{Best of HR Live} Dell Expert Roundtable with Simone Janson: The Future of Work?

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Today, computer maker Dell had invited me to a discussion round to Munich. Topic were the results of Dell's Evolving Workforce Study 2014. Their results are hardly surprising. dell

Here writes for you:


Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherGerman Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Why is?

Dell had nicely announced his expert round, a sadly non-public discussion: Status quo, challenges, opportunities, future developments - the working world of the future holds a lot of new things for everyone involved. This prompted Dell, in cooperation with Intel, to commission a TNS study on the “Evolving Workforce”. The results on “Benefits of technology”, “Work-life balance and productivity” and “Ergonomics of the workplace” show that the desktop PC is the most popular work tool among Germans. Touch functions have so far predominated in private life, personal conversations are still the case more popular than video conferencing and the majority prefer to work in the office rather than at home.

The discussion round

In order to present the results to us personally and to shed more light on the backgrounds, insights and details of the “new work reality”, Dell and Intel invited us to a non-public discussion round with experts from research - on December 02nd, 2, 2014th : 14 a.m., Munich Literature House, Salvatorplatz 00, 1 Munich.

Included were:

  • Prof. Dr. Susanne Böhlich, Program Director International Management (MA) at the IUBH School of Business and Management
  • Tim Cole, publicist for economic engineering
  • Roman Czychi, Employer Coach and HR Consultant
  • Monika Kraus-Wildegger, founder of Goodplace.org
  • and me.

The result: Little surprising

The result is hardly surprising and coincides with my experiences:

  1. According to my testing tests with various laptops, technical devices are not yet fully developed so that they could completely replace a desktop. Factors include performance, storage capacity, battery life, screen size, and operating system.
  2. The operation on smartphones and tablets is due to the smaller screen size still very habituationig, previous operating systems, eg Windows 8, but rely on untrue zwitterlösungen.
  3. WLAN is often not available, many websites are not mobile optimized.

The results in detail

1. Fact: Germans mainly use the desktop for work (78%) and for two thirds (66%) it is even the preferred working device.

  • for 44%, the desktop is the only device / 34% also use other devices
  • vice versa from a global perspective: for 33% only device / 44% also use others

2. Fact: Other (mobile) form factors are significantly lower in the rating than the desktop PC

  • No one uses a tablet or 2-in-1 as the only working device, data for smartphones also low

3. Fact: The classic office is still the preferred workplace of German workers. Likewise they prefer the personal approach (eg in the form of discussions) of the digital and on-line based communication.

  • 95% spend at least some time in the offices of their company
  • at 65% it is even more than three quarters of their working time
  • 58% of offices follow the classic form (vs. 40% in developed countries / 37% in emerging markets)
  • 53% of Germans work in a traditional office environment (more than anywhere else)

4. Fact: Development is increasingly moving towards open office structures worldwide.

  • Communication and community feeling among colleagues are encouraged
  • BUT: At the same time, these structures provide distraction, noise levels, less productivity, etc.

5. Fact: Half of German employees believe that you can be productive in the home office. Nevertheless, the majority of respondents (both in Germany and in a global comparison) assume that the traditional office will continue to exist in the future.

  • 77% of German employees believe that the classic office will last at least for the duration of their working life
  • 30% of respondents in emerging economies believe that this form will never completely disappear

6. Fact: Overtime is no exception, even if Germany seems to have stricter limits compared to other countries.

  • 38% of Germans check their work emails outside official working hours (vs. 62% in global average)
  • 30% of German employees make phone calls outside working hours (vs. 52% in global average)

7. Fact: 43% of German employees currently use their personal equipment for work purposes or plan to do so in the future (54% in EMEA comparison, 58% global).

  • 43% worldwide use their private device even without the knowledge of their company
  • in Germany the only 26%
  • More than half of the surveyed workers worldwide have the consent of their employer to use their personal equipment for work
  • BUT: only about half of these devices are secured by the company

8. Fact: Employees have defined expectations for the future and for technological developments.

  • 98% of respondents believe that in the future voice recognition will be used instead of a keyboard for data entry
  • 92% believe that translation software will be integrated into the communication programs, enabling simultaneous translations
  • 84% assume that self-driving cars will become the norm for commuting in the future
  • In Germany, 60 percent of workers believe that some things are simply better done by people.

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