{Press} The discussion about skills shortages Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®: A summary of my ARD interview

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Recently I was for an ARD report on the subject Skills shortage interviewed - for discussion Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®, The broadcast will be on 14. Aired on July. Here is the second part of my resume. {Press} The discussion about skills shortages Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®: A summary of my ARD interview engineer

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Shortage of skilled workers - a word of mouth?

I am disturbed by the fact that the issue of skilled labor has now become a winged word, which must serve as an argument for all kinds of measures - such as the pension with 67 or the women's quota.

The argument of politicians is used in a completely unreflected manner and in an undifferentiated way. As said one of my readers so beautiful: "It's just total ignorance of the situation. You only get to know them when you are an engineer or an engineer on the market. "

Technology vs. training

The labor market reflects social and technological change. One problem is, for example, that the technology can be developed faster than can be developed.

An example of one of my readers: A Company is looking for a programmer for touch-sensitive screens. Since there are not so long touch-sensitive screens, the number of people who have done this before, rather low. A computer scientist or electrical engineer can fulfill this task very well, if he deals with this topic in a company for about 1 year. However, due to time or financial reasons, the company can not invest a whole year in a new employee until it works productively. Therefore, the company speaks of a skills shortage, while on the other hand, there are many graduates and senior engineers looking for a job. Here, the companies themselves would be in demand to further educate their employees instead of looking for fully trained specialists.

The 0 risk preparedness of HR departments

The willingness of companies and personnel departments to take risks in new appointments with people who do not fit 100% into the applicant profile is also extremely low - also a consequence of the generally prevailing uncertainty.

Recently, the Institute for Labor Market and Professional Research (IAB), which is part of the Federal Agency for Labor, reportedthat 2013, the proportion of non-permanent fixed-term contracts, has increased to 48 per cent of all employment contracts. While 2001 had around 550.000 of such contracts in 1,3, XNUMX millions last year.

Unjustified time limits are increasing

Above all, according to IAB, companies are reverting to the unconscionable deadline for newly created jobs. However, an increasing number of employers are also making use of the fact that they have already been established. In this way, the probationary period is extended. However, this also shows how much companies are struggling with the changing social framework conditions, the term globalization, and the extent to which uncertainty is felt in German companies:

The IAB considers it unlikely that a ban on time limits will lead to more attitudes. Instead, it is assumed that companies then increasingly resort to cooperation or freelance work in order to check whether a new position is profitable at all. Nobody wants to make the mistake of hiring the wrong employee.

What is the general mood?

As part of the interview, I was also asked if there is a mood among the discussants, for example against immigrants. In addition a clear "no" from me.

The people are there very differentiated: The anger is directed against the employers, the temporary employment agencies and engineering service providers and the Association of German engineers (VDI) and the policy: they are partly polemically subordinate to deliberately spread false figures to specifically presses wages , There is no mood against immigrants - people know that least of all they can.

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  1. ABAP Developer

    The ever-cited defensive strength - particularly in the IT industry - has never existed in Germany, there is currently not and will not exist in the future.

    Unfortunately, the companies and lobbyists manage to force our people's representatives to put their coach in front of them, and to use the fairy tale shortage of skilled labor to push ahead with the actual goal of spending little money on a lot of work (wage dumping).

    It is sad that our politicians are playing along, instead of thinking about their mission, and of stopping the massacres of such machinations.

    Many possibilities to counteract the alleged skills shortage - for example by teleworking [http://home.arcor.de/j.smolka/Telearbeit.html] - are deliberately not used at all ...

  2. Heiko

    The accusation made in the program to the employers, by means of unrealistic job advertisements artificially to bring a skilled labor defiance, coincides quite with my own experiences. I have always been impressed by the fact that many companies - metaphorically speaking - are looking for a brand new 7er with as many extras as possible, but only want to pay for an 3 years old polo in the basic equipment.

    I have also experienced it, that an employer has answered me to the question of a salary increase, which he would have to raise the salary of each of the other Kolegen and therefore there would be no money and therefore I would get no salary increase. What do you want to return there?

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Heiko,
      Exactly, plug & play for workers. On the subject of what to return in the salary negotiations, here are some tips:
      https://berufebilder.de/verdienen-gehaltsverhandlung/ (auch weiterführende Links beachten)
      As well as this series:

  3. Gerhard

    Interesting broadcast especially on the topic of how associations interests are borne in politics. As a social scientist, I feel a bit better now, because otherwise you are only a second or third-class specialist, nice that the engineers and STEM are not much better ;-)

    • Simone Janson

      Well, it's actually worse for humanities and social scientists.

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  5. Eva Maria Goldmann

    A home-made problem RT @HT_UCS The subject # Skills shortage has many facets of @SimoneJanson #engineering #job

  6. Simone Janson

    The discussion about shortage of skilled workers here in the blog - part 2: A summary to my ARD interview -

  7. Competencepartner

    The discussion about shortage of skilled workers here in the blog - part 2: A summary to my ARD interview: ... #Beruf #Education

  8. Jörg Baumann

    RT @SimoneJanson: The discussion about shortage of skilled workers here in the blog - part 2: A resume to my ARD interview -

  9. Simone Janson

    The discussion about shortage of skilled workers here in the blog - part 2: A summary to my ARD interview -

  10. Simone Janson

    The discussion about shortage of skilled workers here in the blog - part 1: A summary to my ARD interview -

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