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Best of HR –®Atilla Vuran is co-founder and director of the Grundl Leadership Inhouse Academy. Vuran has been director of the Grundl Leadership Inhouse Academy, which he co-founded, as well as a conference speaker and leadership expert since 2003. In recent years he has accompanied doctoral students in many university institutes during their doctoral studies. All texts by Atilla Vuran.

Best of HR –®Dr.Ing. Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. Gunnar H. silk is Professor for polymer engineering at Maastricht University; Seide researches and teaches at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, mainly on the subject of bio-based materials. He previously did his doctorate and habilitation at RWTH Aachen University and during this time he built up a research group with more than 30 doctoral candidates, which he supervised as a private lecturer. With this book, he would like to support doctoral candidates on their way to obtaining a doctorate. All texts from Professor Dr. Gunnar silk.

Graduation with a master’s doctorate: With goals to success

Doctoral candidates in particular struggle with the usefulness of their dissertation or want to get more out of it. But the problem also applies to the entire course of study. The solution lies in the Self-guidance and the right one Objective. WHAT do you want to do a HOW doctorate for?

graduate master

Afraid of the first time

Fortunately, Laura had a window seat on the train to Frankfurt and it was a beautiful autumn weather. The sun was shining and the nature presented itself in colorful colors. Laura sat comfortably and relaxed in her comfortable seat and peered through the window. Outside, the Westerwald rushed by. Luckily, the train had not been running too fast, so she could enjoy the landscape of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Laura smiled and her heart warmed a little. She hadn't been here for a long time, in her home country. But she immediately felt transported back to her childhood in Rhineland-Palatinate. In the front of the wagon the glass door opened and a young train attendant came in with a narrow trolley to provide the passengers with food and drink. Because today she has to give a lecture for the first time.

Help give a talk

"Coffee?" Asked the friendly man in the obligatory dark blue uniform and bright red tie. "No thanks!" Replied Laura. "I'm awake enough." The young man walked on, but the smell of fresh coffee stayed in Laura's area for a while. Somehow it smelled delicious, but there was really nothing she could do about it, because her nervousness increased with every kilometer that the train approached the Hesse metropolis. Laura hadn't closed her eyes all night, she was so preoccupied with her grand entrance.

And she had had her the whole night before her mind's eye. She had been standing on the stage, in front of the auditorium, waiting to bombard them with questions. With questions she might not be able to answer because everything she could deliver on the subject was already on the slides of the lecture.

Like a cornered soldier

She had seen himself as a narrow-necked soldier, who had already fired all his ammunition and had now been defenseless to the enemy. All alone, she had been up there on the stage, around 600 experts from all over the world, sweating, with a frog in her throat. Laura had literally felt her blush and how all had fallen upon her.

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These pictures had constantly been repeated before their mind's eye and robbed her of all sleep. Laura had thrown back and forth sweating all night long. She was just panicky afraid to lose her face on her first appearance in the specialist community. When her alarm clock rang in the early morning, he had not torn her out of her sleep. No, he had freed her from the film, which had been running all night before her mind's eye. It was not much better now. Laura gave herself every conceivable effort to hide her condition, because even here on the train this annoying film began to run with the many unsightly images of her failure. She tried to distract herself, always looking out into the beautiful landscape. But that did not help:

Laura's hands were damp, and there was a heavy stone on her chest. And she had the oppressive feeling that all the other passengers in the compartment noticed that. In every friendly smile she caught from someone walking through the wagon, Laura saw a derogatory grimace of malicious glee, sometimes paired with a bit of pity for a certain loser who was going into battle without a chance.

A study with no result

The whole misery started with one eMail their Professors: “Enclosed is the invitation to tender for an interesting and important conference. We absolutely have to take part in order to bring a new topic for our institute to the public. Please register and present. ”Laura had no idea what to present there. “We're not doing anything in this area,” she thought. Well, there were certainly a few ideas for one or the other research assignment, but so far no results. How should you give a full talk about it? And that too?

