Companies must hire top performers: 5% of employees bring 25% performance

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Company Do a good job of targeting key service providers in companies. Because 5% of employees are responsible for 25% of performance. But they are more often looking for new challenges than many employers believe, as a recent study by Indeed shows.

Study Job Search Top Performer

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Power providers are actively looking for new jobs

A current Recruiting study by Indeed shows that anyone who is in his job is good and wants to go to the next step in his career, is actively looking for the next challenge. For this reason, these performers are also keen to take care of their own career planning.

The so-called passive job search is not a real alternative. This is in clear contradiction to the passive job search, which is often propagated by staff consultants, active sourcerners or business networks, where applicants are waiting to be approached.

This makes power carriers out

How to identify Company because now the important, highly motivated achievers, it is essential to keep? This is also shown by the study: top performer

  • thinking networked,
  • control their tasks themselves,
  • are particularly aware of their responsibility,
  • communicate strongly inside and outside and
  • think crosswise.


Top performance is chefsache

It seems only logical that these top performers make their own career an individual boss. They act actively and autonomously in the job, take things into their own hands and are thus successful - both privately and professionally. Why should they leave the job search to external actors? They rely on their own abilities and not on the contacts of consultants or friends.

The plan- ned approach of the service providers is in line with the picture that has been given by Indeed in the study of executives with direct personnel responsibility. About a thousand managers were first asked in a first step for the study to find out what is so-called top performers.

The study in detail

59 percent were then also convinced in the survey that a position only fits with them, if they strive personally in it. 57 percent also believe that they will be more successful in this case.

These results are the result of the second stage of the survey, in which approximately 4.000 candidates were interviewed; 44 percent of these were classified as top performers according to the criteria above.

What companies should do

Companies do well not only to look for, but also to bind, such service providers. According to the study, five percent of the employees are responsible for 25 percent of the service. English: They are four times as productive as the rest.

Companies that focus on the active behavior of job search providers and, for example, the career area of ​​the website or their job postings, will have the best cards to attract even the best talent.



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