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Disability insurance: Sickness benefit, social security and tax benefits

Time and again, consumer associations, insurance companies and experts point out the importance of protection against occupational disability: occupational disability is much more common than many think. And the benefits of the statutory social insurance are rather modest.

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Why protection against occupational disability makes sense

Private insurance against occupational disability is one of the most important insurance companies at all. Before finalizing, however, you should pay attention to some things. My contribution to the topic, which you can access here, helps you to find the right precautions for you.

He tells you what disability is, what benefits are covered by health insurance and accident insurance in the event of disability or incapacity for work, which you should pay attention to in the case of private disability insurance and the alternative precautionary possibilities.

Secured by the state?

Perhaps you would like to object: “I'm covered by the state”. This is only partially true, because the state has significantly reduced its disability benefits.

Especially self-employed persons, who are usually not covered by an employer or by state pension insurance, I can pay a private disability insurance. In order to make sure that you do what you want, you must pay attention to some points when signing the contract.

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  • Definition of occupational disability: You are disabled if you can no longer work in your actual job.
  • Definition Disability: You are not able to work if you can not work at all.

Please note that the statutory pension insurance scheme and the private insurance companies apply different criteria for determining the incapacity for work which are described in the further course of this article series.

What does the statutory health insurance

For longer illnesses you can get from the statutory health insurance 70 percent of their income of the last twelve months.

The sick pay is paid for the same illness in three years but for a maximum of 78 weeks. When the health insurance company pays, depends on the rate on which you are insured. In the normal tariff you have the right to sickness benefit from the seventh week of illness in case of illness.

Advanced health insurance

If you want to receive health insurance already from the third or fourth week of illness (for self-employed persons who can not get compensation from the employer in the first weeks of their illness), you must pay an increased contribution of up to 18,8%.

The contribution levels and also the achievements are very different. Ask them at different cash desks. If your own health insurance requires too much, it is worth a change. If you are insured with a reduced rate, you are not entitled to any health insurance.

Private health insurance

In addition, you can protect yourself against the loss of earnings in case of illness with a private sick leave insurance. If you are legally insured, you should compare the private and statutory funds, as conditions of the statutory funds are generally better.

The tariffs for daily sickness allowance of 50 euros from the 15th day of illness range between 25 and 125 euros per month, depending on the age of entry and gender. The lower the daily sickness benefit to be paid and the later the start of payment, the cheaper it will be. Health insurance benefits are only available for temporary illnesses. As soon as it turns out that it is a permanent occupational disability, not a temporary illness, health insurance usually stops paying.

However, you should not miss the deadlines: The Coburg district court dismissed the claim of an insured person who wanted to receive 6300 euros in sickness benefits from your insurance company. Reason for the complaint: The plaintiff had failed to prove to the insurance company in time that she was unable to work by presenting medical certificates and thus violating her contractual obligations. This led to the insurance company being exempt from benefits. Conclusion: Always adhere to the deadlines.

Supplementary disability insurance: Beware of mental illness

Anyone wishing to take out additional insurance against incapacity to work must accept that mental illnesses can lead to exclusion clauses. A corresponding judgment has now been made by the Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court. Because: Such exclusion clauses also apply in other branches of insurance and therefore do not disadvantage the insured inappropriately. The Federal Court of Justice has also already considered such exclusion clauses to be effective.

Pension insurance and disability

If you have been covered by statutory old-age pension insurance for at least five years (including child rearing, retirement, retirement, spousal employment, substitute periods), you have been compulsorily insured for at least three years for the last five years prior to your incapacity for work , you are entitled to the following services:

Disability benefits:

  • If you are born before the 02.01.1961, you will receive a disability pension equal to half the reduction in earning capacity (if you are less than six hours a day for health reasons (proof required by the doctor) in your or any other reasonable occupation can work.
  • If you were born after this date or only entered the pension insurance scheme after 2000, you can only get a statutory income reduction. This means that for health reasons you can work less than three hours per day (full income reduction), or between three and six hours (half a job reduction), no matter what profession and regardless of whether a job is actually available.

Calculation example:

In the case of a gross income of 5250 Euro that is subject to pension insurance, the half-pension loss 16% of the current income, ie 840 Euro, is the full invalidity rights of 31%, ie 1630 Euro.

The pension is paid only from the seventh month of the reduced earning capacity. Unlike a private occupational disability insurance, a state disability pension will take you before the 66. Your old-age pension will be reduced for each month of your previous pension by 0,3 percent, but not exceeding 10,8 percent.

The retirement or occupational retirement pension is taxed like the retirement pension. Every three years, it is checked whether you are not able to work again. Only if you have not been able to work for nine years, you will get a permanent reduction.

Statutory accident insurance

The statutory employer's liability insurance or accident insurance, which you have completed privately pays a disability pension - but only after occupational accidents. Accident insurance for the private sector, on the other hand, pays exclusively for accidents that have happened in private life. The professional associations also pay for certain statutory occupational diseases.

Rürup pension and tax benefits

You can take out disability insurance, for example, in a package with a Rürup pension, private life or pension insurance, each including an additional disability insurance. In combination with the Rürüp pension, the contribution payments are tax-privileged. You can save large amounts of capital, for example with fixed-income securities, funds or shares.

Compared to the Kombipaketen it offers often more favorable conditions and is considered as more powerful - despite the control advantage of some combination kits.

Riester contracts, on the other hand, can be misused for money laundering. In 2005 and 2006, insurance companies filed 35 suspicious transaction reports under the Money Laundering Act. The ads have been reviewed, but in no case has the suspicion been confirmed. However: In theory, abuse is actually possible. There is a particularly high risk especially with high cash deposits or one-off payments. The thresholds of the Money Laundering Act will only be exceeded if the annual premiums exceed 1000 euros or a single premium exceeds 2500 euros.

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3 responses to "Insurance against occupational disability: sickness benefit, social security and tax advantages"

  1. Tatyana Mertens says:

    Sickness benefit: What does the health insurance company pay for in the event of occupational disability ...

  2. Simone Janson says:

    Dear Samira,
    I'm happy about the praise, because you can tell that your own work is not in vain. To your question: Have a look at health insurance and unemployment in the lower part.
    I can not make a detailed legal advice.

  3. Samira says:

    This post has helped me to orient myself in this whole insurance jungle. Especially the consideration between private and statutory health insurance, I find very helpful. Still open to me is the question of how far I have in case of unemployment and co continue to pay contributions? The current crisis unsettles me quite strong.

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