"Because we are not on the topic yet, we have to show ourselves publicly," had Professor Cornelius said lightly to her when she had spoken to him about his request. “Great,” Laura mumbled, “he's easy to talk. It's against all the rules of good scientific practice if you do something like that. ”But she couldn't possibly tell him that. So Laura sat down and did some research. She had worked hard and spent days tinkering with her lecture, with which she could make a virtue out of necessity. In other words: How one could use the existing results of the working group for the new topic of the conference.

Science or Self Promotion?

When Laura had finished reading her lecture several times and corrected it over and over again, one thing had become clear to her: What lay before her was an advertising presentation for her institute. Like a 'five-minute terrine' from Maggi - a great idea! “Buy it: Brand new, with no new content, but in a maxipack!” As a master's thesis, Laura would never have submitted it in her life, she would never have dared to do it. Professor Cornelius would have ripped that thing around her ears. Laura was sure of that.

When the train stopped in Frankfurt am Main and she alighted in the familiar station, the joy of her arrival in Frankfurt helped her to distract herself, and she thought she had her nerves under control. However, when she entered the nearby exhibition hall, her pulse accelerated again, the moisture on her hands increased and the perspiration became as active as indoor cycling in her fitness center. No wonder: The huge lecture hall was packed.

The fear of the audience

Laura had never spoken to so many people before. Especially not in English, which had been a bit rusty for her in the past few years. And then she had to wait a while until it was her turn. It got worse with each of the previous speakers. When the discussion leader finally announced her, her nerves were finally on edge. As if in a trance, Laura climbed the stairs to the stage. Fortunately, the headlights were dazzling because she couldn't see the many listeners who were waiting eagerly for her lecture.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Laura began her speech. As if by a miracle, her nervousness evaporated after a few minutes. It is also known from actors that their stage fright subsides quickly once the curtain has been raised. Waiting for it is the worst.

At the end of stage fright

It was the same with Laura. Her English wasn't a problem either, and she handled her presentation fairly professionally. When Laura checked her watch every now and then, she found that she had recited faster than when she was practicing at home. So it was finished much earlier than planned. The little bit of nervousness that was left completely passed when Laura received thunderous applause.

In that moment she felt free, relieved, and just great. The many listeners applauded enthusiastically! Not only that! With some time left, the panel leader allowed questions from the audience. The experts asked a lot and Laura, now extremely self-confident and in a good mood, really enjoyed it. She answered all questions very professionally and satisfactorily for the audience. "Thank you very much for this exceptionally concise presentation, Ms. Schilberg," praised the discussion leader when he said goodbye to Laura with further applause. "As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, a short and crisp presentation can arouse a lot of interest."

Enjoy the success

Laura enjoyed her success. Rightly so! When she stepped off the stage and sank into her chair in the front row, she felt indescribably good. Just great! The heavy burden of nervousness and fear fell from her like a millstone. The adrenaline had drained, and now the tiredness of the last sleepless night made itself felt. Laura had a headache, but that didn't matter. She had done her job well. That was all that mattered. She hadn't embarrassed herself, but achieved the exact opposite. And while Laura sat lost in thought, someone patted her shoulder from behind.

"Excuse me if I just speak to you, Ms. Schilberg," said a distinctive male voice. Laura turned around and saw a handsome, graying gentleman behind her. A well-groomed appearance in a dark blue suit. "Oh, please!" Replied Laura. The attractive, estimated 60-year-old gentleman made a little impression on the young woman. “My name is Goldfinch!” He introduced himself.

Off to new shores and destinations

“Your presentation was just great! Would you have time for me during the coffee break? ”Of course, a young, cosmopolitan woman like Laura Schilberg could not and would not refuse the offer of such an elegant gentleman. So she met Mr. Stieglitz for coffee. This date was going to be very important for Laura. She received an invitation from the Leibnitz Institute to give the same lecture again at an exclusive conference. Of course Laura accepted. For the first time in her life she was an invited guest speaker.

Food and lodging as well as travel expenses of course free. Not bad! Laura Schilberg was the only doctoral candidate to join Professorand experienced scientists spoke. Laura noticed, however, already at the thought of the next lecture, that in spite of all the confirmation again ungainly feelings rose in her. What could she do about it?

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