Hotel manager dream job: cancel Paul McCartney once

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A leadership position in the tourism sector is considered by many to be a dream job: Working internationally, dealing with people, and maybe even getting to know celebrities is the incentive for many to aim for this goal. Hotel manager dream job: once Paul McCartney cancel Quebec

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Dream job hotel manager

A leadership position in the tourism sector is considered by many to be a dream job: Working internationally, dealing with people, and maybe even getting to know celebrities is the incentive for many to aim for this goal.

A study by the consulting company Universum shows that students in the subjects of hotel management, hospitality and tourism management are 64 percent in an international Company want to work. And 40 percent explicitly aim for management tasks. But how do you manage to become a hotel manager's dream job? What training and skills are required? We present three completely different career paths.

Rebellin from the Black Forest

Ingrid Lemm comes from a small village in the Black Forest and had an 4 in French. Today she is a manager in Canada's French-speaking province of Quebec, one of the best hotels in North America and even had to cancel Paul McCartney. How to become so successful abroad?

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She had always been a little rebellious, says Ingrid mischievously during our dinner dinner at the Panache Restaurant. And in her little Schwarzwalddorf it was just too tight for her.

Today Ingrid Lemm is a sales manager at Auberge Saint-Antoine, which Condé Nast has awarded as one of the best hotels in Canada and where numerous celebrities stay again and again - including Paul McCartney. At least in theory.

"I had to cancel Paul McCartney!"

“He should give a concert in the city. We were soon booked up. And then Paul McCartney's manager called and asked for an available room. And I had to cancel it. I was heartbroken: I would have loved to have had him here, ”reports Ingrid.

A successful career that wasn't planned at all: "I think you have to be a little naive to emigrate - otherwise you don't do it," reports Ingrid. Because originally she came to Quebec because of a man she had met in Germany. But the relationship didn't last long. "I liked the country better than the man," says Ingrid. And she decided to stay - more out of defiance than out of conviction: "At home everyone said 'it won't work, you'll be back soon anyway' - I wanted to prove the opposite to them." she grins.

With an 4 in French one does not go far

"Quebec was an incredibly lively city back in 1984," she says. But also expensive: “The prices used to be twice as high as in Germany.” So Ingrid urgently needed a job.

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But it was not that easy, Ingrid could hardly speak French: "At school I had a 4 in French, so I had to learn the language first, because you don't get very far with English in Quebec", she says and smiles: " After a year and a half that wasn't a problem either. If my French teacher knew today that I even work in French. ”

From the hotel to the tourist guide

Ingrid had trained in a hotel in Germany, but she didn't want to go back there. As if she was hiring as a tour guide: "At first the jobs were badly paid and only in summer, that was a big problem."

Further training brought the success I had hoped for: “I had a bus driver's license and the city's tourist guide course.” From then on Ingrid did city tours in English, French and sometimes German, bus tours and also had work in winter.

In Canada the talent is assessed, not the academic degree

Over the bus job, I finally got a job at a hotel: I was selling city tours there, dropping people in and running the trainings. Later she worked as an event manager in a hotel and eventually became Director of Sales at Auberge Sain Antoine.

What Ingrid has noticed time and again during her career: In Canada, people are judged on talent, not on academic level or education. "For example, I had no experience as an event manager, but I was able to sell very well - that helped me." And she makes it clear: "Unlike in Germany, hard work can be really successful here."

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You can be very successful with hard work: no exclusion

It is these differences in mentality that inspire Ingrid about her new home - despite the very cold, long winter: “The people are nice and friendly and they just love to live. Contacts are also easy to make, even if it is difficult to deepen them. ” Neither she nor her adopted Chinese daughter ever experienced marginalization as immigrants.

This may also be because there is still a lot of room in Quebec: There was a lack of skilled workers like Ingrid told me, for example, on the building or in the hotel. In fact, many of the hotel employees come from Europe. The chefs traditionally find the hotel in France.

It is difficult to find well-trained staff

“It is difficult to find well-trained hotel staff in Quebec, we are desperately looking for that,” Ingrid says, encouraging emigration. And: “Anyone who wants and is willing to work hard can make a career here.” There is one restriction, however: Nothing works in Quebec without knowledge of French.

