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Kevin Spacey and digitization in the middle class: regional jobs on the rise?

Digitization does not stop at German medium-sized companies or in recruiting. The multiple Oscar winner Kevin Spacey also sees future potential here. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Hollywood star and German middle class

Hollywood star Kevin Spacey had a message for entrepreneurs in Munich: “Use the opportunities of digitalization, take risks. Find out what's in the black box! ”

The fact that the two-time Oscar winner even came to the StartUp-Festival Bits and Pretzels shows just how important the digital transformation is. And yet there are just in small and medium-sized Company (SME) reservations - although they could benefit especially.

Trend-Topic Robot Recruiting

For example, Robot Recruiting is one of the big topics at Zukunft Personal in October in Cologne. It discusses how algorithms can support the selection of new employees - for example, matching jobs with applicants in social networks, automated writing and distribution of job advertisements Reading in CVs, so-called parsing, and even in telephone interviews.

"Almost 20 percent of companies with fewer than 500 employees already distribute job advertisements to job portals automatically," explains Wolfgang Brickwedde, Director of the Institute for Competitive Recruiting in Heidelberg. "And 82 percent of SMEs find parsing important when choosing applicant management systems."

43% prefer to search in the region

The medium-sized companies don't even have such bad cards with applicants. Because we should be mobile and flexible on the job market, in reality many don't want to leave their region. A Forsa survey shows that 43% of the employees surveyed are unwilling to change their place of residence for a job.

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Almost every fourth (24%) would move within their own region (200 km), only 8% would change their place of residence all over Germany. For the overwhelming majority (75%), the idea of ​​unlimited flexibility ends at the German border at the latest.

Finding regional jobs

But how do you find regional jobs? Regional job and recruiting fairs are one possibility: For example, 4.000 to 7.000 companies exhibit at the best-known regional fairs, the Personal Nord and Personal Süd, which take place every spring in Hamburg and Stuttgart.

In addition, each region offers a variety of small events organized by chambers and business associations, for example. Regional networking is needed.

Regional job offers in Jobbörsen

However, there must be enough jobs in the region where you want to stay: most online job exchanges therefore offer more regional search possibilities, which can be narrowed down to the search for the region.

The job search engine indeed.de searches the Internet worldwide for job offers regularly analyzes regional search queries and presents them to the offers. It provides a relatively detailed overview of the regional labor market.

Regional companies offer unprecedented career opportunities

Sometimes the chances of finding something in the region are even better. Many medium-sized companies are struggling in remote regions like Schwarzwald, Emsland or Franken with their location disadvantage; they are therefore increasingly seeking the benefit of specialists, throwing family-friendliness, flexible working-time models or other bonuses into the balance.

So if you are looking for a job in your region, you just have to look around: Often the career opportunities are just as attractive, even outside the big centers - you just have to find them. Because: The jungle of job markets is huge and almost insurmountable. So where do you find the right job?

A jungle of 1800 job exchanges

Job seekers have a problem: there are about 1800 online job portals in Germany, in addition to the job markets of various print magazines.

And even if you only look at the online job market, you have to make a distinction: Jobbörse is not equal Jobbörse: In addition to generalists, who have all professions and activities in mind, there are also special or niche jobbles. In addition, there are job search machines that search and process the Internet for job advertisements.

In the niche it is the best

According to a long-term survey among job seekers, niche job boards and search engines give the best results. The online portal Crosswater Systems has surveyed over 20.000 users since October 2008.

The results in the special job exchanges are often more suitable, while job search engines deliver a large number of hits. Both groups are less well-known than the big job exchanges.

Better than the usual suspects ...

It is therefore worthwhile for applicants not only to sift through the "usual suspects", but also to browse through specialist or regionally specialized portals or to leaf through the daily newspaper.

Because the quality of the applications is also crucial for many companies: they want to find the right candidate among a large number of candidates and place their job advertisements accordingly.

The quality of applications is more important, especially for medium-sized companies

The current media performance test by the personnel marketing agency Westpress shows that print and specialist media achieve better results for companies, especially for more highly qualified positions. If you follow Marcus K. Reif, Head of Recruiting and Employer Branding at Ernst and Young, job ads will soon be superfluous anyway:

At the Social Media Personnel Marketing Conference in Hamm, Reif recommended that applicants and companies instead enter into a constant dialogue with one another. Job seekers who establish regional contacts with potential employers in good time could save a lot of effort.

Digitization is only sluggish in the middle class

However, SMEs in particular often do not use all the possibilities offered by digitization, such as Dr. Ole Mensching, Managing Director of the Hamburg personnel consultancy Careerteam, knows from experience: "SMEs in particular often lack a clear digital vision or a professional website and they don't care enough about poor employer ratings on the Internet".

Medium-sized companies also made mistakes when looking for employees online, according to the headhunter: “Many only look at the usual suspects such as Xing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+, but ignore communities and specialist forums such as Github or Stack Overflow, where they could find specialists in demand. "

This allows companies to seize the opportunities offered by digitization

His tip for optimizing the chances of digital recruiting is therefore: using special tools to thoroughly network the network, to build up their own talent pools and not to frustrate candidates with pre-prepared standard writing.

It turns out that if the middle class does not soon abandon the hesitation and recognize its chances in digitization, it will depend on the international arena especially in the struggle for the best specialists. Because elsewhere you are already a lot more.

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8 responses to "Kevin Spacey and digitization in medium-sized businesses: regional jobs on the rise?"

  1. Lars Hahn says:

    This fits in with our experience of favoring regional jobs, even among academics and leaders.
    Bonustipp meinerseits: Search at XING or LinkedIn in the advanced search for postal code,
    Example: Postcode 44 *, Branche Automotive, Keyword Qualitätsmanagent.
    There are 66 members' profiles, in which I discover companies, which have not told me as an industry connoisseur.
    In general, of course, the job search in the region is much better on systematically drinking coffee, so networks. ;-)

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    Current column in DIE WELT: How do you find jobs in the region? by Simone Janson - Recommended contribution DcoRJWAFWL #HR #hrblogs

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