Dual Studies - Part 4: The Dual Study Program of Deutsche Bahn

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For over 10 years, Deutsche Bahn has offered dual courses. Initially only in cooperation with the professional academies in Baden-Wuerttemberg, meanwhile cooperations with 17 colleges have emerged throughout the federal state.

Dual Studies - Part 4: The Dual Study Program of Deutsche Bahn Job004

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How is the study organized?

In the meantime, more than 600 students are studying 19 specializations, including, for example, business engineering, facility engineering, facility management and real estate.

The practice units take place at different locations of the company, whereby the wishes of the students are taken into account as far as possible: Thus the students can be used near the university place or spend a practice unit abroad, because the German course is represented in 130 countries world-wide.

How much money do students receive?

During the course of studies, students receive an annual bonus and a BahnCard 100 for professional and private journeys. For student fees, the students can receive an interest-free loan that must be repaid only after the course.

In some fields of study there is the possibility to get a diploma as well as a bachelor's degree, with the completion of an IHK examination as an apprentice a skilled worker letter.

Try all the departments

The great advantage of this form of study compared to a normal course of study is the opportunity for Kerstin Matzer, a staff member for personnel marketing and the development of new trainees at Deutsche Bahn, to try out different departments:

"In the three years of study, students get to know different areas and can find out which one suits them best - for example, we already had students who were originally interested in marketing, but then realized that HR matters a lot better to them Conversely, we also get to know the students well during this time and can help them orient themselves. "

What are the takeover chances?

According to Matzer, the takeover chances are correspondingly good, with an appropriate performance: Approximately 90 percent of the students are taken over. The reason for this is that the personnel consultant on the one hand sees the strict selection process, but on the other hand also the quality of the support:

"We ask very carefully why someone wants to do a dual degree course with us, whoever gets it will get all the help we can, but we also expect our students to make an effort and hook up when there is a problem somewhere. In 10 years, I have only experienced once that someone had to drop out of college - because he did not pass the exams at the university. "

"explains Kerstin Matzer, pointing out a fundamental problem of the dual study: Who has to give up one of the two components, for example because he does not create examinations or because the employment contract has to be terminated. has no choice but to give up the whole course.

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