Develop potential and find personal fulfillment in a team

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Text comes from: Das unendliche Spiel: Strategien für dauerhaften Erfolg (2019), Finde dein Warum: Der praktische Wegweiser zu deiner wahren Bestimmung (2018), Gute Chefs essen zuletzt: Warum manche Teams funktionieren – und andere nicht (2017), Frag immer erst: warum: Wie Top-Firmen und Führungskräfte zum Erfolg inspirieren (2014) from Simon O. Sinek, published by Münchener Verlagsgruppe (MVG), Reprints by friendly permission of the publisher.
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Personal fulfillment is not a privilege, it is a right. Each of us has the right to find fulfillment in our work. But how do you do that?

Develop potential and find personal fulfillment in a team

Here writes for you:


Simon O. Sinek Simon O. SinekSimon O. Sinek is an author and management consultant, best known for his Ted Talk.


The right to inspirational work

Each of us has the right to go to work inspired, to feel safe at work, and to go home feeling confident that we have contributed to something that goes beyond us. Fulfillment is not a lottery win. It is not a feeling that is reserved for a small minority who can say, "I love what I do." If you hold a leadership position, then it is your responsibility as a leader to create the environment in which they are People who work for you feel like they are working towards a goal greater than themselves. When you work in an organization that doesn't make you feel inspired, morning or evening, every day , then you have to become the boss you wanted yourself to be.

No matter what position we occupy in an organization - each of us is responsible for how colleagues, customers or suppliers feel who work with us. We shouldn't focus on what's in our way. The goal must be to act to have a positive and lasting impact on the people around us.

The beginning of our personal journey

The concept of our WHY has its origins in a deeply personal journey that begins with pain. I developed the concept at a time when I had lost all enthusiasm for my work. The advice that others gave me did not help: "Do what you love", "Find joy in your work", "Be passionate". All of this is correct - but cannot be implemented. I agreed with the people, but I didn't know what to change. I didn't know what to do differently next Monday. This is why the WHY became and still is such a powerful driving force in my life. Discovering my WHY not only rekindled my enthusiasm, I now had a tool through which I could make better decisions. It gave me a new perspective from which I could see the world with different eyes.

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And this different perspective - inspiring people to do what inspires them so that we can change the world together - led me to preach my concept of WHY and the golden circle. And people listened. No, they did more than just listen, they helped me get my message out, they shared my vision. This is how our movement came about. My TED Talk, my lecture at the TED conference, which I gave in 2009, brought my ideas close to many people, my first book, Always ask: why, then gave a more detailed and analytical explanation for the WHY. People and organizations that know their WHY have greater, longer-term success, enjoy greater trust, and greater loyalty from employees and customers than their competitors. The WHY and the golden circle are a huge piece of the puzzle that led to the better world I wanted. But there was a problem.

How to convey the power of the WHY in a team

Although I was able to convey the meaning and power of the WHY to people, and even though I was able to help some people and organizations discover their WHY, I have not been able to reach as many people and help so many people as it did would have been necessary to affect the lives of the vast majority. My team built on what I started. My staff helped me improve the process. They started helping people themselves. They developed an online course to discover the WHY. But that wasn't enough either. That's why we wrote this book. If you always ask first: why explains why we have to look for our WHY, then Find Your Why is a practical guide on how to actually do this. And however always ask: why explain, I am the man with the good ideas, but I don't know how I can implement them on a large scale. That's when David and Peter come into play.

Peter Docker and David Mead joined me because it inspired the world as I imagined it to be. Both have the knowledge to realize my vision - our vision. Where I managed to help a single person discover the WHY, David and Peter found concepts of getting sixty people into a lecture hall to discover their WHY.

David has the ability to implement ideas. Years ago, inspired by one of my lectures, he began to develop workbooks and courses to help the people in his company. He did this without having to ask advice from me or anyone else. When I found out what he had done, I couldn't believe how well he understood my ideas and how well he could put them into practice. When Peter retired from active service with the Royal Air Force, he wanted his services to be available to the private sector. He came across my work and contacted me just to tell me how much it inspired him. He combined my ideas with concepts that he had already pursued in order to increase their impact.

The journey to WHY

Soon after we first met, he began, out of sheer generosity, to help members of our team with his advice. The work he did was excellent and we implemented many of his ideas to build our company and strengthen the broad impact of our movement. Ultimately, they both joined our team and a deep friendship developed between them. They are a brilliant team that made my work better. Your ability to creatively develop ideas in a team has made my work better. When the opportunity arose to first write a follow-up volume to Ask: Why, I therefore asked David and Peter for help. The two are the HOW to my WHY. I am proud that our movement gave them the opportunity to share their knowledge with so many people. Peter and David traveled all over the world to talk about the WHY and to work closely with people and organizations who wanted to understand, discover and apply our concepts.

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They know the questions that are asked, know the hurdles and always find better ways to take the vision forward. And that's when you come into play. When we look at how the Company want to fundamentally change if we want to create organizational cultures in which trust and cooperation are the norm and not the exception, if we want to create the world we dream of, then we need help. Lots of help. Although the work of my team is having an impact, we alone are not in a position to initiate changes on the necessary scale. A whole army is needed. Find your why is a journey. It takes patience to grasp the essentials. Follow the individual steps, learn the concepts and adapt the processes to your needs. If you find something that suits you better, do it!

Start implementing!

See this text as a starting shot, as the beginning of a competition. The bang fills you with enthusiasm and energy when you get started. But only what you learn while racing - when you learn to live with the WHY - inspires you and shows you what you are capable of. And don't lose sight of the most important lesson. The goal is not just to get you to cross the finish line, but to inspire as many people as possible to run with you. In the bookstores there are whole departments that deal with "self-help", but there is no department that deals with "helping others". This is what we all do together - we are pioneers in helping others. We work for people who want to discover their WHY, who want their companies to always ask WHY first, who want to help others to find their WHY ...

For all people who want to build a world where the overwhelming majority of people go to work inspired, feel safe at work, and return home fulfilled ... So welcome. The more of us raise our hands and say, "You can count on me," the greater the chance we will build the world we want. Can i count on you

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