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Markus Jung 2ndMarkus Jung the portal Fernstudium-Infos.deJung is the father of two children and has already completed several further training courses via distance learning. He oversees the provider-independent community portal, on which many working parents also exchange their experiences with distance learning. Together with Anne Oppermann, Jung wrote the guidebook “100 questions and answers on distance learning”, which sees itself as a companion during the further training project.

Finding the right distance learning course in the home office: How to identify the best providers [+ checklist]

Working in the Home Office is becoming more and more important, this also applies to further training. There are hundreds of distance learning and distance learning courses offered by distance learning. Those willing to learn are spoiled for choice.

Distance learning options

What are the goals of continuing education?

Thanks to digitization, it has never been easier to train yourself independently, especially in the home office. On the one hand, a distance learning course offers a lot of choice, but on the other hand it can also make the decision more difficult. The optimal provider is the one who best fits your own specifications.

Before choosing the right offer and provider, everyone should make it clear what they want to achieve with the training. The more intensively you deal with these and many other questions in advance, the greater the likelihood of finding a training course that exactly meets your individual requirements.

Checklist: Find the right training

  • For example, is it a question of adapting knowledge to a specific subject in a short time, or does it come to the conclusion?
  • Should the content be used privately, or should a professional advance be achieved?
  • How important is the degree?
  • Is, for example, an acknowledgment of participation by the provider, or should further education be prepared for a public or state degree, possibly also for an academic degree?
  • Which topics and contents should be treated?
  • How much time can be invested per week in continuing education and how long can this total go?
  • Is there also the possibility to participate in attendance events at the place of residence or even from it, possibly also during the week or only at the weekend?
  • With which learning materials do you want to learn predominantly - printed study letters, electronic written materials or preferably videos and online events, possibly also classroom instruction?
  • What is the willingness to invest financially in the distance learning course?
  • How important is the exchange with other students online or also real on-site?

Selection of suitable offers

Anyone who has dealt extensively with the questions above should have developed a pretty good idea of ​​what is appropriate for a further education. Now it is important to find offers that meet these requirements.

Various databases and directories are available on the Internet. Some of the criteria can often be entered in a search mask, while others require more research.

Decision for a provider

It is worthwhile to create a table with all the available offers as rows and the various one personally important criteria as columns and then fill it out. In addition to the formal criteria, there may also be softer ones such as, for example, reviews and experience reports on the Internet, abdominal feeling or friendliness in contact with the study counseling.

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Possible sources of information are the Internet, information material from the providers and questions to the student advisory service. Of course, this takes a lot of research, but in the end you will be more satisfied with the result.

By KO criterion to the right supplier

When the matrix is ​​completely filled, a good basis for the decision is provided. In the ideal case, there remains only one vendor who best meets the requirements.

Frequently, however, it will be the case that a number of potential remote schools or post-secondary schools are left, each of which satisfies particular requirements particularly well and others less well.

In the end, listen to the belly

Then it should be considered again, which criteria are how important and a list of priorities are set up.

In addition to all purely rational considerations, one should also listen to oneself and consider with what offer one feels most comfortable.

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