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susanne beckmann job picturesSusanne Beckmann is a trained trainer for style and etiquette. In seminars and lectures, she shows the current trends and developments so that trainees, employees and managers can be more successful in dealing with other people.

Dress code and gender clichés: This is how clothes work in the job

Basically, the choice of clothes and / or shoes is always about how you would like to work in a professional context. For, above all, the exterior is decisive for the first impression which one has of a man. But: You can also deliberately break clichés.


Why are there dress codes?

Customers have clear ideas regarding the dress code of employees from many professions. In the bank this is above all the correct business clothes, with craftsmen the professional clothes, with the fitness coach sportswear etc.

Therefore, they react irritated to disapproving, if this picture is not fulfilled. An investment adviser in the bank with a certainly fashionable but tattered jeans and casual sweatshirt is perceived differently than in a classic suit.

Women want to radiate competence

Above all women want to radiate competence in the profession. Therefore, exaggerated female garments are a no-go. These include high heels, because high heels are a symbol of femininity and eroticism, instead of expertise. Because still applies: If women dress too feminine and erotic, they are perceived as less competent.

Reasonable shoes for women at work should not be higher than 6 cm and be closed at the front (also in summer!). For a pair of trousers, the lady can wear a well-groomed, flat leather shoe. For dresses and skirts a shoe with small heel is chic.

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Always the right shoe?

Of course it can be - depending on the industry - sports shoes or sneakers, in classical professions, as eg as an auto-buyer or as a bank employee, these shoes are not suitable. Nevertheless: If you are wearing flat dark leather shoes to a trouser on the measuring stand, this does not detract from your career and your competence in any way.

To the costume, choose low-top pumps. Tip: take a second pair of shoes to change with. It is always important, however, that the shoes are in a faultless condition: cleaned, no worn heels, shoe bands not frayed.

How do I want to work?

We have clear ideas about the dress code of many occupations and of men and women and are irritated to disapproving if this picture is not fulfilled. For example, a bank employee with fashion-tattered jeans and a casual sweatshirt is perceived differently than in a classic suit.

The same applies to the sexes: With too much style of the opposite sex, you can quickly embarrass yourself or even “make a fool”. On the other hand, such border crossings can also be used as a “provocation” or trademark. For example, the likeable catwalk trainer George always appears in high heels in Germany`s next top model - his trademark.

What happens if men or women wear typical garments of the opposite sex?

But there are "uniforms", for example in hotels, restaurants or service companies, but also in the police or train, where the women wear ties. This looks very masculine and can be used consciously as a control instrument and to underline authority.

Conclusion: This untypical occurrence irritates us as an observer at the first moment, since we have stored in our brain a common concept of the clothes for men and women. All the more so, however, one can get the most attention with changing the untypical garments of the opposite sex - if you want it!

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