BIO | Successful despite long-term study: “Relaxation counts”

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I know a great deal about work at an abstract level: the erosion of the standard employment relationship and the development towards a workforce entrepreneur who no longer offers their work potential but their job performance. And for that you need applicable experiences. Only: which ones do I have?

BIO | Successful despite long-term studies:

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What are my strengths?


In addition to the general university benefits mentioned in my first post, maybe even an expanded vocabulary, expressiveness, internet affinity, office experiences, online searches, creative marketing ideas? Would others have gotten the marketing concept better? No idea, but it was not bad. Clearly I have successfully completed a workshop on online surveys, a didactic seminar on teaching European content in schools - also nice. It was time to draw on these experiences.

I had a job interview with a large temporary employment agency, which meanwhile also had a subsidiary in order to be able to serve specific market segments, especially in the qualified area. I received two ladies. After the initial small-talk questions about finding out, which is not that easy, and the weather, they wanted me to tell them something about me.

Fauxpas in the interview


No problem. As I spoke, it occurred to me that the last job interview was much more relaxed, which at that time was due to the unfinished position. In my opinion, one wanted to know if I completed a writing course. The question surprised me but I answered "No but I have already written some chores why my typing speed should be above average." "So no.", She summarized my statement. "No," and wondered why she had not taken the writing course right in the job ad.

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"What could you imagine negatively with us?" "I can not imagine having someone work for a pittance anywhere in spite of qualification. Therefore, I am also sitting here and not at their main company ". The effect of the sentence became clear to me through the expression of the writing advocate. The other lady tried to appease "Do not worry, we pay according to the industry."

Creative application


The area of ​​responsibility (researching, office support, appointments, in the medium term also interviewing) would have been interesting but I was probably too obvious in the wording. Or just too honest? Before I could think about it for long, I found another student job in Xing: working student in online marketing. Another plus: You should not apply conventionally but come up with something original. So the boss was googled and happy via Facebook message with an eight-line in rhyming form:

I like beer ... not Hartz IV!

Ergo, I would like to put on your studio job!

Marketing has always been my thing, try it out if I can do it again!

If you do not think now: "Total Bull" - more info here:

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Employment references and the rest under this adress: XXEMAILXX

I am now away and looking forward to feedback ...

Looseness is rewarded


It worked. Looseness is rewarded in a creative environment! Although there again concessions made at the hourly wage and remained under the 10 € line but the feeling was good: No dresscode and a boss who was in search of the marketing idea, which cost little, took advantage of the new communication channels and struck big!

So I came up with a single campaign on StudiVZ, where selected men and women each received half of a coupon code and, by looking for a single of the opposite sex (and other criteria), could ask for their dream partner and / or the other half of the coupon code , Good idea, but it did not work. Another experience more.

Facebook marketing for the online store


Since the Onlineshop was not the only project of the new company, we both realized quickly that some good idea had to fail because we got no IT resources. The boss went, a new one came. Younger than me. But he got more resources and thanked it with a fresh wind: regular newsletters, which I was allowed to write. SEO and SEM has been intensified. A Facebook fansite, which was filled with blog contributions on the subject of beer by me. Cooperations were created, marketing campaigns were planned and implemented. I was and am in the middle of social media marketing.

In the process, I came up with another Facebook marketing idea, which has now brought me another side job. At an advertising agency. "Agent experience" seems to be important, so I'm curious what to expect next week. Another experience definitely. All in all, I have finished the exams with a "good" and now the Master's thesis is up. The last university step. I would like to combine science and business. Social media is what I mean. The young boss is now gone again and the new finds social media too little tangible. The return on investment is still too low and you do not even know how it goes with the shop.

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Master thesis as a plus!


After all, I should still write my master's thesis there and would even be financially compensated but I prefer to break new banks without the red thread. My experience makes me optimistic about the future.

The master's thesis I now appreciate more important than the grades. I do not know yet what will come out. And I do not know yet whether the screen work in the social media area is not too monotonous, but I know at least once what a good working environment means what I do not want and where I already had experience.

Tips for graduates


Whether I am looking for a new company in which I can write the work or whether it is the old company, I have made the options possible because I was always open and the initial Internet affinity and the talent in the search for candidates brought me to Berberbermarkting from which now social media marketing became. A common thread is recognizable and experiences are also.

My tips to graduates: Open your eyes and sniff wherever you can. A good and fast conclusion is only half worth without the appropriate experiences. Find out where you want to go and not after studying. Perhaps the study helps to realize the reality so systematically, that one sees future markets or generally chances faster. Whether you want to work there, you should learn early. Literally.

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