To be dissatisfied, to follow the herd instinct: “Others also ride dead horses!”

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In a very fictitious world, in which almost all the people of their work pursue with enthusiasm, it would not be easy for a dissatisfied. He would be constantly reminded of how others find fulfillment in their great jobs.

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Tom Diesbrock 84Tom Diesbrock is a psychologist, consultant, team developer and book author.


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Life is not a pony yard?

The reality of many people, however, looks like this:

“Okay, my job is hanging around my neck. But should I give him up because of that? My friends and colleagues don't exactly have dream jobs either - they're just like me. That's totally normal. Working life is not a pony farm… ”

If most people were enthusiastic about their job, a dissatisfied person would not be able to cope with his dissatisfaction for so long because he was so different from the majority. And so the chances are not bad that he would do anything to finally find a job that he likes.

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In reality, the professionally satisfied are clearly in the minority. Therefore, the pressure of the majority works in the opposite direction: The normal case - or what one might take for it - is the conviction that work is not fun. Point.

How to permanently confirm his own dissatisfaction

I often meet people who find it quite normal that one does not like his job. Because in their circle of acquaintances, there is hardly anyone who is satisfied with his work.

Probably this is no coincidence as we are unconsciously always looking for the society of people who share our worldview and thus confirm it. Not infrequently teams, departments or workforces of whole companies agree that their work is senseless and unsatisfactory.

Shared pain is half of the pain?

Complaining about it creates a sense of belonging together and a feeling of well-being. Imagine you are waiting for a painful treatment at the dentist. They sit with other patients in the waiting room, who seem to be as scared as you are.

Probably you would feel their society as pleasant - when people share our fate and attitude, our fear is generally reduced. So far so good. If an unpleasant situation is inevitable, sufferers are a good thing.

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Just do not stand out from the crowd of dissatisfied!

Collective suffering also reduces our willingness to seek our own ways out of the misery. Because every community has its own rules. Groups of like-minded people ask their members “Be and think like us!” and ask not to question the consensus under any circumstances.

If someone thinks that he can not reconcile himself with the situation and look for another, better job, he will most likely not be supported by his sufferers.

Help, success!

After all, he could succeed and keep the others in mind that their destiny is not as unchangeable as they would like it to be.

Conversely, the individual person often uses his reference group, friends, acquaintances and colleagues to confirm that there is no alternative for him.

Better comfortable than happy

That is why it lives in a world of collective dissatisfaction quite comfortable! This strategy ensures a high degree of safety and stability and is thus very successful in its own way.

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And so people remain sitting on their dead horse because their friends, acquaintances and colleagues also ride dead horses. You find it normal - happy riders of healthy horses just do not exist in their world!

And so you organize horse rides and at the most complain that the mount has lost some of its dynamism - while the dead horse has long started to smell bad ...

What has that got to do with me?

If other people want to stick to their non-voiced jobs - we can not change it. But we can ask ourselves what this fact really has to do with us. What do the views of others actually say about our possibilities?

It is so easy for others to complain altogether about the bad labor market, injustice, lack of opportunity, and so on. Clearly, especially in economically difficult times there is a lot of shadows everywhere.

Looking at one's own situation more differently

But it is worth taking a closer look at one's own situation and asking oneself: What is the negative attitude of a (supposed) majority about me and my chances?

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Above all, if I would dare to look for and find unusual ways to go? After all, there are many people who make a career change and are therefore very happy.

Constructive change rather than destructive majorities

They could give me a much more constructive orientation than people who do not even try. In your circle of colleagues and acquaintances, do you prefer (professionally) satisfied or dissatisfied?

To which group do you focus more? Do you sometimes refer to others who are still riding their dead job horse to justify their own inactivity?

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