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Economics - Career with Business Studies: Away from the Clichés

When talking about their plans with newly-graduated high school graduates, business administration is often referred to as a desired course of study. The subject offers a wide range of career opportunities.

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Business studies - yes or no?

It does not always have to be the cliché study, but a keyword is particularly common when you ask high school graduates after their desired study. It is quite striking how many different personalities for different reasons want to take a degree in business administration.

Sometimes this decision is ridiculed. Especially because business administration is so often the subject of choice, it is assumed that it was chosen only to study something at all. A study that is suitable for everyone and does not force anyone into a particular corner.

The clichés of economics

But while it is true, in principle, that it is relatively open, where the teaching of the liberal economy ultimately leads, it does not mean that it is a casual, superficial degree program. It has many facets, interesting combination options and some alternatives that unfortunately go down too often.

A cliché that you hear again and again: business administration is the study program for those who do not know what else to do. It will only be decided since the number Clausus rarely is very strict and you can do much with pure memorization. A general course of study for theoreticians.

Common prejudices against business economists

Or alternatively, as there are good wages in the free economy, especially with a degree behind you. Despite a lack of specialist knowledge Motivation Business Administration is then only chosen because of the financial prospects. Or even worse, those who fail the numerus clausus simply switch to economics.

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At least the often repeated prejudices. Of course, these do not really correspond to reality. Contrary to public opinion, business administration is by no means impractical, theoretical and uninspired.

Study Course in Business Administration: Theory and Practice

This stereotype probably comes from the structure of the undergraduate studies. In the first few semesters, as usual in other bachelor's programs, a broad range of fundamentals is taught. Without them, deeper insights would not be possible.

Later on, of course, depending on the more precise model that the respective university uses, it then comes to much more specific topics. Many universities now have a very wide range of specialization subjects that can be selected as priorities in the second half of the Bachelor's degree program.

In addition, internships or even entire practical semesters are also part of the program. The call of the pure theory-club is therefore also not really justified. What is true, however, is the fact that with a good degree in business administration good and especially versatile career opportunities can be expected.

Versatile and individual: interdisciplinary study

The fact that economics still has such a shaky reputation is partly due to the lack of imagination of those who begin their academic career with it. Because business administration is not equal to business administration, at least not necessarily.

Economic education has many faces, which, especially in the form of such combination study programs, can provide for a deeper specialization right from the beginning. In the process, basic elements of business administration are linked to another department before specialization later.

Strictly speaking, the well-known business administration is already such a specialization. The basis is the completely general economic sciences, which can still be studied in many ways in this form. These are composed of the aspects of economics and business administration.

Alternatives to the classical study of business administration

The following degree programs are examples of anyone who has in mind to want to study "something with economics", but does not insist on classical business administration:

  • Business computer science: Here, the economics topics share the stage in about the same amount as computer science. Depending on the choice of the deepening one is then an expert either in programming for a degree Company in the free economy, or just a businessman with a background in digitization.
  • Industrial Engineering: Here are the engineering still added to the engineering topics. Physics, mathematics and technology complete the lecture plan. Even legal content is often part of the undergraduate course. To gain a place in a mechanical engineering company is extremely attractive.
  • E-Commerce: A program that is as up-to-date as possible. In the last few years, the entire commerce sector has been driven by innovations in Internet commerce completely revolutionized, Both start-ups and well-established traditional retailers are therefore struggling for know-how in this area. Especially those who are interested in digital technologies are in good hands here.
  • Business Psychology: Psychology plays a big role in many aspects of the economy. Just think about marketing. The psychological foundations and causes of behavioral patterns in the economic sector are specifically examined here. This is thus a highly interesting branch of economics and at the same time one of the most practice-oriented topics of psychology.

With theseCourses of study, there are of course many more in all possible disciplines such as nature conservation or tourism, you can incorporate a personal interest in the economic study from the beginning and even recommend yourself directly for a job in this area.

Whoever is perhaps afraid to specialize too much in the beginning of such studies: do not despair! After a few semesters, switching to another subject is usually easy. Already occupied, covering contents are almost without exception acknowledged.

The Business Administration and the Master

A frequently used way to pacify and specialize one's own business studies plans is to add a master's degree program based on the content of the undergraduate course. The topics that were particularly interesting can thus be treated in depth.

This is particularly the case in a so-called consecutive postgraduate course, which requires a certain degree, because only specialized contents are treated. At the same time, practical relevance is also much more important, which is why it is important for starting a career. Examples are:

  • Technical Business Administration
  • Business law
  • Statistics

Alternatively, there are also economically oriented Master's degree programs, which do not necessarily require a Bachelor of Business Administration. For example, the Master of Business Administration a very popular postgraduate coursefocusing on management functions. After starting work, the career entry usually takes place in the administrative area.

Further alternatives to business administration with similar prospects

Of course, there is not only the possibility to combine economic topics with a field relevant to economics in an interdisciplinary study program. Focusing on a particular area of ​​business administration, such as controlling, can make studying even more tangible and effective right from the start.

There are study programs for practically every area of ​​business administration. Many, but not all, of them can also be taken as basic studies. Among other things, there are the following possibilities for a first degree course with the huge offer:

  • SME economy: Here we are not dealing with an extension, but with a concretization of the study. Economic education focuses on topics that particularly affect SMEs, which holds a special position in Germany. Precisely because a lot of work experience is often expected as a criterion in the SME sector, a MÖ degree, which prepares graduates for the specific challenges in SMEs, is welcome.
  • Service Management: The sector of services is experiencing huge growth in the age of comfort. Since the 90 years, the so-called tertiary sector has the secondary sector, ie the industry, noticeably outdated in its significance, So why not focus on that right away? This program is often offered dual, ie with a practical part directly in the company, which finances the study, in addition to the theoretical aspects in lectures and seminars at the university.
  • Marketing: A very popular degree program with excellent job prospects, not just in the advertising industry. Marketing is also much more versatile than is often assumed. Marketing strategies are extremely versatile today, In addition, media and economics content is not too short, so that one is also quite flexible in the job selection.

Conclusion: Business administration offers many possibilities

All of these and other options should definitely be considered before starting a business degree. It is a good idea to attend the events, which do not overlap between the favored courses, as part of trial courses. Many universities now offer this. In this way, the differences in content become direct in practice clear.

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