or future services. Career Concept primarily addresses high potentials and allows them to go through an extensive selection process. In addition, a performance incentive is a lower repayment if you study quickly. The element of the Dresdner Bank offer that was held in 2006, which provided for an interest rate cut in the event of previous training and excellent exams, no longer exists.
  • Financing of study fees: The offers of the state support banks offer in particular advantages for students, who want to refinance study fees. These offers can be particularly attractive for BAföG recipients. However, this does not include a possible financing of life costs.
  • Abroad: Anyone planning a stay abroad should in particular - in relation to the nationwide offers - in particular about the models of Dresdner Bank, German Education, Career Concept and DKB inform. There are further and / or increased support for stays abroad. For other providers, this is sometimes difficult or impossible.
  • Private University: If you would like to study at a private university, you should inquire at your university for special conditions or banking cooperation. However, the conditions for exclusive cooperation do not necessarily have to be better.
  • Safety: Easily accessible and widely available is the range offered by KfW, which offers itself primarily to regular students. It should stuff the middle-class hole. It is easily accessible and is available almost everywhere. Those who want to finance their livelihood should use this offer. At the same time it offers reliable conditions and a certain degree of state and social control of the conditions. Those who do not want to take risks are doing well, especially as KfW offers low interest rates. The offer of the KfW is to address in particular students, who receive no BAföG and nevertheless are not supported by the parents.
  • Study qualification or bridging loan: If you only need a study degree or bridging loan, you should inquire at the local Studentenwerk for offers from the Federal Office of Administration ( The loan fund of the Studentenwerke in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia ( offers interest-free loans for the completion of the studies.
  • Income-related repayment: In most cases, income-related tariffs for repayment are not explicitly provided. There are, however, exceptions: the CareerConcept or Deutsche Bildung educational fund measures the debt to be repaid based on the income of the graduates. And the Volks- und Raiffeisenbank Bad Waldsee offers study loans, the interest rate of which depends on the income level. However, most providers offer flexible choices in the amount of the repayment rate so that an adjustment is possible depending on income.
  • Flexible payout and repayment: In the disbursement phase, the interest is deferred almost continuously - if this is not guaranteed in individual cases, the amount disbursed will decrease continuously over time. There are ways to make payments and repayments flexible. Dresdner Bank offers a special model, which leads the student loans in the form of a current account credit in the disbursement phase - this not only allows the amount of disbursement to be flexible up to a limit (“indebtedness made to measure”), but also makes it possible to use the loan to pay off in whole or in part at any time.
  • debt relief: In addition, there is hardly any possibility of getting the debt canceled if a certain amount has been exceeded or if the repayment has not been made for a longer period. There is a maximum credit limit for private providers, but no “cap on the repayment obligation” is envisaged. These are only available for the tuition fee loans of the federal states, where the repayment amount for BAföG recipients (and only for these) is limited. And only the Hesse tuition fee loan has a “debt forgiveness” in which the debt expires if repayment is not possible for a specified period.
  • Educational credits and educational savings: Savers who have already known a loan before the start of their studies should especially examine the savings bank model. It combines - according to local design - educational loans and education savings. At all, offers from savings banks, Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken to standard students. Above all, the savings banks combine education loans with educational savings. Here are good opportunities for those who want to save on your studies.

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