Dress code, casual dress & business clothing: the best shoes for the occasion

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Clothes make people, they say. And about clothes the professional status is expressed. No longer as strict as before, but opinions about the right footwear for every occasion are still split. For example, what attracts you to an event with the ex-US president?

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The right business shoes for every occasion: not a trivial topic

When I recently visited the founders' festival Bits & Pretzels with Barack Obama as the opening speaker, I needed the perfect pair of shoes: Bits & Pretzels partly take place in the Oktoberfest tent, some guests and organizers come in dirndels or lederhosen . In addition, I was on my feet all day: So shoes or even high heels were out of the question.

Much more, I needed a sturdy pair of shoes, comfortable, healthy - and still beautiful. I finally found them in the shoes of my shoe sponsor Think, but that's another story. However, what emerged in advance of my research into skis: for the reasons mentioned above, the topic of business shoes is anything but trivial, but rather complex.

Clothes make people

But in turn: In many occupations, such as secretaries, dress code is still required. In summer, it is also a bit casual - jeans and T-shirt are allowed. Experts even recommend that you dress according to the status you would like to have. Because: There is no second chance for the first impression.

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So it is no wonder that you read such messages again and again like the online survey by the personnel service provider Secretary Plus: They asked: “Summer in the office: how does the dress code look in yours? Company out?" It was possible to vote on the Internet for a month. More than half of the respondents stated that they were allowed to wear casual dresses at work during the summer months. Hooray!

How casual may it be?

But what does that mean exactly? In any case, not that the ladies go to meetings in miniskirts or with flip-flops at their desks. Or the gentlemen wear tunics and airy skirts, but at least: costumes, ties and Co. also have a summer break in many offices, as the voting result reveals.

Only 7 percent have to work with ties, stockings and closed shoes in the summer, while every third (34 percent) casual business outfit - ie suit, dress and jacket - is expected. Well over half of the secretaries (59 percent), on the other hand, are allowed to work in their casual dress. Jeans or T-shirt are allowed.

The irony of the heel shoes

A well-kept, chic and formal dress is in the office in many professions simply still required - in every season. And that includes just the right shoes, which should not only be closed, but in women also somehow chic and feminine.

Ironically, high-heeled shoes are actually men's shoes: originally, heels in Persia served to keep soldiers in their stirrups during war. And so they are anything but healthy: The downwardly directed tip of the foot does not allow sufficient shock absorption, which causes the hips and knees are more heavily loaded.

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Stability and stability in the job asked

Stability and stability, which are so important for career success, look different. Convenience and health anyway. Finally, shoes worn all day should not pinch your toes or cause blisters.

Honestly, jeans are just as uncomfortable in 35 heat as high heels for the fair. But there are many other variants of chic - the art is only to choose the right one.

7 ideal shoe types for the office

So which shoes women should wear in the business to get through a stressful day in a healthy and comfortable way, but without sacrificing their personal style?

  1. Classic black pumps: These are timeless office shoes for women. With the right padding, they can actually be very comfortable for a day on the feet.
  2. Flats: Flat slippers and shoes look great especially to send pants and are the more comfortable option of pumps.
  3. Ballerinas: Ballerinas have a similar effect but can quickly become girlish.
  4. Pumps in a noodle look: With these classic office shoes, your legs look longer, while at the same time you can combine almost any office outfit.
  5. Men's shoes: Boots or even loafers that look like men's shoes, are at first glance quite rough, but that's exactly what makes their finesse. They are comfortable on the feet and good for the knees, hips and spine. And they announce a casual attitude of the wearer.
  6. Elegant sneakers: Put on sneakers and set off to a very pleasant working environment. Of course, you can not always wear these office shoes, but they are perfect for quickly swapping them for a few stilettos when you're out and about.
  7. Summer espadrilles: high lacing and soft straps provide a look that can be adjusted depending on the occasion. Espadrilles are perfect work shoes for hot days - and unlike sandals, you don't have to do a pedicure.

True competence does not need a dress code

The question remains: How important is dress code today, even or especially with the shoes? Of course one should not appear naked or in a bikini at work - but what speaks against flip-flops in the workplace, well-groomed feet provided?

Especially when there are no customer conversations, where I could still understand the etiquette ... Could, mind you, because true competence should not need to demonstrate power over the clothes. I remember UN conferences where the delegates appeared in flip-flops and wide tunics. And a press conference at Google (undisputedly one of the most successful companies in recent years), where the speaker gave his lecture with the beer bottle in hand.

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Take care!

The truth is, what many leaders consider liberal today is in reality at best pseudo-liberal. Really successful companies show that it is also really casual - the others are bowing out! For I believe that companies that rely on traditional dress codes will find it difficult to retain young, innovative professionals - especially in the IT industry.

Because when I look at, for example, with which verve in Berlin, an alternative clothing style is maintained especially at work, I can only say: please relax - and thus competitive. And finally, Barack Obama almost died in leather pants on stage.

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