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Galal_page_smiling_ofpicturesMarc M. Galal is an expert in sales psychology and a success trainer The licensed trainer of the Society of NLP (USA) developed the sales concept nls® neuro linguistic selling on this basis. Numerous companies such as Ikea, Toyota, Nike, Bang and Olufsen, Renault and Credit Suisse rely on the nls® strategy, as do many self-employed. As a professional speaker, Marc M. Galal was awarded the Top Speaker quality seal and is a member of the GSA General Speaker Association. More information at www.marcgalal.com/nolimits

Realize dreams, achieve goals: 5 incredible tips!

There are as many definitions of success as there are ways to succeed. The individual's personality, his willingness to set goals and work always count. That's the prerequisite for making dreams a reality.

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"I have a dream ..."

When it comes to bringing a vision to life, hardly a quote is used as often as that of Martin Luther King. "I have a dream…"

Even today, many people have a vision, a great goal, or sometimes even a small desire. What is the prerequisite for this dream to come true?

5 tips to realize dreams and achieve goals

If you want to realize your dreams and achieve your goals, then these 5 tips can help:

1. The NOW decides

The key question is: What do I want more than anything else? Only then can the next step take place, now. Not tomorrow or later. NOW, for that is the only moment that counts. I have TODAY a dream!

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2. Signs of success

Dreams show us the way to success. There is not always and automatically a link between the quantity and the quality of the work and the result. Some may still work as hard or be better than everyone else, but the success remains. The success of another is only attributed to happiness, although this factor is not decisive. Whether a person is successful or just comes across the rounds, three causes:

  • The dream is important: Successful people have a dream. If you have a vision, you definitely want to make it come true. He overcomes all obstacles to achieve his goal. There is no plan B and no "maybe". The dream is too important.
  • No doubt allow: Successful people do not doubt. If Martin Luther King had had the slightest doubt, his speech would probably have triggered nothing and would not have entered the history books. Even if, according to Goethe, the knowledge of doubt grows, Shakespeare knows that betrayers are betrayers and rob us of what we can win. Instead of doubting, successful people make a decision and go the way to the desired goal. Detours are allowed.
  • Help role models: Successful people are looking for role models. No one is equally good in all things. That does not have to be. It is important to look for examples and to study their way. What did they do to get where they are now? What obstacles have they overcome and how? The experiences and insights of the role models help to achieve one's own goals faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

3. The definition of success?

If two people are asked about their own personal definition of success, there will be two completely different answers. Significant success for the one as large and clearly visible signs (eg an expensive car), the other also appreciates small things as a success: to be satisfied with oneself or to value appreciably with others. Just as each other has roots, views, goals, the definition of success is also individual.

4. Necessary efforts

In the Duden the explanation for success is: “a positive result of an effort; Occurrence of an intended, desired effect ”. We as an individual should therefore make an effort to achieve a good result. That's right: performance is part of it. Efforts have to be accepted. But as everyone knows, luck rewards the hard-working!

5. Dreams as a prelude

Our efforts and results are preceded by desires and dreams, which we concretize into goals. We set ourselves a part of our goals. Another part is given to us - for example by Manager, If we achieve the desired effect, this is a success - for us, our boss and perhaps also for our interlocutors, customers or our families.

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