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{Replica} How the Economic Situation Affects Business Tourism: New Concepts for Luxury Brands?

Company events, team building measures and product presentations also take place regularly on the Cote d'Azur, for example. Luxury and glamor attract them Company here: But in times of increasingly tight cash registers and crises, companies demand new concepts and interaction with their target group - what can it look like?

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Luxury in teambuilding?

Company events, team building measures and product presentations take place regularly on the Cote d'Azur, for example. Luxury and glamor attract companies here: But in times of increasingly tight budgets and crises, companies demand new concepts and interaction with their target group - what can that look like?

Companies looking for suitable locations for their events decide according to different criteria - I have found this in the course of my research more often: Some searches for something that is as close as possible to the company location or do the event directly in-house.

Looking for Hollywood Glamor?

Others are looking for glamorous or luxurious venues, ideally with that certain something. And again, the place can not be adventurous and hip enough. It always depends on the goal a company is pursuing with their event, which budget is available and which requirements are available within the company. However, it is ideal if the location combines several of the mentioned criteria.

The Cote d'Azur has so far been associated primarily with luxury and Hollywood glamor: The film festivals in Cannes, Saint Tropez or Nice - that attracts the rich and famous of this world or those who think they are. Monaco, for example, also attracts German car manufacturers for presentations every year with Formula 1. The principality is definitely designed for mass events, one of the largest events here, for example, is the Opel event for 9.000 participants organized by the SBM Group.

Meetings with Brigitte Bardot

The former fishing village of Saint Tropez, now the home of Brigitte Bardot and meeting place of the chic people, attracts companies for events here again and again. Right next to the Gendamerie, which became known to the French comedian Louis de Funès, the Hotel de Paris is the only 5 star hotel that has been open all year round and thus specifically targets corporate clients. Because, that's the catch, the place itself is strongly geared to the summer tourism and also the slightly established ambience does not really convince.

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Even in the hills of Nice around the adjacent Villefranche-sur-Mer, the luxury villas of stars like Elton John or Madonna line up almost like pearls. Nice itself delights with a beautiful old town, a great beach promenade and the proximity to the Alps, which makes it possible to pack beach activities and skiing in one day. Nice therefore combines Southern French lifestyle, art and luxury in a special way and offers companies exciting venues for events.

Hotly wanted younger employees

This is already close to the new concept that the region could make in the future: Away from the glamor and luxury image to fun and activities. Because times are changing, also because companies are saving more and more and can not afford the expensive luxury location; and above all, the much sought-after younger employees who want to retain companies with their recruiting or team-building events, find pure luxury rather boring and are especially for outdoor activities to inspire.

Therefore new concepts are needed. The pioneer here is the Var region around Saint Raphaël. "We specialize in a wide range of team building activities, from biking and hiking to climbing to sailing and yachting," explains Alexandra Sauvaigo from the Estérel Tourist Board - Côte d'Azur - and takes me on a climbing tour that I do Experience for yourself how important team cohesion becomes when it comes down to the fact that everyone pays attention to each other and you help each other step by step. Because everyone is hanging on the rock on the same rope and the challenge is to overcome your own fears and find a common pace without putting the individual under pressure or letting the group put you under pressure.

Away from classic one-way marketing

What makes the region so special is the unspoilt nature - for example in the Esterel Mountains made of red rocks. With the eBike, I can even get up and down the mountain in two hours, the view of the cliffs and the surrounding mountain region is fantastic. The trip with a Mehari along the steep coast is also great. The picturesque, wildly romantic coastal road between Cannes and Saint Raphael is a famous film set, for example scenes for the James Bond film Specter were last shot here.

It is precisely with such concepts that exciting stories can later be told that arouse significantly more interest in potential customers than classic one-way marketing with the display of status symbols and luxury goods. Sachar Klein, Vice President Communication at the Berlin company Glossybox, recently explained what is important at the In2 Innovation Summit: “Luxury brands are used to a top down approach to defining their own brand proposition. But today it's more about how people react to and interact with your brand. It's getting people to tell their stories. "

What makes the success of luxury brands?

In the future, it will be crucial for the success of luxury brands to respond specifically to the wishes of their potential customers - for example with customer-oriented, modular products such as those offered by the Yachting team from Saint Raphaël. The company organizes company regattas, multi-day sailing trips or events on ships.

For this, the founders Romain Lépine and Géraud Le Roux have access to a network of around 40 skippers, which they can use at different locations as required. "We see ourselves as an interface between the skippers and companies," explains the managing director Romain Lépine and explains: "We therefore ensure that the companies get the right skippers and that everything works smoothly on board. Because this is where worlds meet in communication. ”

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