Digital change in recruiting: fear of the robot?

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Studies show that they are German HR to say comparatively safe when it comes to their own substitution by robots. But digital tools already do a lot. And who knows, maybe the staff will soon be similar to Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, whose career came to an abrupt end.

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Changes, rise and decline

This could also be a story of rising and falling - and of an almost incredibly fast change: Kevin Spacey flashed it all in September 2016 when he spoke in his keynote at Bits and Pretzels about the opportunities of digitalization: risk something, new ways go and fight against mediocrity - typically American, big cinema, because in Germany the negative side is often the focus.

That was a year before he fell out of favor worldwide due to sexual assault in 2017 and his brilliant career was suddenly ended. The two-time Oscar winner, who himself invests in young tech companies, demonstrates two things with his appearance at the Munich StartUp Festival:

Change can affect everyone

Firstly, the social importance of digitization. And on the other hand, how quickly changes can hit and even overrun everyone - even if you previously thought you were unassailable like Frank Underwood, Spacey's role in the famous Hous of Cards series, from which he has now been removed.

But maybe the discussion sometimes needs a little more enthusiasm, glamor and drama alla Hollywood so that the dimensions become clear to us?

Robot recruiting tools

In the sober personnel industry, this becomes clear when it comes to robot recruiting, i.e. automated personnel search: The Zukunft Personal, Europe's largest industry trade fair, showed a variety of possible uses this year: software, for example, that evaluates job advertisements and calculates the probability of a text's success. Multi-job posting that sends the ad to up to 250 job portals at the push of a button. Parsing, the automated reading of resumes. Active sourcing with search orders in social networks.

Matching software that makes suggestions for suitable vacancies. Software for creating a personality profile analysis from data that users leave online. Talent search engines that gather information about candidates from various social networks and communities and make them available as a database for recruiters.

Machines that do job interviews

And finally, robot telephone interviews based on language analysis technology that decodes written and spoken language, thus providing insights into the interplay between personality, communication and behavior. For Barb Bidan, Vice President Global Talent Attraction at the Indeed job search engine in Austin, the new technologies promise higher success rates, faster matching and the development of detailed candidate profiles: “Successful recruiters use the data available to them in order to find their desired candidate in a way to address that stands out from the crowd. ”

Smaller ones are more efficient Company as Wolfgang Brickwedde, Director of the Institute for Competitive Recruiting in Heidelberg and editor of the E-Recruiting Software Report, explains: “Almost 20 percent already operate multijobposting. And 82 percent of SMEs find parsing important when choosing applicant management systems. ”

Fear in the German middle class

But it is precisely in German medium-sized businesses that the fear seems great, how Dr. Ole Mensching, Managing Director of CareerTeam, knows from experience. His personnel consultancy specializes in the recruitment of digital units for medium-sized companies and corporations: "Often a clear digital vision or a professional website is missing, and bad employer reviews are also of no interest."

That takes revenge when it comes to recruiting in-demand specialists as employees: “Many HR professionals use Xing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+, but ignore the more complex sourcing in communities and specialist forums such as Github or Stack Overflow ”, says the headhunter. Further errors would arise in the cover letter, which would often be sent to many candidates as a standard formulation. "The candidates then notice that the senders have not dealt with their profiles and are annoyed," said Mensching. So it is better to build up talent pools from former interns, trainees, employees or applicants.

That distinguishes man from machine

In the end, it is probably exactly what distinguishes the flesh-and-blood recruiter from the machine: building up interpersonal relationships. Ultimately, that was the topic of Kevin Spacey's talk:

Use digital tools to tell stories and build empathetic connections. This is exactly what matters - especially when it comes to the image as an employer. Just more Hollywood please. And maybe not quite as much drama as with Kevin Spacey!

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