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From my work as a study advisor, I know that many school leavers are tormented by a very special question: "What should I study?" Many want to start their studies after graduation but can not find their way through the jungle of the study programs. geld_gehalt_verdienst_money

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According to the Ministry of Education, there are approximately 14.100 degree programs in Germany at hundreds of different institutions - from time-honored universities to more practice-oriented colleges and universities, to dual colleges and private academies.

Who should keep an overview? In my series, which starts with the conceptions of study courses, I would like to give you an overview of the possibilities of studying, as well as an overview of the content of studies and future perspectives. The series starts with the course of studies in economics psychology.

Business Psychology

Wikipedia describes economic psychology as a science that deals with "subjective experience and the behavior of people in the economic environment as well as the social connections".

Business psychology is thus a science that seeks to find answers to questions that would only be inadequately solved by a single approach through the combination of psychology and economics. At this interface new insights emerge, which in Company For example, for personnel selection, to optimize the marketing or the processes in companies can be used.

Course contents

The students learn both psychological as well as business-related contents, which are repeatedly linked in the lectures.

  • General lecture subjects are for example
  • Introduction to Economic Psychology
  • Human Resources
  • social Psychology
  • Statistics & Mathematics
  • Marketing
  • media Psychology
  • Work organization & company development
  • Soft skills (eg rhetoric, foreign languages)

Three large columns

Economic psychology is characterized by three major pillars for which the students qualify:

1.) Marketing & Advertising Psychology:

Students are prepared for questions such as: How to improve marketing in companies to find more buyers for a product? How to build or strengthen the image of a company? Which colors are suitable for which advertisements (color theory / psychology)? How do you find the right target group for a product with the help of market research and how do you reach this target group?

2.) Organizational Psychology:

Graduates of the study program are also included in the field of corporate consultancy, as they are taught in the course of studies the efficient and effective organization of a company. These include, for example, change management or workplace design.

3.) Human Resources / Human Resources:

From the conception of the assessment center to the conducting of job interviews, to the care of the employees and the organization of further training measures. Due to the knowledge of psychology and business economics, economics psychologists are often involved in personnel management.

Prospects after graduation

Due to the broad range of study contents, there are numerous employment fields for graduates of an economics psychology program.

These include potential applications in

  • Marketing / advertising and market research
  • Personnel management (selection, development, outplacement)
  • Education (Coaching, Further Education)
  • Communication and public relations
  • Business consulting (work organization, organizational development, change management)
  • With a growing professional experience, self-employment is also conceivable as a coach or consultant.

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