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How digitization (not) changes leadership: Doesn't digital matter? {Review}

Digital change and disruption of business models on all channels. Leadership and corporate cultures also have to change - really? Even in the age of digitalization, leadership work is and remains relationship work. Says Barbara Liebermeister in her book: “Digital doesn't matter”.

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Guide remains human leadership Much is written and said about digital transformation, which is meant to sweep away business models and significantly change our society.

But unlike the technology that surrounds us, we change humans in perception and behavior rather in snail tempo. And this also has an impact on leadership in the age of digitization.

From Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

In her book, Barbara Liebermeister is dedicated to a topic that has already been addressed by some authors.

The differences between Generation Y and its mostly older leaders and colleagues. They are the focus of the digital immigrants. They have only learned how to deal with the Internet in adulthood.

We are dealing with people!

Refreshingly written from the perspective of today's leadership Today's executives have no doubt to give their employees instructions and information in a digital way.

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Interacting directly with a machine often obscures the view that one has to deal with a person on the other side. The core of the book. Leadership has to do with people. Even in these times.

Ideas for the digital age

What the author tries to read is ideas and impulses for modern day-to-day leadership in digitized Company to deliver. Her book is not a recipe book, but an inspiring companion in everyday life that provides inspiration.

For example, how to build your own authenticity in digital identity on profile pages or in social networks. Another example: it describes memorably that engaging communication with employees only works at a personal level. For people remain human beings.

How must modern leadership look like?

At the end... The modern leadership is empathic and authentic.

And these two values ​​are transported by Liebermeister in her book. A well-written and inspiring supplier of ideas for every leadership in today's world.

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    How digitalization changes the leadership (not): Is digital no matter? by Stephan Lamprecht - Recommended contribution o3LVefMLsG

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    How digitalization changes the leadership (not): Is digital no matter? from
    Stephan ... via BERUFEBILDER
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    How digitalization changes the leadership (not): Is digital no matter? from
    Stephan ... via BERUFEBILDER
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