In Germany you always eat well when you have eaten a lot. The French way of life is better there: here it depends on the quality, not the quantity. I like the French way of life better.

Hotel manager's dream job: once Paul McCartney cancels Claudia Anderle

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Purposeful career start in Australia

Discipline, perseverance and positive thinking are also Claudia Anderle's secret of success. She studied tourism and geography with business studies and languages ​​at the University of Paderborn and began her career during a work & travel stay in Australia. “I was 27 at the time, so I didn't want to just take a break, I wanted to advance my career in Australia,” she says. The determination also gave her her first job as a receptionist: “I knew that I could only convince personally. So I walked to the hotel with my documents and wanted to speak to the manager.

When I was told he had no time, I said 'well, then I'll wait'. In this way I was able to demonstrate that I am aiming for a longer-term career. ” Then she worked in two other hotels, including as a duty manager at her current employer Adina - until her visa expired and she had to leave Australia. During a six-month trip to Australia, she contacted the Adina chain in Germany - and when she returned to Germany she was in the right place at the right time.

At the new Adina Hotel in Frankfurt, she was hired as a duty manager for three months. "I didn't want to commit myself any longer," said Anderle. Then she became Assistant Manager in Hamburg and then bridged the vacancy of General Manager as Relief Manager in Frankfurt. For Anderle, this was an opportunity to get a taste of the unusual responsibility on a temporary basis - and that benefited her when she was finally offered the management of the Adina Hotel at Checkpoint-Charlie in Berlin. “During my time as a relief manager, I was able to estimate what was going to happen to me.” She describes her leadership style as Leading by Exampel - living what she expects from others: "I cannot ask my employees to work overtime if I am not willing to do it myself," she explains her philosophy.

Dual study: from lecture hall to hotel director

Sascha Schwarze, on the other hand, chose a very classic career start: He studied tourism for seven semesters at the Adam Ries University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt - which is now called IUBH Dual Studies. He had previously worked as a cook. What appealed to him about the dual study program was the idea of ​​becoming a director himself: “The only way to get there would have been much longer with an apprenticeship. In addition, I was able to gain in-depth knowledge of the management of a hotel with the dual degree, ”explains Schwarze, explaining his decision. Immediately after completing his studies, he was hired as director of the Flair Hotel Waldfrieden in the Thuringian Forest. During his studies, Schwarze switched between studying and practicing on a weekly basis. Every six months he worked on a project together with the practice company. During the lecture-free period, he was at the company for several weeks straight.

It is this interlinking between theory and practice that makes the appeal of a dual course of study attractive for black people: “I was able to apply and deepen what I had learned directly in the company and thus get to know everyday hotel life and assume responsibility at an early stage. I also made the best contacts in the practical phases, ”says Schwarz. He believes it is essential that all three parties work well together: "The lecturer prepares the scientific fundamentals as practically as possible, and the employer lets the students implement what they have learned.

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The student has to be motivated and connect both sides. ” It doesn't work without self-discipline and reasonable time management, especially since busy weekends and long shift work are often scheduled in the tourism industry.

Hotel manager dream job: cancel Paul McCartney once Quebec width =

3 ways a goal

Three ways, one goal: Whether the hotel director is really a dream job due to the frequent overtime or irregular working hours even at the weekend, everyone has to decide for themselves:

The Universum study also shows that for 55 percent of students in the subjects of hotel management, hospitality and tourism management value work life balance, at the same time they expect significantly less than the graduates of other subject groups with an annual salary of 33 690 euros per year , It means comparing your own goals and values ​​with reality.

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    What is the most effective way to get a job? That was, and always will be: networking. Because think about what to do if you are looking for a good doctor or hairdresser. Right: You ask someone you already know about recommendations. Usually according to personal recommendations, because they trust them more than reviews on the Internet. And that's how everyone does it, including your potential employer. This certainly applies to hotel managers.

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    Good post, I bookmarked right away because I'm also considering starting an apprenticeship in the tourism sector.

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