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Destination report Berchtesgadener Land: days and mountain hiking between Obersalzberg and Königsee: {Review}

On the Obersalzberg near Berchtesgaden today informs a documentation center about the history of the mountain in the National Socialism. Just a few minutes' walk away is the Kempinski, an exclusive conference location - Porsche is currently holding a product presentation during my visit. The region around Berchtesgaden also offers fantastic nature experiences. berchtesgadener-land_18

Mountain hiking with impressive scenery

The Berchtesgadener Land is one of the most impressive mountain regions in Germany - and one can not only see it, but also feel it on one's own hike through the Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany's only Alpine National Park.

Our way leads from the parking lot Hinterbrand, near the middle station of the Jenner-Bahn, over curved, partly exposed paths up to the Schneibstein- and further to the Carl von Stahl house. On the way there is always climbing over smaller and larger obstacles - our tour is not for beginners. However, more comfortable ways lead up and you can also go up to 1874 m with the Jenner train.



Alps panorama with sunrise guarantee

Above, we can expect an impressive alpine panorama as well as picturesque sunrises and sunsets. Because we spend the night in the Carl von Stahl Haus, a mountain hut of the Austrian Alpine Club below the 2276 m high Schneibstein summit. The year-round managed house offers 102 sleeps for 32 Euro per night in one of the double rooms - reduced for members of the Alpine Club and in the shared rooms - but no showers, but only a shared bathroom. Groups should book in advance as the cabin can easily get 2000 nights a month during the summer months.

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From here you can hike down the “Kleine Grater”, a 19 km route marked as a medium difficulty tour, over the Schneibstein. Around 1000 km of marked summer hiking trails and an equally long network of cycle paths run through the region. Climbing, mountaineering, tandem paragliding and guided mountain and alpine hikes are also possible. On the way we always have a view of the Watzmann, at 2713 m the second highest mountain in Germany and the Königssee, which winds through the mountain landscape like a fjord with crystal-clear water.



Boat trip on the Koenigssee

Only electric boats have been allowed on 1909 since a diesel engine would have scared off the prince regent Luitpold's game. Today, the Königssee is an ecological pioneer, because on strong days 6.000 tourists are transported across the lake and admire the world-famous Echo. A good 40 of minutes takes the silent ride over the lake, which is up to 190 deep. Groups can rent a boat exclusively for 1.000 Euro per hour, about 85 passengers are allowed. Also a shipyard visit is possible. Great is a visit to one of the traditionally managed Almkaser on the Salet Alm. On the way to the picturesque Oberseek, you can fortify yourself here with fresh milk and home-made cheese.

Water sports such as rowing, kayaking or rafting are possible in the region, but swimming is permitted on Lake Königssee. Directly next to the pier is the Eisarena Königssee, the oldest artificial ice rink in the world. In the summer, guests can ride the summer bob taxi through the asphalt channel. The adjoining runway is used for training purposes.




The Obersalzberg

One of the biggest tourism magnets in the region is undoubtedly the Obersalzberg: Adolf Hitler spent his holidays here since 1923, from 1933 he had the house Wachenfeld rebuilt as a notorious Berghof. The 1999 opened Documentation Center is a learning and memorial site designed by the Institute for Contemporary History Munich-Berlin. The exhibition shows more than 950 photos, documents, posters, film and sound recordings, and parts of the 1943 to 1945-built bunker systems, which surpassed the attacks of the allied and the subsequent explosions.

A bus and a lift take you to the 1834 meter high Kehlsteinhaus, a gift from Martin Bormann to Hitler's 50. Birthday, which has survived the allied bombings. Hitler himself, however, was only three times up here, and used the building as a diplomatic house. Today, there is a restaurant open from May to October, as well as a one-hour walk to various viewpoints.



Meetings in the Kempinski

In just a few minutes walk to the Documentation Center, where the house of Hermann Göring used to be, there is now an exclusive conference location with the 5-SterneSuperiorHotel Kempinski. Because the Obersalzberg was already in the 19. Century was a popular tourist destination and was used by 1947 as a recreational area for US forces, the Americans operated in Berchtesgaden five hotels. Only after their withdrawal 1996 the Free State of Bavaria received full power over the site and worked out today Concept ABC School Joke Oud, The luxury hotel should also prevent the site from becoming a place of pilgrimage.

The architecturally beautiful, if somewhat cool building of the Kempinski has 126 rooms and 12 suites from 230 Euro. There are six meeting rooms for up to 200 persons and an event area for up to 4.000 persons. All in all, the Kempinski is a resort with an 1.400 sqm spa, an 9 hole golf course and a small ski lift.




Meetings in the Hotel Alpenhof

Much better, also just the location in the middle of meadows and forests, has with the 4 starSuperiorHotel Alpenhof in Schönau am Königssee. The family-run business has 52 rooms from 70 Euro per night with half board as well as a meeting room for approx. 25 persons.Peamer, flipchart, screen and moderator package are available.

The double rooms in the Alm and Wellnesshotel are exceptionally large. There is also a very nice spa with various saunas, a large indoor and very picturesque outdoor pool - mountain views included. I really loved the healthy, rich breakfast, the excellent food and the very good service. If you are looking for a small, cozy hotel in the middle of nature and with a nice atmosphere, this is the place for you.



Congress center

For conferences, a small congress center is also available in Berchtesgaden. Also in the Haus der Berge, the very nicely designed national park center, you can rent seminar rooms.

My conclusion: The Berchtesgadener Land offers opportunities for seminars and team-building activities against a unique natural backdrop.



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