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Digital transformation and fear of the future: 6 Quick Wins for the change process

Already the specter of transformation failure makes the rounds. Although most managers are verbal in the future, they are still real in the past. So that the necessary change does not last endlessly, six quick-win measures are extremely helpful. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

What blocks traditional companies?

Groundbreaking new comes today in the monthly rhythm therefore. It is therefore clear that traditional companies have to change and increase their speed. But with old mindsets you can not come up with new ideas. And yesterday's structures do not create business models for tomorrow.

Change will be expressed violently ("It's our turn, but it will take time!"), But in reality too little happens in real. This is also called verbal open-mindedness and simultaneous rigid behavior. Preserving the acquis is a huge issue. If efficiency goals are also pursued, courageous innovations have very bad cards.

Easy start with quick wins

The scope of the necessary change measures also scares off many. You can be Company yes, not smashed to the ground, rejuvenate and then reopen with great fanfare. Instead, it needs transformational slaves. For example, explain 20 percent of your company to the experimentation field.

Rather than getting lost in monstrous transformation projects, I recommend starting in a corner and producing some quick wins. This gives you the courage to tackle the next major refurbishment activities.

6 Quick Wins for successful transformation

In times of exponential change, all business models are only temporary anyway. And remodeling is permanent. There are no flat-rate recipes. Rather, suitable procedures must be developed, tested, adapted, further developed and, if necessary, discarded again.

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Of course, I am aware that - strategically speaking - a company-wide transformation must go hand in hand with a redesign of the company organization. This is also dealt with in detail in “Fit for the Next Economy”. But it is best to start with these six points in parallel for a quick start.

1. Work together on your corporate culture

The corporate culture determines the way of coexistence. Indispensable here: All employees are part of the system and therefore work specifically on the corporate culture. The goal is that everything that atmospherically poisons a company, as quickly as possible disappears, so that a human and at the same time positive mood prevail.

Then low-hierarchy approaches are to be tackled. The purely instruction-oriented leadership must disappear as soon as possible, self-organized team structures must take its place. Openness for fresh thoughts from the ranks of the young generation is particularly welcome, because they make a company fit for the future.

2. Get the best young talents on board

“Young people are increasingly difficult to integrate into our working world,” the managers often complain. "But we are still driving that out of them." Exactly the will not work. Of course, ambitious millennials are badly penned in an antiquated world of work, why should they? Above all, it takes a good start to secure the best talents.

Therefore, start quickly to develop a candidate journey, ie a prototypical “journey” through an applicant-oriented recruiting process. Many touchpoints, the interaction points with the candidates, have to be modernized, optimized and freed from bureaucratic standard processes. Here, too, representatives of the young generation are the first choice to support you.

3. Introduce a reverse mentoring program

The millennials are in their element when it comes to digital achievements, the latest technological trends, the younger generation's buying behavior and contemporary working conditions. This is how reverse mentoring reverses the roles of classic mentoring: the junior coaches the senior in the subject areas that “young” can do better than “old”.

The primary goal is to increase digital fitness in the company, adapt old-fashioned communication and working methods to the requirements of the digital era, and familiarize older colleagues and executives with the world of millennials. A good match of Mentor and Mentée is very important, so that the whole thing works smoothly. Overall, reverse mentoring is an excellent tool to build a learning organization.

4. Implement a “Minus50” program

In addition to a lack of innovation, it is above all a huge bureaucratic and administrative apparatus that increasingly prevents conventional companies from acting agile. Here is the fastest move something.

  1. Direct the first employees tomorrow to identify and reduce obstructive, demotivating and revenue-destroying rules, standards and procedures.
  2. Or organize a “Kill-a-stupid-rule” workshop on a large scale to eliminate everything unnecessary as quickly as possible and replace it with better, simpler, more modern approaches.

Of course, no structures and rules are not possible, and that is why plus / minus 50 is a reasonable target number. Crucial advice can come from both experienced and committed young employees.

5. Cross-functionally install a digital stormtroop

The current discussion on where digitization should be located remains in the Silodeke, and that is a serious mistake.

  1. Instead, under the direction of a Chief Digital Officer, install a digital task force that interdepartmentally acts as an internal challenger.
  2. Become familiar with new work tools such as Design Thinking, Scrum and Kanban.
  3. Also host hackathons: This hack and marathon vocabulary means the concentrated joint solution of (digital) tasks in a given period of time.

These methods are not only suitable for the digital economy. They are now used in a wide range of industries and support self-organized work in many areas.

6. Organize a “Disrupt-me” workshop

This measure is about self-disruption: "What will be replaced and disappear next" is the crucial question. Those who consider themselves invulnerable have already lost. So use good times to keep them good. Before you are attacked, it is better to attack yourself, at least as a theoretical exercise. This way you can find your sore spots before others do.

The actual step to self-disruption can be a crucial foundation for opening up future business opportunities. In the process, targeted products are placed on the market that can compete with existing products. Especially the great pioneers of the global digital economy are constantly dealing with this topic so as not to be disrupted by even younger, better attackers.

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