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Decision on the perfect career? Makes mistakes!

To be successful, you need to make the right decisions. But how do you keep track of the oversupply of career tips and advice, and above all your own objectives before your eyes?

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The fear of the wrong decision prevents the right path

Many people are afraid of making irreparably wrong decisions in life. In career planning, so the general thinking, you can Error lead to serious problems in the long run. But that can quickly lead to a dead end, namely when you no longer make decisions out of sheer fear.

The good news is rather: The responsibility for such a decision lies with ourselves. And we are always able to come to terms with career mistakes and get rid of them in the right direction.

The problem of today's graduate generation

Some time ago Jan Thomas Otte interviewed both colleague Klaus Werle from Manager Magazin and me for t3n magazine. The topic was the question of how to find the right path in the opaque jungle of professional and career guides.

The Itemswho is doing so t3n came out spiegelt, as the comments below show, pretty much the problems of today's generation of graduates:

What are your goals?

The career was planned perfectly and stringently, demolished tens of internships, followed all good advice - and lost sight of their own desires and goals, and perhaps even the whole personality. But I wonder if that was ever different due to age.

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In Ottes Beitrag ist es „Titelheldin“ Klara, die im Vorstellungsgespräch auf die Frage nach ihren Zielen keine Antwort hat. In der Realität ist das ein häufiges Problem in einer Zeit, in der es so viele Möglichkeiten gibt, dass die meisten sich gar nicht erst entscheiden können oder wollen.

The fear of settling on the wrong

In my opinion, the reason is the fear of making an irreparable mistake in life planning: By a certain age you should start your career, once the career path has been taken, a change becomes more and more difficult, also because with increasing age (allegedly) the Prospects for a successful Casting sink.

I've already written in the world about the fact that it doesn't have to be that way and that you can always turn around in the middle of life. I show you how to do this in a detailed article on professional reorientation.

Current line or crosshead?

I do not share Otte's opinion expressed in the article that something like this is badly received by HR staff, I rather believe that streamlining is unfortunately often sought, even if many Company Better to look out for individual heads, as Svenja Hofert recently described so aptly.

Nevertheless, from my own experience, I think it is important to go your own way, as I also advise in the interview. This includes not letting others talk you into supposedly safe career paths and not wanting to plan and control everything perfectly out of fear.

focus on the essentials

I think it is just as important to consciously perceive the little things in a world in which everyone concentrates on grasping the big picture and everyone strives for great deeds - because it is important to them that they are essential!

Unfortunately, at a time when everything seems to turn faster with every new website, with every new technical toy, there is often no time left for the little things in life. No wonder that the small signals that mediate gestures, the unexpected niceties that enrich and give meaning to our lives are overlooked or ignored. And as a result, many people often miss important development steps.

Do not lose in trivialities

As we feel permanently overloaded, we pay little attention to the small but subtle differences in human interaction and certainly do not want to indulge in seemingly unimportant things - even though we could leave a much greater impression with them than with sensational acts or noble intentions.

Of course, we must not lose ourselves in irrelevancies that cloud the view of what is important and distract us from our actual goals.

Small signals, great effect

But the fact is, without the attention for the little things of life and the attention to detail, no human being really comes any further, no man is promoted to his dream position and no man can accomplish a real heroic achievement.

Surprisingly, it is precisely the small signals, the simple gestures and the unexpected nicety that enrich our lives and give them meaning and which decide whether a project will be successful. While we often fail when we take over the big things!

When hairstyles and socks decide life

Like people, for example, where a new hairstyle changed the perception of others and themselves so much that it became the beginning of a successful new career.

Or the American baseball professional John Wooden, who made it into the Hall of Fame as a player and coach because he regularly checked the folds in his socks before the game to avoid getting blisters.

Do not be fooled, make mistakes!

So you can see that career is anything but perfect. Often it is the small things and living conditions that lead to success. And it is part of such life paths to accept failure from which one can learn. This is the only way to be successful in the long term - one example is billionaire Jon Oringer, who Interview failure is described as a necessary experience.

To put it briefly: the perfect career does not exist. It is best to do it yourself. Even if it sounds like a rarity: it is sometimes not so simple!

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